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Pontiac Grand Prix Traction Control/STS/ABS



  • I have a 2004 Grand prix GT. Sometimes when im applying the brakes and turning at the same time, my abs kicks in. and sometimes the abs light, trac control light and the service brakes lights all come on. They are all related to the same sensor and in my case of course it ended up being a faulty sensor. its a 150 dollars or so if you can just replace the sensor, but on some models you have to replace the whole hub with the sensor built in costing 500 to 600. Hope this helps you.
  • Hi christian, i also have a 2004 grand prix gtp and all the same lights are on. ABS Tracion control, Variable effort steering. and parking brake. i was wondering which sensor did u end up replacing?
  • ranki1ranki1 Posts: 3
    I have an 04 Grand Prix GTP Comp G with similar problems at 50,000 miles. Soon after I start the vehicle I get messages to service the Traction System, then a Service the ABS message. Sometimes there is a Traction System Off message. If I turn the vehicle off and restart, the messages don't reappear. I haven't noticed any handling issues or brake noises etc. Also I haven't seen any other massages like Parking Brake or other lights on yet.
  • I just had my 2007 Grand Prix, I think, fixed for the same problem. Fix they replaced the hub bearing and a week later the had to replace the speed sensor harness. I have 47,000 miles on the car and now that I'm reading that this is very common with the Pontiac to me it seems it should be addressed by GM. The dealer themselves say its a common problem.
  • On my 2004 Grand Prix GTP service traction problem above, the front right hub bearing was replaced, then the harness required replacing also to fix the problem. It is operating normally at the moment. The problem occured just under 50,000 miles.
  • I'm working on some documentation for GM seems we should not be responsible for this repair since it seems to be more of a defect with the Grand Prix. Not to mention how safe is it for our familes and ourselves to be using cars that do this.
  • markb9626markb9626 Posts: 1
    Did any of that documentation come up? I just started having this problem in my 2004 GTP w/ Comp G. If I can avoid paying for it, that would be great. A pm would be great to exchange info...
  • I am having the same problem with my GrandPrix 2004 GTP the senors come on and off . We should all contact GM this sounds like a faulty part
  • eddie71eddie71 Posts: 10
    Hello everyone. My 05 GXP just started doing the same thing. It either does it soon as I start the car or after driving for some time but does it everytime either way. My warranty just expired, days ago :( I will continue to research & try to get to the root cause of this failure. I will share my findings with all.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello Eddie71,
    I am from GM Customer Service. I can look up to see if there are any recalls on your vehicle. Can you please email me so I can get more information from you? You can access my email by clicking on my name. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Can you provide a email , I would also like to know if I have had any recalls. Also is this a known problem with this car and is there a permanent fix out there?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello Spanishfly05,
    My email is Please email me, and I will get some information from you to check on any recalls and answer your questions. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • csciutocsciuto Posts: 3
    I just had the exact same issue happen today on my 05 Grand Prix GXP. I have had 3 of the 4 wheel hubs already replaced and my 100k powertrain warranty just lapsed recently (I just broke 105k). I am curious if anyone can verify if they had the brake like come on as well during this. Money is tight in my household thanks to my wife being laid off and I'm trying to NOT pay for a wheel hub replacement (my luck, the one hub I didn't replace went bad).
  • grady4grady4 Posts: 2
    I have a 1998 3.8 grand prix gt with the abs and traction control lights that come on frequently. Is this a safety issue ? The car has 144,000 miles on it but is in great shape otherwise. I dont care if they are operational at this point, but I dont want to damage anything else or get into an accident. Can you answer this?

    thanks, Chris G
  • chipmosschipmoss Posts: 3
    I had the same thing happen to my 04 Grand Prix GT. I took it in to get it checked and they told me that it was the ABS pump/module. Once I changed the pump the brake light went off, and the Service Variable Effort Steering light came on. The other two lights (Service ABS and Service Traction Control) remained on. A few other forums say that the harness that goes to the sensors on the wheel hub assembly can go bad and that could be the cause of the lights coming on.
  • csciutocsciuto Posts: 3
    Any idea on how much the pump/module costs? I'm probably going to take it in to get fixed early next week. I've been out of town and haven't gotten to it yet.
  • chipmosschipmoss Posts: 3
    They have different pumps at different prices ranging from $450-$1250. The one that fit my car was the $1250 one, but I found a used one on Ebay for $100. You just have to check to see which one you need. The bad thing about it if you get it new is the fact that it is a dealer item (only sold by GM). But what i did is when to the dealership and got the part number for the one that fit my car and went searching the net until i found one.
  • a_reigha_reigh Posts: 1
    My 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP recently started popping up codes as well telling me to service my ABS system, service my traction control, service my braking system, service my effort variable system, service my stability control system, and now I can't get three lights to go off on my dash. This is a very upsetting issue my car has had nothing but problems from the day I bought it. I completely agree with you about contacting the dealer b/c when I put my car on the scanner it said this was an electrical problem and they now want me to replace my whole computer and then re-program the stupid car! This is the last pontiac I ever buy. Have they told you what's wrong with your vehicle?
  • jodrum79jodrum79 Posts: 1
    My 2004 Grand Prix GT had an issue with the ABS. I had it checked last summer (2009). Came out that the right front speed sensor was messed up. So I was wondering what speed sensor it was! I replaced the hub, and some other sensors having to do with the speed...none did the i replaced the speed harness on the right front. It worked...for a while. It seems this is an issue again. I checked it to see if it was ok and it seemed to be fine. However, the computer is now saying that there is an issue with the left rear speed sensor as well! I don't know about this...I mean, if so many people are having this does a recall work on this? I've seen posts on carquest having to do with this also. It seems to be a common problem... Here's the link:

    So now the Service Variable Effort Steering light pops up and I'm thinking it has to do with the Service ABS System light.
  • ohiogtpohiogtp Posts: 3
    i have a 99 gtp with 177,000 and it still runs great but i have gone threw 3 front left hubs in 2 years well just recent ive had the abs light come on along with the trac control light. so i take it in and get it scanned and the codes were speed sensors in both front hubs so i replaced both fronts. now the traction control light kicks on usually when i am pulling in or backing out of a parking spot. any ideas on this? im starting to think its my traction control mod?
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