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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Owners: Meet the Members



  • 96e32096e320 Posts: 5
    Can anyone suggest an aftermarket source for a keyless entry for a 96 E320 and about how much it should cost?


  • filsaimefilsaime Posts: 2
    Hello all. I've spent untold hours reading all 1700+ messages. One thing I'm convinced of:mbusa should have a link to this site. I know I'm in great company.

    Fell in love (2nd love after my fiancee) and bought a 2000E320-4Matic with 14,900 from a Lexus Dealer. It's a Desert Sand; still smelled brand new and a non-smoker car. Never been so impressed by a car. Just took a 200+ mile drive and my mpg was over 31 with the cruise control at 60. I will share with you that I paid $46,500 including taxes and Lojack installed; don't want to know if I paid too much. The only option it doesn't have is the navigation system. The looks and thumbs up I've gotten to date are unreal. My fiancee thinks I shouldn't be driving when she's not in the Benz! I ordered my Zaino supply based on everything I read here before I even bought the car! I'm about to begin my first application.

    My only dissapointment with the car thus far is the front brake dust. I even think of it when I'm applying the brake pedal. Can someone tell me if the brake dust covers sold in Pep Boys or elsewhere work? Would they cause any damage or affect the car's performance.
  • bobhobbzbobhobbz Posts: 2
    Glad to have found this group and be here. Picked up my first MB, a new E430 two days ago. Obsidian black/Java, with roof and Xenon. Added extended warranty, audobahn (?) some clear plastic protection for the hood, lojack. total $ pushed to $59K including taxes and registration. Still missing CD/Nav system. Look forward to drive it more often. The second morning experienced some vibration in the engine when started out, also the fuel pump generated a constant high pitch hum which the dealer is replacing in two days. I really like the car, so hope everything is going to work out perfectly.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,028 is looking for Community Leaders for MB M-Class Owners. Anyone interested? It isn't difficult and about the only thing we ask is that one CL attend the weekly chat.

    Let me know!

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  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    A friend is interested in the 4-matic because he lives in the northeastern U. S.
    He has been told by some that the traction control system (ESP) is so good, however, that you really don't need the 4-matic.

    So his dilemma is either to buy an E320 or an E320 4Matic.
    There is a clear difference in price. Is it worth it?

    Both cars have about 42,000 miles on them and are 1998 models.
    Anyone have a suggestion?
    What price would you go for?
    How about an extended warranty? Worth the price?

    All this info. would be very helpful.
  • dkrisdkris Posts: 1
    Hi ... I am in the market for an older E class for my daughter. I'm thinking 190e --- 1990 or so vintage. A mechanic friend said, "absolutely not, do not buy a 190 -- the maintenance will eat you alive."

    I am interested in hearing other opinions. What has been the experience of the members of this group?
  • cce182cce182 Posts: 40
    I have a 2000 E430 4-Matic. I think the cost of AWD is one of the big bargains on the options list! The cost of owning it are slightly reduced gas mileage, 0.4 seconds off the 0-60 times, and a longer wait if you order the car (it actually has to go to two factories for assembly so I'm told by the dealer). But if you ever drive in snow, IMHO it's well worth having. Since you are buying used, the price difference may be different.

    In my experience, ESP doesn't always help in snow. It can get confused if all wheels can slip in the snow, and I've sometimes gotten better results by shutting it off in deep snow or when trying to start out on an up-slope.

    Mine came with Goodyear Eagle F1 tires - a great rain tire but a scary snow tire. I bought four Blizzaks on AMG wheels, which cost more than the 4matic options. But, now, I wouldn't hesitate to take it out in bad weather except for sharing the road with drivers in far worse trouble than I am.

    Of course, this is a sedan with low ground clearance, and in deep snow makes a lousy snowplow.

    Regarding warranties - I assume you are talking about the one MB offers. Whether to pick this depends on how many electronic goodies the cars have. The MB warranty does not cover some stuff, so be sure you're happy with the coverage. All these guys list what they cover - none list what they DON'T cover. That uncovered list was extensive enuf that I opted out of the program.

    Good luck
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    If all of the tires slip, then ESP (specifically the traction control component) will not necessarily activate. This is because 4ETS monitors the wheel speeds and will only brake a wheel if it's spinning faster than another. The off-switch is for when you want to start off in deep snow, so that you can gain some wheelspin and momentum. It's not 100% off though. Only the torque reduction component is deactivated. The brake-only portion is still active, to about 20% of normal capacity.

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  • tgotgo Posts: 2
    Hi. We just purchased our first BB E320. A 1998 with only 13,500. miles. Really love it. It has the audio system without the CD changer. Has anyone had any luck with after market changers compatible with the radio, etc. Also, the wiper makes a lot of noise when hitting the sides when wet. This doesn't happen when we first use it until it gets very wet. ANY advice will be greatly appreciated.
  • sambajsambaj Posts: 1
    New to the Mercedes gang... I am looking for a nice web site for Mercedes parts. Reasonable and quick shipping.. any suggestions..
  • jardinojardino Posts: 1
    My E Class is 1,5 years old. All four doors are rusting!... Check below the door seals above the window (glass) especially on the driver side.
    I checked a few other cars on the dealer and some are already rusting even before being sold for the first time.
    This should be a recall. Hopefully.
    I would post pictures if it were possible on this site.
  • Hi, my name is Dave and I live in Alexandria, VA. On 4 Aug I bought my first MB. It is a 98 pre-owned show room quality machine with 31K miles. It is Azure Blue Pearl with a Bone interior, and fully loaded except for a cell phone and 4-matic drive. We really love the car and it is such a pleasure to drive. However, a few strange things have happened since the car was purchased. On 6 Aug the left rear door window regulator failed. On 15 Aug, while on a trip to Cape Cod, the battery shorted out and was replaced by road-service. On 18 Aug the windshield washer would not work, yet the fluid container was full. Five hours later it worked. Later in the day the two windows on the passenger side were lowered, but would not raise. Thirty minutes later both closed properly. I took the car to the local dealer for an electrical/computer check and evaluation, and nothing appeared to be wrong. Then on 31 Aug (my wife had the car)the engine light appeared indicating check engine electrical problem. That evening I inserted my key, not my wife's, and everything was normal. The car drives super, no stalling or any other problems noted. On 1 Sep my wife tried her key and no problems. Since then everything has worked just as it is supposed to. I am, however, baffled as to the earlier electrical problems. Is this normal of a Benz? Or are we just novices in the learning curve on ways to properly operate the car. We have both studied the manuals provided with the car, and feel that we are doing things correctly. Can any of you folks with more experience shed some light on this situation? Thanks.
  • Can someone tell me how I can get a Diesel E class from Germany to California??? I would really appreciate it.
  • I've got a 96 E320 with 88,000 miles (Starmark just expired) and have a quote from Platinum Warranty for a 3 yr/36K mile policy that covers most major components (Platinum Preferred) with a $50 deductible for $1349 .... Two yr/24K coverage is only $100 less.. So the 3/36 is the only real choice.

    Opinions? Is this company reliable? Is this a good price ? Or should I just gamble that this car is reliable enough to not have to worry about huge repair bills?

  • I bought a 1999 E320 4Matic in April with 9K miles. Everything is perfect with the car except for a whining wind noise that increases with vehicle speed. The dealer says its from the luggage rack & nothing you can do about it. Anyone have a similar experience or remedy?
  • Just bought a 2001 leftover. Dark Green w/ sports package, nav, packages e1,2,3 & k2a, heated seats, sunroof, actually I think it has every option but no 4matic.
    I traded in my 1999 c-class 230 Komp. which I loved. Still trying to figure out the voice recognition commands. I need some time to read the books. So far, so good, actually great. What a nice car. Turning radius not as good as the c-class, but what a really nice ride!
  • Hello guys,

    I have been reading Edmunds for over a year now but I am posting for the first time today since I have only gotten hold of my MB. It is a Black 1998 E320 Wagon with 43K miles with somewhat unique leather interior, of which the name escapes me. Suffice it to say it looks like coach leather. The second reason I am posting is because I just bought a new extended warranty from 1sourceauto and I will be reporting everything that transpires between me, the company and of course the car dealership which will be the only repair facility touching my car. I am sure the 1sourceauto team will be monitoring everything I post and I welcome them to view what I write. I am not entering the post with a negative or ill attitude toward them because I do hope our relationship, at least for the next five years and 55,000 miles will be smooth and uneventful. I intend to report each and every repair item and incident so the Edmunds members can all learn from my leassons. I have no hidden agenda here and by any stretch of the imagination am I involved with any of these insurance companies.

    I am in finance and credit and my job gave me the important skills of research and due diligence before making important financing decisions so before I purchased the warranty from 1SA, I did a lot of research on extended warranties. I considered Warranty Gold, and Warrantybynet.

    Warrantybynet, was too small and I didn't like their rankings. I did like their approach though. They were very very friendly on the phone. They called me every two months and asked me if I had considered getting the warranty from them. I did not get them because I didn't like the coverage and the price.

    Warranty Gold had too much controversy and I didn't like their BBB standing. Their sales approach was a bit too aggressive for my taste. I do appreciate what Joe (my salesman) did for me. We both called my Mercedes Benz dealership and over the phone I heard my service manager say that they would accept Warranty Gold claims if the credit card was used in the same day. That was really good but not good enough to make up for their seemingly controversial reputation.

    I also read ALL (more than 500 postings) on Edmunds regarding extended warranties, including the 1SourceAuto postings that were stopped by the Edmunds Host because posting started attacking personal characters. Furthermore, three mercedes dealers offered me three different warranties and for less years and equal miles, their price ranged from $2,400 to $3,900 (Helms Brothers in New York).

    So, I hope it works out well and I will certainly keep everyone posted.

  • When I got my license, I decided that someday, I'd own a Mercedes. Well, that day is almost here -- on Feb. 26, we'll be picking up a 2002 E320, Everest Green, Java interior, E2 options, heated seats, and 6-CD changer. I'm looking forward to finally joining the MB family.

    Not a bad birthday present, if I do say so...

  • johng14johng14 Posts: 31
    How much did you pay. I have a dealer in PA that quoted an E320 with E2 options for 47,300
    what does everyone think
  • jsalemijsalemi Posts: 17
    I paid a bit over $48k. Got an AutoByTel quote of $4000 off MSRP, and the dealer tossed in an additional $100, and a bit lower price on the CD changer. This was in Northern VA.
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