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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems



  • To rob1997 (msg. 63)

    This is the poster of msg. 51 and a few others after.

    Thank you for posting that information. My car is going to the garage again tomorrow. I printed your post off and will give them that. Everything I see on here that might be a possiblity gets taken to them.

    It is really awesome that you have gotten 342K miles out of your car. At this point, I think mine will be lucky to make 100K.
  • I have the same issue as in msg.51 did updating the software as described in msg 63 fix you issue montana_cat?
  • Problem w/ my 91 SE - trouble shifting out of park. I can physically move the lever to drive or reverse but the engine just revs like it's in park/neutral. Can sometimes manage to get it going by giving it a lot of gas... Once it's on the road it shifts smoothly, no problems at all.
  • iahawks1,

    Yes, I do believe the problem is FINALLY solved.

    Thank you rob1997!!!! :) You don't know how happy I am right now!

    As far as details, the dealership said my car had the "latest" software installed on it, but after reading rob1997's post the service manager called GM. GM gave him brand new software that had not been released yet (as of Wednesday, Jan. 10). SO, iahawks1, I would make sure they contact GM for the newest software, or you may still have the same problem.

    When I accelerate, the tach no longer tries to stick and surge around the 2K mark. I didn't post an update any sooner, because I had a nice long drive tonight with lots of hills and I figured that would be the ultimate test. And my car passed!!! Yay! I've been dealing with this problem for six months, so it is almost unreal that it is resolved now.

    rob1997, what is the PMC and PMS? I'm not that car smart. And is this why I've had transmission problems at 30K and 60K ... bad computer software??? I sure hope the new software will be the end of my transmission problems.
  • I have a 1998 gtp with the same prob as you guys have and I was just at the dealership short of reading your last message so I printing it out and taking it tomorrow. Do you think the update will be for my car to if so you have the update code for the dealership?
  • Hi kaz5555,

    No, I do not know the code, but I could probably ask the service manager. I have to go down there and settle up with them on my bill. Just make sure they have the newest one that was just released by GM.

    The service manager had originally told me to drive it a week and see if it worked. I called and asked if he cared if I tested it out a little longer to make sure the problem was fixed. So, I will be talking to him at some point this week. My car is still running like a dream, and has not messed up since.

    Good luck with your car. I printed out Rob1997's message and that was what FINALLY fixed my car, so hopefully these posts will do the same.
  • To: montana cat
    I’m glad you car is working fine. I intended to write PCM not PMC (Power Control Module), also known as the computer.
  • Lucky me. My 2000 Grand Prix just truned 170k miles (knock on wood) The thing is a just is. I have had to replace the orginal trans back at 65k. So far so good...until today. The service engine soon came on along with a winding sound obviously coming from the transmission. Had to go to work for about five hours, when I came out to start the car all was well as usual but the service engine light was still on and the car wouldn't shift into gear. I freaked. Waited a bit and it drove me home just fine after it seemd it just needed to warm up. This has never happened before. Still a winding sound from the trans and the service engine light is on. What gives? I don't want to buy a new trans and I'm kind of broke. Besides, at 170K, am I to beleive this could be the end? I say nay. What should I do? A simple trans fluid change along with a trans pan cleaning or should I take it to AAMCO so they can rip me off. Any thoughts? Oddly enough, this car means allot to me. Even if I keep in the garage, not running, I will still keep it until my affection for it subsides. It was actaully in a GM SuperBowl commercial this last weekend!! The thing is in mint condition...I kid you not. No dents, no dings all original parts, except the trans, one owner, one engine. I could really use some help here.
  • I did post a recent comment on another problem for Grand Prix under electrical problems...but this one is stumped everyone at the dealership.This problem was with surging & loss of power. This would only occur when the engine was warmed up. I attribute the problem to the warped plenum (plastic intake manifold) that the dealer wanted to fix for big bucks. The plastic gaskets and intake manifold seems to leak on all of the 3800 series engines at about the 70,000 mile range. I also had a problem with the Tachometer dropping to zero and the “Track Off” light turning on from time to time. Sometimes the entire dashboard would not work. This happened when the engine was hot and then more frequently on very hot/cold days. Another time this happened was when i was driving. Sometimes the engine would stall. When restarted, the tack would work again and the “Track Off” light would go back off. One final irritating item was that water would leak on to the floor of the passenger floor area whenever it rained hard. Given that I have all my work done at the GM dealer, I knew this was going to cost me thousands. And who knows what is next? AGAIN IM DONE WITH GM!!!! :sick: :lemon:
  • Hi,

    Having the same exact problem as post #66, did you ever find out what the problem was.

  • lizardetlizardet Posts: 1
    I can't get my 2000 grand prix out of park. It has 80,000 miles. Any ideals? Once it gets out of park it drives fine. Just gets stuck? If you keep trying to shift after about 1/2 hour HA HA it will shift out of park. But once you stop the car and put it back into park it gets stuck again.
  • yea i have a 1997 pontiac grand prix with 163,000 well some times going up hill at like low rpm it seems to jerk im talkigna bout the tranny so when ever it does that i just give it alot of gas like 3 grand or more and it snaps out of it, im woundering whats wrong with it??? also when i got the car it has like rust color kind of sludge in the coolant box and the raditor but i have drove it for like 4000 miles sense i got it and it seems fine, except for the nasty burning smell when i play around with it a little bit, and when i pull into a drive way and let it sit for a bit so i just wanna know whats going on with it.
  • taunitauni Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Supercharge... I still owe a little over $6,000 for it and so far I have replaced the Theft deterent module (car kept shutting down while driving) that was $250, then I replaced the computer because every code was coming up as bad that cost me $620, then my automatic transmission went along with my fuel pump and some control module, that cost me $2300, now I just had more work done to my transmission (the pump) that cost me anothr $157, and now I have a PO440 code which is the evap system malfunction (don't know what that cost is yet) and a PO742 Torque converter stuck on which will cost another $500. Also, the front end needs replacement as well. Now I am looking at more $$$$ spent.... Pontiacs look good but completely [non-permissible content removed] the bed before they are paid off. My car over the last 7 months has run me into alot of $$$($3327 to be exact and counting). Why are these cars such pieces of junk? My friend owns a Toyota and it has more miles on it than mine and all they have to do is break jobs and get tuneups... Hmmmm
  • As far as the problems with your transmission, read my message #51 and then I believe #64. Rob1997 posted that a computer program was the fix and it worked for my car after 12 trips to the garage and $1,500 to have all these repairs. I would try the computer program first, because it only costs $40. But definitely get it checked out and don't let it go or you will begin to have more transmission problems. They replaced parts in the transmission first and that is costly.

    I've been posting on this thread for several months, and if you look back and read what all I have had done, maybe it will help you.

    The program was brand new that they put on my car and had not been released yet. The dealership contacted GM and got it.

    I don't know what to tell you about the radiator. I have not had that problem.
  • btighebtighe Posts: 2
    I have had the same issues with my 2000 Grand Prix GT. I was able to fix the leaking problem by putting silicone along the bottom of the windshield (on the plastic part between where the wipers are and the windshield). I have also had the tachometer drop to zero randomly at times, which resets after I restart the car?
  • sdk52sdk52 Posts: 1
    My 2002 Grand Prix Gt won't shift into overdrive anymore, any ideas?
  • coblurcoblur Posts: 4
    My 2000 Grand Prix (108K) has been a decent car.
    But,the problem is occasional hard shifting. This only happens after at least 45 minutes of driving. The car shifts perfectly up to that point. Then out of the blue it shifts HARD and continues to do so through all the gears. It never slips and I always have good power. It's just a quick hard shift. I have read some pretty similar symptoms here, not nothing exactly the same. Any Ideas??

    I recently had some electrical problems, (blower fan, AC, auto head lights not working) turned out to be in the ignition switch. Hope this helps and save hours of tracing. They all work great now.
  • acinderacinder Posts: 3
    I know there is a new pcm update to correct the hard shifting but the three local dealers in my area have no clue on how to get the new program. Does anyone have the service number or any other info than can help me get this new program
  • acinder,

    Tell the dealership to call GM Tech Support in Detroit! That's what my dealership finally did. They installed the latest update in my car and I have not had a problem since. And the program only costs $40!

    This was after I had spent $1,200 having the transmission torn apart multiple times with no avail, over a six month time frame.

    Rob1997 was the one who pointed me in the right direction on the program.

    Good luck! I hope you can get one of those three dealerships to call Detroit!
  • acinderacinder Posts: 3
    what dealer did you take it to? I have tried 3 different dealers and they all say the will only use the updates supplied by gm in their database ie " 2002 programming" It has been a nightmare with these guys. I even called gm customer service and they are completely clueless. They didnt even know that my pcm could be flashed :confuse: If you could give me the name of the dealer you went to maybe they could point me in the right direction. All i need is the update part number or the calibration number. Was your car a gt or a gtp? Any way you could post the work order information.That would help us all out alot. Thanks the fast response.
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