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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems



  • Like martin I have just gone through he same BS.

    2003 GTP special edition w/70,000km. Trani was stallin @ stop signs/lites. accelerate @ it would hesitate the spin rubber & jolt. took it to a GM dealer who said there was "no problem". I insisted & they drove again. Told me trani was shot & w/b $3800 min to fix or $4800 min to replace !! Took to an independant authorized GM repair shop. $3200 later it's fine. went on GM's chat line & was `told maybe there was sumthin they might do & I should save receipts. follow-up call but no satisfaction. Got a response from their Rep that said so sorry.... If I went to the dealer they could have helped me?? Was I talkin to someone from a call center in the middle east???

    35 yr GM customer (6 new vewhicles from Eagle Ridge Pontiac in Coquitlam) can't build a trani that lasts beyond 70,000 km?

    Guess I'll move over to Ford, surely they know hoew to buil a trani?

    Have been a GM fan for over 35 yrs & bought new & used forever.
  • 1) Do you get an engine check light?
    2) Do you hear valve tapping noises?
    3) Did you check your ign system? [Coils, wires, plugs]
  • ne0305ne0305 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Can someone help please help me with some answers?I Own a 2000 Grand Prix Gtp and My transmission began acting strange 2 days ago. I was driving it then i came to a stop because of traffic and when it cleared drive or 3rd would not engage, only 2nd and 1st gears. This happened to me 2 years ago and i got the tranny rebuilt for 1230.00 now its acting up once again with the same issue without any signs at all. Can someone give me an answer to what could be a matter with it. please thanks
  • I have a 2000 Impala with the same issue you described. The engine runs great from gears 1-2 and sometimes when it hits 3 and definitely 4th, I feel the surging, but only when I apply the gas pedal with moderate acceleration. If I tromp on it, the surging goes away. If I let off the gas pedal a little, the surging stops.

    I was wondering if you ever found your problem ? I work on cars A LOT and I can usually find the root cause issue to issues like this when they are repeatable issues. This one has me mind boggled. I have tried blocking off the EGR. I took out the PCV and inspected and found nothing wrong. I changed my spark plug wires, and tried many other things and still no difference.

    I have a few more things to try, but wanted to see if you ever found out what was causing your issue.

    Let me know.
  • My girlfriends GTP is also having this issue...we hooked a scan tool to it and it said it had problems with a solenoid. So we took it to a trans shop and they told the car to force the solenoid to engage and it didnt work. Basically there is a band the broke in your transmission.
  • jiovonnigjiovonnig Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    I am having this problem with my 2001 pont. grand prix. My low coolant light stays on inspite of the fact that I changed the low coolant sensor and the radiator. the car does not get hot at all.I seem to have no power between shifts once I reach 50 mph it seems fine but below that it will not pick up properly and if I press hard on the gas it wil grab and run the rpms way up but doesn't sound or feel right.Any suggestions? Please. I have no check engine lights on.I have given the car a tune up and oil change. ????
  • The basic FWD 3800 automatic used in the GT, GTP, and the V-8 model is probably the std tranny with a few beefy parts..If you have a heavy foot, you will pay the piper..Hey it's GM quality!!!!

    I have a 2006 GPGT, purchased 40 mos ago with 4300miles, Caddy tradein, paid 1/2 of original showing 51k mi..

    A good car, not a great car, cruises easy at 80, supercharger helps high end, and low end is not a 3.8 feature.. My other ride is a 2010 Mustang GT w/track pkg built for play, however at 77 yrs old it is fun..
  • jja73jja73 Posts: 2
    Hi hoping someone can help. I have a 2003 Grand Prix GT with 95k on it and when I try to "punch it" acceleration seems to drop like a stone and effectively freezes around 4000 RPM mybe a little less. speed will pick when I ease up on the trottle and kick it up more gently. WTF? I really have no intention of putting alot of money into it. please advise
  • I just went through this. No engine lights or anything. It was my catalytic convertor. Cost me about $250.00 to replace. Now runs great!. The only way I found out was to have them drill a small hole in front of the cat and attach a pressure gauge . when the car was started it showed a lot of back pressure coming back from the cat meaning it was clogged. Then we did the same thing after the cat and the needle didn't even move. Meaning the muffler and the resonator were fine. Plugged up the holes, replaced the cat, and road tested at 100 m.p.h. . very smooth and lots of pick up. Hope this helps!
  • Transmission Problem. Sometimes when coming out of reverse and going into drive the tranny goes into neutral for a second or two then pops into gear and locks in. Cannot reproduce it. never know when it will happen. 98,000 miles on the car. Any body have any idea what to do about it?
  • I am having the same problem. Did you ever find out the problem? Can anyone help?
  • I have had my car in the shop three times for the trans slipping when I am going from 0-10.It does not happen all the time. Sometimes it will happen two times in one day, and other times it won't happen for weeks at a time. They cannot do anything for me because there are no codes shown. I am besides myself. My warranty ends in 500 miles. I have 110k on it now. It started happening at 90K.I had my fluid changed etc. No shavings or particles when it was done. Any suggestions?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Have you taken it to another dealer for a second opinion? Can you please e-mail me your VIN? I look forward to hearing from you!
    GM Customer Service
  • :confuse: hi i have a 97 pontiac grand prix gt with a lil prob i had the oil changed in it had the fuel filter too before i went on vacation and noticed it a few times when im driving down the road when i want that extra push to pass a vechile it will sound like something is stipping out in the front end when i push on the gas the transmisson shifts great when your not punchin the gas its just that it sounds like something in the front end is goin out cv joint tie rod axle i dont have a clue as to what it could be it boggs a lil when you hold the brake and rev the gas pedal too please help
  • I have drived my 02 GP for just 8K since I bought it 2 years ago, now having 82K on it.

    I'm a student, not knowing much about cars. It was working properly until late Sep. 2010 when I noticed slight shaking at highway speeds but ignored it.

    With the freezing winter in my area, unfortunately I had the diluted coolant frozen in my engine (I come from a warm country when there's no need for anti-freeze, so had no idea about it). Before discovering the frozen coolant, I once drove it about 10 miles (with frozen coolant) when I noticed frequent slipping at uphill lasting a few minutes after reaching a flat road (as if the gear could not shift up and wanted to stay down). I towed my car to a shop where they thawed the coolant in an indoor garage and upon pressure-test, they found leakage from intake gasket. I planned to fix it in a few weeks but when driving the car back to my house, I noticed the same slipping problem upon pushing on the gas pedal at uphill (above 30 mph) or at higher speeds (above 50 mph) in a flat road.

    So, there are some jerking or slipping (whatever you call it when you feel the car has a jumping movement as if it refuses to shift the gear up and is idling), the problem is in speeds above 50-55 in flat roads or in uphills when I push on the gas pedal even at lower speeds. Moreover, I still have the shaking at highway speeds.

    Besides, I can feel that the engine is no longer as powerful as it used to be.

    PLEASE SOME ADVICE! I am a foreigner in this country, not knowing about cars so mechanics can rip me off easily! On the other hand, I don't have the budget to get rid of this car and buy a new one. I need this car to work for me for another 8K until I graduate.

    My questions:
    1- Do you think it's worth to fix it or it can run like this for another 8K? Is it safe to drive it like this?
    2- where should I take my car for repair? GM shops or others?
    3- I'm the seond owner, does it still have warranty (2002 with 82K)?

  • How many 2008 model cars do you hear about the transmission going out? Why would a transmission go out on a 2008? Transmission was serviced at 65000m. Now at 101000 right after the warranty expired the transmission makes a whining noise sometimes won't move. Now its slipping bad. Crazy?
  • tdawg2tdawg2 Posts: 1
    I don't know about the 2008 models, But. I have a 2006, 69500,miles, trans went on me. waiting to see what the dealer says. I have a loaner. It's a shame that for so low on miles that you would have this many problems with these GXP models.
  • kate43kate43 Posts: 2
    My pontiac grand prix started last week with a message Reduced engine power. Took to the garage . They had it all week replaced 2 accelerator sensors. Said it was fixed, drove it home and recieved the same message reduced engine power. When I stop at a stop sign and hit the gas it sounds and feels like it is going to stale, put then it goes. Anybody have any idea's what it could be? Or have had this problem. thanks Kate43
  • I purchased a used 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP with 4ok about 2 years ago. I love the car when it is running but this last year it spends more time in the shop than I drive it. I have replaced brakes 3 or 4 times I am on my 4th transmission, and whole lot of other issues . I just got the car back and some how something went out on my powersteering pump. I think carfax has some type of car buy back if the dealer did not discuss any hits on the vehicle and there are 20 that I need to get the car fax and look. And yes I did look at the car fax when I bought it and there were not negative hits until I looked this month. In addition I know that there was a recall on this car for something but I can't remember what and the dealer was supposed to fix that. Is any body having the same issues.
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