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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems



  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    edited January 2013
    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    It's pretty sad when a transmission explodes at 47,000 miles with all required services documented (including trans flush and refill) and done by GM dealerships..........and they refuse to completely pay for it.
  • When I purchased my 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP it had 81,000 miles on it. This didn't worry me because I had 235,000 miles on my '04 GT and have never had a a bit of trouble with it. Besides it had a 100,000 mile warranty. At 97,000 miles the transmission went out. At the time I thought I was lucky because the warranty covered it. HOWEVER, now less than 10,000 miles later, it is going out again-and no warranty. A new one is $2800 plus labor. Really?! This is my third Grand Prix but now I see why they no longer make Pontiacs. I have always loved GM products but my experience with this car has changed my mind.
  • us too bud.. we will not be buying anymore GM vehicles
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Sorry to hear about the transmission problems you're having. If we can check into this further for you, please contact us via email at (please include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • My wife's 2006 GXP just had the tranny replaced by the dealer. They opened it up and found the third gear pack had been burned up. We got 146,000. miles out of the original tranny. I had bought an extended warranty from a company knowing the trans was going. But the Warranty Company said since I did not do the 50,000. miles fluid change they would not cover it. Pontiac Warranty Service book says 100,000. miles for normal driving. I did it at 88,000. So a fight is coming which I hopefully will win. I opted for a new trans not a rebuild. A little more money but it came with a 3 year 100,000. mile warranty. Worth it. The car runs great and is smooth as hell. First long trip got 24.5 mpg. I still wish Pontiac would wake up and start backing the transmission.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Is your extended warranty one of our GMPP plans?
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • als_xoals_xo Posts: 1
    Hey everyone, having an issue with my '03 GP GT 3800, ~280,000k (don't judge). The tranny feels like it's slipping. If I take off too quickly from a stop, of if I punch it on the highway to pass, it just overrevs to the point that if I don't let off the gas and let it calm down, I can't re-engage the gears. This only just started last week. Now, before this, I was having the hard shift issue, which I've just been blaming on my bad O2 sensors sending out a misread. Could this slipping issue be associated with that as well, or am I way off track? I'm looking to get a new car this fall, but I'm worried this car won't hold out that long.. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • richsolnuvrichsolnuv Posts: 6
    edited May 2013
    2007 GXP that I bought new. I appear to have the same transmission problem that most people are reporting. 109,000 miles, but it's been acting up for a while. No codes when checked in the past. $2800 plus tax to replace the transmission. I've emailed to see if there is any assistance they can provide to help to reduce the cost. The car had a 100,000/5 Year warranty and of course this doesn't happen till after the warranty expires. I'll post any updates and response that I receive.
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    edited May 2013
    Sounds like a duplicate of my 2007 GXP that I also bought new....but mine only made it to 47,000 miles before the TCC exploded and destroyed the transmission.

    Like you, mine went just after the 5 year/100,000 mile warranty expired...even though I didn't even make it halfway on the 100,000 mile part.

    I had the transmission checked and flushed just a few months prior to the destruction and while it was still under warranty. All service including every oil change was done by the GM dealership since I owned the car.

    GM still made me pay them $1000 for a replacement transmission even though there are close to 400 "known" instances of GXP trannies exploding like this.

    Good luck with GM social media though....they were completely useless in my case. The only reason that I was able to get any help from GM was through the Service Manager at my dealership. (Amusingly the GM social media people were so out of the loop that the guy from their office that kept calling me and getting absolutely nothing accomplished.....didn't even know that the service manager had already made arrangements.)

    Good Luck however.....and remember to report GM at
  • I really hope you had that done at a certified GM service center like a dealership. If you didn't then you can kiss any hope of "assiatance" from GM. We had ours replaced by a local mechanic and contacted them. No luck. GM doesn't stand behind their product. One of the biggest ripoffs out there. Good luck though.
  • richsolnuvrichsolnuv Posts: 6
    It's getting done at Chevy Dealership.
  • Since I posted about this issue back in January a few months back, the problem hasn't recurred. My wife has only put on an additional 3,000 miles since the first occurrence at 69K, and watch since I'm writing about it, something will go wrong.

    She is babying it, spreading the mileage we drive between other cars as much as she can, but still the GP is her DD.

    She wants to sell and not take any steps to investigate, fearing the actions would be reported to CARFAX and devalue the car.

    Sad to hear as many complaints (which must be very real) about this car. You never know if you buy a :lemon:

    Good Luck Y'all!
  • anamarkieanamarkie Posts: 3
    Ya know the more I read about the Grand Prix that sadder I am. I did have my transmission repaired by an outside dealer due to I do not trust any of the dealers here. The sad thing is, I was requested to send a copy of the Bill to GM and guess what that is the last time I heard from anyone at GM. SAD SAD SAD........ My daughter would like to buy a GM product and I am nearly in tears for her not to. They do not stand behind their product or their customers!
  • kath1402kath1402 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 pontiac grand prix and it will shift hard or when I sitting on a hill and getting ready to take off it slips. I am getting ready to go on vacation and I think the transmission will probably go out. I think Pontiac needs to be responsible and replace all these bad transmissions... :mad: :sick:
  • richsolnuvrichsolnuv Posts: 6
    A week and a day later the transmission was finally replaced and the car was ready to be picked up. The person got involved and it looked like we were going to get a small discount. When we picked up the car there was no discount and we were told that the discount was reflected in the original quote. So after spending about $3,500 for the transmission and a wheel hub we have a transmission that still down shifts hard when you "get on it" to pass and we were told that a motor mount needs to be replaced. The dealership did provide a free loaner since it took a day or two longer for them to get the transmission and then when the finally got it the tech was off that day. It least it came with the 3 year/100,000 mile warranty. It's going back soon to have the transmission fixed again.
  • richsolnuvrichsolnuv Posts: 6
    So the money pit continues. Another $700+ to have the motor mounts replaced and the car shifts or slips all the time now when accelerating from a dead stop. Paper work says tech drove it and it was fine. What's next? Over $4,000 spent in less than 2 weeks and it's still not fixed. I think I see a new Honda in my future.
  • I have a 2007 GXP with 64,000 miles. I've already replaced 3 wheel bearings/hubs and now the 4th is bad. my back tires even after an alignment don't seem to be right since the tires wear more on the inside. I never use my tapshift.... not even to slow down. I went with ceramic brakes for less wear on the expensive rotors. As of 2 months ago the transmission has been acting up. sometimes when it downshifts from second to first the whole car vibrates. here and there when im going to take off it will hesitate and slam into to gear and take off (did it for 2-3 days and hasn't since). biggest concern now is when I am not accelerating its starts to make a decent noise level raspy sound. when I hit the gas it stops. from what ive found out doing some research GM used the same transmission for the v8 as the v6. poor idea. the car is basically destroying itself. Bigger wheels with molded spacer is a lot of stress on wheel bearings/hubs (which are also the same as the base grand prix with small wheels. the v8 is abusing the transmission. the gtp offers tapshift because it is the same tranny. sad part is I love the car and it is good looking. but is just a very poor design and not worth anything near what I paid for it. I was looking at a car and the GM dealership offered me $7,000. I wanted to throw up. Guess im keeping it and dumping more money in it. im going with a Bmw next lol
  • bbaisdenbbaisden Posts: 14
    I would like to share a little information with everyone on here that I have discovered through research & having some inside contacts. GM began designing & producing this model during a very unstable economic time for the company (has anyone forgotten the government bailout?). If you will, imagine this scenario; GM is going broke, cars are not selling. There are large inventories of components sitting in warehouses rusting & costing them money. Then a light bulb goes off in some geniuses head, "hey, why don't we take these components we have sitting in warehouses & use them to produce a vehicle that we'll call premium in every way including the sticker price, but use all these components that were made & designed for another vehicle :D. So Mr.genius proceeds to map out this plan on paper, which lets be honest looks really impressive to the corporate blood suckers sitting at the top of world headquarters drinking their lattes. It is a inexpensive vehicle to produce, we'll throw a V8 in it, make the brakes look really cool & use some other spare parts we have in our inventory for the suspension. Then we'll market this baby to middle class buyers that are bored with the same old family grocery getter sedan. We'll mark the price up because we are going to call it a premium model & our profit margin will be outrageous. Woo hoo, were smarter than we ever knew! This is the sad but true truth of why these cars are nothing more than scrap steel & aluminum. GM obviously suffered from not being able to see possible long term issues with this idea, which is very common within the auto industry. If GM were to admit accountability for this, which beyond a shadow of a doubt they are, how would they ever pay back the money they owe to the government? The bad press coverage alone would potentially cost them 100,000 or more customers, so we GXP owners that might reach 10,000 to 15,000 in the few years they were produced are the unwilling victims. My numbers may be low or high, but you get the basic idea. You will never find one of these vehicles that do not have these problems, but there are a few things you can do to help prolong the life of the transmission. Of course all of them will be at the cost of your pocketbook. Install a quality transmission cooler, these transmissions run extremely hot & the factory coolers are insufficient at best. Remember when it comes to transmissions, heat is the number one killer (in normal conditions). If you are already having shuttering or shifting problems, this will not cure your trans. It is mostly trashed by that point & rebuilding or replacement is the only option unfortunately. Consult a mechanic that is familiar with our specific model, inquire about replacing the motor mounts to something less rigid. This rigidness could be a major contributor to why the torque converter seems to self destruct. I wish everyone the best of luck!
  • holli80holli80 Posts: 1
    On Friday after leaving the Indy 500 Carb Day events I was driving the short distance home and going into third gear I felt a noticeable slip in my transmission. This has never occurred before. It then drove fine. On Saturday I left to go to the grocery store and once again I felt the slip. I immediately parked it at home and took it to Edwards Transmissions today.
    The details of my vehicle is it's a 1996 Grand Prix GTP 3.4v DOHC. The previous owner had a few minor performance parts installed.
    I have received the details of my transmission issue, which thankfully is not a total failure, but internal components are compromised. I decided to have a total overhaul at the very nice price of $1600. I could have paid the $800 to fix the issues, but while they have it out, I figured lets make sure that it is at peak performance.
    I was clocked 0-60 in 4.7 seconds around six months ago, so my hope is that a tranny overhaul will vastly increase the performance of this car that I love so much.
    Any ideas on how my cars performance may be enhanced with a complete transmission overhaul?
  • rmay0405rmay0405 Posts: 1
    Wow I am in the exact same boat as you and your wife. My car was recently making loud sounds as my car shifted from first to second gear, and all of a sudden it went out on me on my way to work. I cant drive my car in the normal drive gear but I can in the lower gears.

    Is there anything that your and your wife did to get compansated or any help from GM?
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