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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems



  • My car a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3800, when started and in drive will not move like its in neutral. It has shifted just fine up until about a week ago when checking the fluids i noticed that the tran fluid was low, I put the correct type of fluid and did not over fill it (I might have caught it so late?) . After that time when i would be driving for an extend period it would what i would call shift like someone who is learning to drive a manual.
  • pohodarpohodar Posts: 4
    Just bought 99 grand prix GT and i like it a lot.....BUT i just noticed that when im driving on the highway my RPMs are pretty hight....70 mph little over 3000 which is way too much for overdrive....also if i put it in 3 the rpms are very similar....another simptom is when you let of the gas the rpms drop to seems like it shift in neutral and when you hit the gas again it has to come up to 3000 for it to start going again....
    other than that the car shift and drive smooth and fast....
    Someone please tell me there is a cheap way to fix it....
    PS Love this site very informational.....:o))))
  • redclownnredclownn Posts: 2
    Hey guys/gals. I bought a 2000 GP GT with 141k a couple weeks ago. I recently went on a small road trip (about 60 miles) and my friend and I noticed that my car was running high RPMs. Around 4000 @ 80mph. My friend said that my overdrive might be out. Luckily I got a 18/18000 power train warranty with the car. I'm going to bring it into the shop tomorrow. I've been reading on here that a few have mentioned a hub assembly. To me I don't think that would cause the overdrive to go out. I'll let you all know what they find out tomorrow, if anything.
  • pohodarpohodar Posts: 4
    I have a GP GT 99 and my overdrive is also not working i am very interested in what you find out....I am taking my car to a pontiac place hoping its not gonna be too expensive....:o))) :shades:
  • redclownnredclownn Posts: 2
    I found this website that might help a lot of us that have the 4T65E transmission. I list a lot of problems people have listed on here.

    4T65E Transmission Info..

    Some things it lists are:
    Neutrals at stops, Shudders on take off
    Tach bounces up and down a few hundered rpm while cruising in lockup
    No 4th Gear
    and a few others.

    Hope this helps a lot of us! :)
  • have a Pontiac GrandPrix 1995 SE V6 3.1 VIN M. The EGR is leaking exhaust air through EGR valves. I changed the EGR with 2 used one and got the same issue. I installed a new one and I got the same issue. This hot air is causing cables and vacuum lines to burn. I changed the EGR gasket too and is not leaking hot air at the gasket. I verified any burned cables and there are no cables burned.

    I changed the vacuum lines that goes to MAP sensor, PCV, and intake air tube.

    This occurs when I push the throttle up to 1500 - 2000 rpms. This issue is annoying. Please help. I am thinking to change the TPS and the MAP sensors because these sensors usually controls the EGR but I am not sure. :cry:
  • pohodarpohodar Posts: 4
    just got my car was the overdrive (or 4th gear) GM easy fix for 1300 dollars....@@!#$#%$% not very happy about that but works fine now...
  • gp1998gp1998 Posts: 1
    I have the same issues with my GP - now progressed to failing in Drive, 3 and 2 last week and now this morning Drive and 3 acting like reverse and 2 working...and locks not working except manually...

    Did you come to any solution?
  • what did they find out? (why wasn't it going to overdrive?)
  • I had a similar problem...come to find out my shift cable was the wrong might wanna check out if your shift cable is connected properly.
  • did you ever figure out this problem? having the same problem with my 99 grand am 3800
  • i have a 2000 grand prix gt with tranny problems when i shift it in to drive it wont move but if i shift from low range on threw to drive it will then move but if i was to suddenly stop and try to go aging it wont accelerate there fore i have to start the process back over once i get going its ok for the most part could this be caused from a software problem or the shift servo
  • I was wondering if anyone would know why my Tachometer on my '05 GXP bounces why i am at steady speeds on the road, I read it has either has something to do with the DOD system or a solenoid valve. I just had the fluid changed along with the filter.
  • i have the same problem with my 2002 grand prix gt .i got the filter and oil changed it work for awhile and it back within a couple days
  • feder2feder2 Posts: 1
    my trans just went out no warning; was into Pontiac for general 27 pt inspection and oil change one week ago. 58K miles 2005 GXP what broke???
  • jjg27jjg27 Posts: 1
    Ok, so when I got 50+MPH I can hear a high pitched squeel from my engine and my car will stay at like 2500 RPMS the entire time I am on the highway, no matter how fast I go...I think its my overdrive not working??? If it is does anyone know If the entire transmission needs to come out for that to be fixed on a 2001 Grand Prix 3800 motor????
  • salvsalv Posts: 1
    I have 99 grand prix sedan.... when i turn it on and drive away some distance... then the tranny doesnt kick in. When i turn it off then i turn it back on it runs fine for a lil while. then i repeat it again. is it the sensor????
  • The transmission in my vehicle went out in October 2009 and the vehicle only had 60k on the odometer. I have been reading a lot of post and clearly there is a problem with the transmission that GM put in this vehicle. The vehicle started acting up again after 20k in March. The Dealership I had it replaced at has had my car for a month. I initially took it to this dealership because my transmission went out on a weekend I had an extended warranty through Nissan and was unable to verify if I could take the vehicle to any repair shop so I took it to the local Nissan dealership. However they have been giving me the run around first they fixed the motor mounts and then they figured out that I was right about the transmission. The transmission was supposedly fixed to be returned to the GM dealership who failed to fix it the right way. I would like to know with all the problems that GM is having with this transmission has there been a recall or are they helping with repair bills on this vehicle. Is there any one I can contact to complain about the problems with this transmission? Any help I can get will be much appreciated.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,004
    I am from GM Customer Service. Just to clarify was the transmission fixed at the GM dealership or the Nissan dealership? Is the vehicle currently under warranty? I can check for recalls I will need your VIN number to do that. Did Nissan not cover the transmission under their warranty? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I need to check but I believe the first transmission was bought from GM and put in by the Nissan dealership. But the remanufactured transmission was put in by GM. The transmission was covered under warranty and my vin # is 2G2WC54C651320894. Thank you for your assistance.
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