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Mazda RX-8 Recalls



  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Have you filed a report with the NHTSA? The recall page you saw also advises you to call Mazda and provides the phone number -- you might want to start with that.

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  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    You can try to go through Mazda North America. If that doesn't work, you may need an attorny.
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171
    Wouldn't your car insurance cover a car fire? Not sure about that, but I'd check.
  • IMO, this is a black eye for Mazda. This is precisely the same problem that occurred in the 3rd gen RX-7. The failure sequence is this: the seals around the fuel injectors begin to go bad and fuel begins to leak. The fuel injectors are near the exhaust manifold and since the engine produces a huge amount of heat the seals eventually go bad. The fuel leaks onto the exhaust manifold and poof! I dropped off my 3rd gen in 2002 at the dealership without delay when I smelled fuel coming from the engine bay. The dealership called me several days later (an indication that they spent some time with their legal staff) and notified me that my engine had caught fire while the technician was working on the engine. He had failed to allow the exhaust to cool before disconnecting the fuel injectors. My insurance company covered the repairs. When the car was returned to me, it wasn't running correctly. The second turbo was not kicking in smoothly or at all. I dropped it off and told them to not call me until it was running correctly (the problem was the maze of vacuum hoses that only a handful of mechanics knew well). A week later, they called me to say that the engine was blown, i.e., they blew my engine. My insurance company then covered the installation, by Peter Farrell Supercars, of a new engine. There was a recall related to engine fires on the 3rd gen RX-7. Mazda claimed that the fault was related to the cooling system and coolant leaks onto the exhaust manifold rather than the fuel rail or injectors. They added a switch to the radiator fan to have it kick on if the coolant temperature was above a particular value when the engine was turned off (the engine fires primarily occurred after turning off the engine). I was reading this forum to see how the RX-8 is faring. I'm sorry to hear that this is occurring because I was giving the RX-8 consideration and the 3rd gen RX-7 is one of my all time favorite cars. Mazda should have simply confessed and added a maintenance window for the fuel injector seals. It's really that simple. They are risking lives via actuarial calculations.
  • rxterrxter Posts: 2
    More like the rubber glove treatment.
  • rx8divarx8diva Posts: 2
    Where can i find this list of recalls so i can check if my vin# is on it?
  • woodkat80woodkat80 Posts: 1
    i have a 2005 rx8. I bought it used from dealership with 28,000 miles. i now have roughly 64,000 on it. I recently checked oil and it appears it may be antifreeze. almost looks like mustard! Has anyone else experienced this? With all the things i have heard lately, i am not sure if there is a recall or what. my engine light flashes at higher speeds. not sure if the head gasket is bad or what. i dont know a whole lot about these motors. looks like i will get stuck paying for it..... Any suggestions or idea what it could be?
  • russ5150russ5150 Posts: 1
    Bought my daughter a 2006 RX8 two years ago. Ran great for about a year and a half but then started missing, stalling etc.. Took to dealer to get repaired and they changed the plugs, $400+. Paid it. Brought it home. Next day,wouldn't start. At all. Ever. Towed to dealership.
    "Must replace engine. No charge." That was very nice. However, as they were moving parts to the new block, the intake manifold either broke or was broken. "Due to carbon build up." That is a $700+ part. Does this seem to be common or am I just unlucky? The staff at the dealership has been very nice to us and we have bought two new vehicles from them, but this just doesn't smell right.
  • dgjertsondgjertson Posts: 1
    DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!!! The engine on the 2004 through 2006 RX8 WILL burn up!! It's only a matter of time. Unfortunately, mine imploded at 115,000 miles (after the 100,000 warranty limit) and serviced at the dealership had ALL my records and drove the car with care. Mazda would NOT honor 4206-F titled "Engine Lack of Power" warranty issued October 24, 2008. I complained several times that the car "lost power" after warming up BEFORE the warranty was up. They claimed to have "addressed the issue" in December 2008. At that time the car was well under warranty.

    Check the Internet for RX8's ... you will see this is a COMMON problem!! Especially in warm climates! So here I am stuck with a $6900 engine replacement bill (rotaries cannot be repaired) for a car that is basically a 3000 lb paper weight... interesting fact, the engine they will replace mine with is a 2007 or newer!! What does that tell you?

    DO NOT BUY AN RX8!!! You will regret it just as I have.

    David Gjertson
  • sammy1969sammy1969 Posts: 1
    I own a used 2008 mazda rx-8. It has 30,000 miles on it. Fairly new. Anyway, I purchased this car 2 month ago and i notice tha the dashboard has a crack on the passenger side where the airbag is located and is the same shape of the airbag. Anyone know if this problem has a recall or it is normal on this model and year.
  • thuynwinthuynwin Posts: 3
    Go to NHTSA website and you should be able to see all the recalls that were on your year model. I'm pretty sure you have read all the posts about these cars....mine is the same. Good thing I got rid of that junk and got an acura. I hope your car isn't the same as everyone on here, good luck
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    edited June 2011
    You can find recalls and TSBs for your RX-8 without even leaving -- check our Maintenance Section.

    ClaireS, Host
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  • did you ever get a list of cars that were open for recall ... my wife has an rx8 with isssues that sound exactly like the expected problems to be covered by the recall at only 65000 kilometers we live in australia
  • Hi, no I never got a list of recalls or anything. I winged it for a while and kept the car until I saved enough money to get another car. I finally did sell the car, but for VERY VERY low since there was a lot of defects. I sold it for only half of the market value price. The guys I sold it to knew about these cars and they just wanted my car for the body style. They said they didn't care about the motor because it's a piece of crap, they were going to take it out and put a different motor in. My advice is to sell as fast as you can so you don't have to put so much money into it...going through lawyers and attorneys isn't worth it, because those car companies will do everything to save a penny, and might even put you more in a hole. Save some time and just take a lost before it gets too bad...

    Sorry I couldn't be more help and best of luck. The best thing I ever did was got rid of that damn car and got myself an acura =)
  • Mazda USA recommended the wrong oil (5w20) to better the EPA ratings and improve MPGs for the RX8 but ultimately, you are doing damage to your motor and shortening the life of your exhaust system.

    10w40 regular motor oil has been tested and proven to produce optimum results for the RX8’s rotary. Because this oil is thicker, it does not heat up as quickly as 5w20 and keeps your engine cool. This is imperative!!! Rotaries can run very hot because they redline a 9000 rpm. Many issues with the RX8 are caused by overheating and the RIGHT oil will decrease the chances of overheating.

    Unfortunately, you will lose a few MPG using 10w40. However, if you are so concerned with gaining just a few MPG instead of keeping your car running healthy long term then you should have bought a Prius. If you cannot afford the few extra bucks for gas then you cannot afford to properly care for the RX8.

    Typically, the catalytic converter is the first to be effected by use of wrong oil. Almost all RX8 owners notice that their oil has to be topped off constantly. This is because the oil is too thin. It will clog the catalytic converter. This is where your carbon buildup probably first started.

    Catalytic converters are covered under the Emissions Warranty for U.S. cars 8years/80k miles. There is no sure way to know if your catalytic converter is going bad unless your CEL (check engine light) is on or you gut it (which is illegal so shops won’t do it).

    The first sign of it starting to clog is a huge amount of smoke coming from your exhaust and a little loss of power (but these are symptoms for many other problems too). With the RX8, these signs are usually caused by the catalytic converter going bad from the use of the wrong recommended oil. If your CEL is illuminated, check your o2 sensor FIRST (not nearly as expensive and they can go bad).

    If the issue is your catalytic converter, and the warranty has expired, you are looking at a $1,500+ part, and that doesn’t include labor. Some places like auto zone have a cat for around $2-300 but they are complete junk, do not bolt on so you better have a welder if you’re going to DIY and 6 months later you will be back to square one.

    You have 2 options at this point: 1) Pay $1,5k for a part that’s only purpose is to appease the tree huggers (yes, the catalytic converter’s ONLY purpose is to filter out excess carbon and only hinders the cars performance) or 2) Pay $270- $370 for a catalytic converter replacement pipe and NEVER have that issue.

    Racing Beat offers 2 (one is resonated, meaning it has a quieter exhaust tone) and there are a few others out there but I suggest researching each one first to find what best suits you. Personally, I have Racing Beat’s non-resonated cat replacement pipe and have never had a problem since.

    Technically, it’s not “legal” for street cars so unless you have a friend who owns a shop, you probably won’t have any luck finding someone to do it (some shops will “check it out” to make sure there are no leaks but they will not install it). However, there are many that bolt on. I know Racing Beat’s does because I did it myself and it came with instructions. All I needed was a jack and torque wrench.

    The only down side is that your CEL will more than likely come on because the o2 sensor will recognize that the catalytic converter is missing but there are several ways to take care of that, one being the Cobb Access Port. This is an AMAZING little device. With it, you can even improve your MPGs. Do some research, there is too much for me to explain but if you own a RX8, definitely check it out! This kind of technology is only available for model years 2004-08 (I believe).

    Not only is a deleted cat an upgrade by giving you a few extra horses, your motor will last longer and stay healthier. If you have strong opinions on how deleting your catalytic converter is going to make a huge impact on the environment then you’re probably the type of person who would use the wrong oil to gain a whooping ~3 MPG. When your cat clogs and suffocates your motor making you lose power, blame yourself and your ridiculous views for environment... not the car.
  • Typically recalls are not mailed to the owners by any company. Mazda did extend their warranty on the engines core components to 10 years/100k miles for all 2004-2008 year models but they do not advertise it now.

    The best way to check for recalls is to call the make of your cars dealership and provide them with your VIN number. They are able to pull up EVERY recall on your vehicle and if it has already been taken care of (just in case you bought a used car).

    It sucks that you did not have a good experience with your RX8. Since Mazda discontinued the RX8, I have noticed an increase in value personally. I predict they are going to slowly grow in value, just like the RX7 did.
  • I have the 2007 Rx8 and my passenger dash did the samething and the dealer swears there is no recalls on it, but im not so sure.
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