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Pontiac Grand Prix Traction Control/STS/ABS



  • steve572steve572 Posts: 2

    I left a detailed comment for all interested on this subject on the new discussion page.
    The fix for my 2007 Grand Prix was replacing the simple wire harnesses mentioned here.
    I used GM AC Delco parts which by the way are beefier than what I took off. Thanks for the meat!

  • I signed up here at for only one reason, to thank the user "liteweight" and others who are pointing out the wiring harness. I read the entire 8 pages of posts, and the resolution to the "unresolvable" is clear: wiring harness. The dealerships are ignoring the wiring harness and costing people a lot of money. My contribution is this: as far as the $1200 EBCM goes, that is even a simple problem: cold-solder joints on the circuit board inside the EBCM. Anyone that has slightly above soldering skills (me) can just touchup the solder joints of pins on the bottom of the circuit board, a five minute job. users, do not fret! Print out liteweight's posts, and my post, and take them to your favorite mechanic, tell the mechanic to take the EBCM to electronics repair shop if he can't solder, or do it yourself. (EBCM should be absolutely water tight upon reassembly.) Thank you all for sharing your problems, you have contributed to a community that truly cares, and you helped me. (GM Support: Please do not reply to my post lest you make me upset.)
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