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Pontiac Grand Prix Traction Control/STS/ABS

mcp6530mcp6530 Posts: 11
All at once, each of those systems is out and needs service. Anyone hear this problem or have this problem with their GXP? Mine is an 05 with 14k miles.


  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    That happened to me on one that I test drove off the lot. The calipers looked pretty rusty, so I'm guessing it was related.
  • Marc,
    I saw this at the nhsta TSB site. Does this sound like it?

    Hope it helps,

    Make : PONTIAC Model : GRAND PRIX Year : 2006
    Manufacturer : GENERAL MOTORS CORP.
    Service Bulletin Num : 050525009 Date of Bulletin: OCT 01, 2005
    NHTSA Item Number: 10017755
  • mcp6530mcp6530 Posts: 11
    yep, that would be it.....guess i need to take it in...
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    Would you have a link to that site? Thanks
  • Here you go


    PS the full report I think costs money.
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
  • garudagaruda Posts: 1

    I was told the cleft front ontrol arm bushing separated on my 2003 Grand Prix, but I have not feeling anything abnormal while I am driving except when I press brake I can feel some vibration like ABS.

    Should I repair it immediately ? what's the consequence if I delay the repair?

  • Changed the rear wheel bearing with no issues. Since then, the ABS light is on and my traction control is off. I cant turn it on. I have rechecked the sensor connection on the bearing hub, it seems to be ok. Unplugged the battery for 4 hours to reset the computer, hoping that would work but it didnt. Steering also feels sluggish - any idea what to do short of going to a garage? I have heard about an over the counter ABS "computer" but not sure if that will work.
  • tempalatempala Posts: 1
    My 2005 Grand Prix GT just turned 41000mi and now intermittently displays "service traction system/service variable effort steering/service ABS" (never says anything about basic brake system, no brake light ever comes on). Anyone experience this or have a clue what is going on? All 3 systems couldn't have gone bad simultaneously! I hope this isn't a bad computer module.
  • jeremersjeremers Posts: 1
    My 05 (which I just purchased last week) is doing the same thing. It will tell me every now and then to "Service ABS/Service Traction Control/Service Variable Effort Steering." My ABS Light comes on and the Traction Control Disabled light comes on.

    Any ideas?
  • ifixitifixit Posts: 1
    Just went and picked my 05 today with the exact same lights on. It was the right rear wheel bearing, and the right rear speed sensor. The lights were cleared and have not come back on as of today. It was still under 36,000 so not sure of the cost factor. Hope this helps!
  • jjj11jjj11 Posts: 1
    I think I also have a same issue.
    On end of January, I bought 06 Grand Prix GT with 16,000 mi ( at that time it was great, my best car ever). I have nothing problem with it before the mechanic replaced the intermediate steering shaft. They said it was recall thing and of course it was under the warranty. After that, tapping and knuckling started through the steering ( actually the vibration also came up while braking).
    When I took in, the mechanic replaced wheel baring because it worn out ( this really did not make sence). the vibration was gone but the tapping remain.
    I had taken my GT 4 times for tapping issue. Last week, they finally fixed. What they have been done is re-adjusting steering intermediate shaft, and injected grease which is the newest version.
    The ABS service light still on, after replacing the wheel baring, However, it still needs to be fixed.
    Hpe it helps to anyone.

    for me steering var, tapping was really anoying because I could feel while accelating and braking.
  • cmichalakcmichalak Posts: 1
    My trac light comes on after a couple miles and therefore my RPM's shut off.
    In one instance after the trac light came on my oil light came on and the car shut off!
    There is oil in the vehicle.
    I went to re-start it and it took 3 times of hard starting to get it started....HELP!
  • morty72morty72 Posts: 1
    yea i have pontiac gran prix 3100 and the abs light and the track light comes on and when this happenas theres a grinding in one of the brakes and when you turn the car off it reset the light and works fine for a wile is it a sensor or a wheel bareing or what can you help me
  • my 04 with116000 miles when goin down the hwy it acts like the traction control is kicking in then i turn it off it runs fine any one had this problem and what do i do to fix it.
  • didodanodidodano Posts: 1
    abs ,tc and varible effort steering comes on monitor what could cause this?
  • jklightnerjklightner Posts: 10
    Most likely a bad wheel hub assembly which holds bearings and ABS speed sensor. Jack up the wheel off the ground. Grab it at 12 and 6 position and shake it. Any movement equals bad bearings. This will cause the wheel speed sensor to move around and be read as a faulty ABS/Traction Indicator. Then grab it at 3 and 9 and shake it, movement will most likely be worn outer tie rod ends. Same part for either side. Pontiac recommends using 3 new bolts for the hub to knuckle mounting. If asked about plastic or steel clip, they are talking about the clip that holds the ABS wire to the mount. NAPA part came with both.
  • cnancgocnancgo Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Grand Prix GXP and have had it in to the dealer 14 times in 11 months for the TC/ABS service lights coming on. I take a regular trip, approx. 1 hour 15 min, almost every weekend to the coast of OR. After the car has been driving between 45 min to 1 hour the service TC/ABS light comes on. It resets when the car is turned off and then it happens again on the way home. The dealer gets the same error message each time it is taken in. They have sent 2 specialists from out of town to look at the car and actually drove it the same route to see the error for themselves. They also hooked up a monitor so I could record the error when it happened. The computer says the car is at a dead stop when the TC/ABS light comes on, I was driving 65 miles an hour. Why can't they figure this out? Will the traction work when I am on ice? Is the car safe to drive? They have replaced sensors, wiring, etc. Anyone have any idea?
  • lin_blin_b Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 grand prix with a 3.8 V6 in it. Just yesterday I got it back from the shop. My traction control would not come on and my ABS light was on. The mechanic replaced my cam sensor and the traction control is now working and my ABS light has went off and stayed off... so far. The service engine light is still on and it is giving a code for a cam shaft position sensor this is very costly though so it is going to have to wait.
  • mnpossummnpossum Posts: 1
    I bought my 05 new and it started doing this almost the day my 36K warranty was up. I'm at 95K now and it still regularly occurs. The errors will go away for months and then pop back up. Sometimes it kicks in going down the road, other times it comes on as soon as I start the car. I've also had issues almost from the beginning of grinding noices like the ABS is trying to activate when turning into a parking space. Early on when the problem started I was told until the lights came on and stayed on that it would be difficult to pinpoint the problem. When it occurs intermittantly, they might fix something and then just because the lights aren't on, assume that was the fix until two months later and they would pop back on again. For the person who asked if their traction control would work on ice when their car was doing this - NO. When the lights are on and the error messages are on your control panel, the traction control is disabled.
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