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Pontiac Grand Prix Traction Control/STS/ABS



  • sherryherv8sherryherv8 Posts: 4
    edited August 2013
    06 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP (V8)
    I'm having Abs/stability control/traction problems too. Plugged n My own diagnostics machine. And it came up right front speed sensor circuit malfunction. So I replaced the hub. And It did not work. Same thing I especially noticed it when I make right turns it'll come on or right When I start the car???
    If you come across any answers please let me know this is really irritating :(
  • 06 Pontiac Grand Prix gxp.
    Hooked up my Diagnostics machine,
    C0040- right front speed sensor circuit Malfunction.

    So I changed the right Hub (did Not work) same issue Especially when I make a right turn or when I start the car It will come on. ???
  • Replace the harness on that side. Can be had from Napa, Rock Auto, etc......Was like $25
  • Does it hook to the hub? And where does the other end connect to??
  • I took my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP into the local service station today. He asked if I gave anybody a jump recently. My son had borrowed my car while I was on a business trip so I called him & asked. Sure enough he did. So it was a bad ground on battery that caused the loss of communication from EBCM.
  • 04 Grand Prix GTP with same issues, ABS/TC lights come on while driving and grinding noises on a flat straight even road. Can a GM Customer Service personnel like Christina or anyone please Email me @

    Thank You.
  • Fixed mine it was a wiring harness And sensor that fell outta place. Took it to haydocy and they fixed it.
  • I have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix. About a month ago i started to notice it was driving louder...i thought it was my tires! Took it to the shop n the guy said my tires are fine etc well its been a few days n the Traction control light n the ABS light both came on n about the same time i noticed it is starting to make a kinda grinding noise when i turn....and ideas?? Please and thank u!
  • What is the repair for this issue? Can I just buy something at the parts store to make this repair or is it something I have to have done at a dealership? I just replaced my rotors and pads all the way around and the issue is still there.
  • I wish they'd done a recall on my year (1999). Same issue!
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