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Chevrolet Impala General Care & Maintenance

I have an '02 IMPALA LS 3.8L 84K miles on her.

LOW OIL PRESSURE message is comming up. checked the oil..proper viscosity and level

friend told me to put it in neutral and rev to 4K RPMs, message disappeared
he said that my OIL pump is going out.

Is it OIL sensor or OIL pump or maybe something else?


  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 77
    Sounds like the oil pump is worn out.
    Do you change your oil and oil filter every 3-6k miles?

    You may want to try using a heavier oil such as 20/50 or add some "Motor Honey." The thicker oil may buy you some more time. (If the seals in the oil pump are worn out this may temporarily fix the problem and boost the oil pressure) Eventually you are going to have to replace the oil pump.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,402
    If you have low oil pressure, you really don't want to be revving your engine at 4K in neutral. This is asking for trouble IMO.

    By all means, swap out the sensor first before digging into the oil pan. Sometimes the oil pump pickup screen gets clogged up as well. So you might get lucky.


  • HAHA, thanks for the advise guys
    eh, yeah i checked my oil as stated...and i changed it too

    aparently in my Engine there is no technical "oil pump" as i have pictured...It is just some gears (they are $23.77 from the dealer)
    I just checked the thing with OBDII and it did not throw any messages or errors, most likely its the sensor (crossing my fingers)shop wanted like 35bucks to replace it. Hell with that, i ll do it myself. Also the sensor is located close to the oil filter.
    here is the diagram for the engine, some people might find it useful..i did. The dealer is not that bad after all.
    oil sensor is 9 bucks at o'relli
  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 77
    Please let us know if the sensor does the trick.

    You would think if the sensor was defective the "Low oil" message would have stayed on even during the high rev.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Maybe the sensor is loosing its sensitivity. Thus the increased pressure of high RPMs causes enough pressure to satisfy the sensor. We are hoping anyway. :)
  • Can anyone shed some light on this subject? I am needing to replace the termistat on my 2001 Impala and it seems that NO parts shop in Atlanta has the Chilton or Haynes service manual for this model.

    I do most of my own work, but this engine is by far one of the hardest to work on. Just try replacing the sparkplugs and wires and you will see what I mean.

    I need to replace the thermistat as it sticks in the colder weather and causes the temperature guage to drop to zero and the fans to come on and run continuosly. By the way if anyone else has this problem, to fix it quickly do the following:

    1 Stop car and turn off engine
    2 Open hood and locate wiring harness directly above battery
    3 Open the connection block, you will hear the fans shut down
    4 Wait 5 seconds
    5 Plug connection block back together
    6 Restart engine, the engine will be hard to start for a moment
    7 Notice the temperature guage rise back to where it should be

    It seems this wiring harness directly interfaces with the BCM unit. I have had the BCM replaced twice now and still have issues, but thats another message posting.


    Keith :confuse:
  • The response I found on vy_Impala
    said, "You have to remove the air filter unit. Take the flexhose off and then you have to remove the breather. Thats the only way to get at the bolts. Its a real pain but its the only way. I just did mine. Good Luck!!!"
    And so I wish you luck, too.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Re: Thermostat location.

    Which engine, 3.4 or 3.8 ?
  • Thanks for the information. With having had the BCM replaced 2 times and still having problems, I figure the only other item it could be is the thermistat. Car thermistat works fine in the warm months.

    Honestly I think that Chevy should replace EVERY BCM module in all Impala vehicles for NO charge. They know there is a problem with them but of course they will graceously charge you for their mistakes.

  • bxdbxd Posts: 186

    Not a big deal, but it's a therm"O"stat.

    More importantly, are you sure it's working fine in warm months? The engine should warm up FAST, like 5 minutes of driving, and then level off at the correct normal temperature (around 195 depending on your engine).

    Are you sure it's not stuck open and warming up too slowly, which you would have trouble noticing in warm weather?

    Regardless - I think you're on the right track with the thermostat. Make sure all air is bled from the cooling system after a thermostat replacement.

  • Hello everyone: I have waxed my Impala many times over the years and it looks great but if I get wax on those dark plastic door moldings it is a pain to get off. The best solution I have found is using powdered cleanser to scrub off the wax, being careful not to scratch the paint. Does anyone have an easier solution?
  • There's a new product out called Ice made by Turtle Wax. It's sold at Walmart and I would imagine most other stores. It's a clear liquid that is applied with a sponge applicator and removed with a micro-fiber cloth (both included). It not only has no residue, it will remove residue from other polishes. You can actually apply it to those plastic pieces to remove the old residue! I've put two coats on my black '06 SS so far and have no complaints. It will "blotch" a little on black paint (like any other polish I've ever used) but buffs out easily.
    Overall, it's a snap to use. I have retired my orbital polisher. :D
  • At one time here someone mentioned using peanut butter (smooth, not chunky :) ) to remove wax buildup from the black moulding. I've never tried it, but I had a co-worker with a Saab that had exterior black door handles that turned white; I suggested she try peanut butter, and she said it actually worked better than anything else she'd tried.
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    One of my best friends had a computer module go out on her 2005' Chevy Impala. From my understanding this computer module, due to it's not working has cut out her ABS, and traction control system. The dealer is charging her $800 total for the installation + part, and wanted to ask the edmunds experts if she is getting ripped off ? It just seemed a bit high to me.

    Thanks in advance, for y'alls help

  • I just got the 06 Impala. Very nice car. After it warms up, however, there is a steady tapping (very faint) that is noticable when it idles. I took in in for an oil change and asked them to look at it. They tell me it's the fuel injection ports making noise and is no big deal. The noise itself is not the big deal, but I want this car to last. Does this make sense?

  • I know what you mean, my car does the same (06'3LT). I read about ways to fix it in the manual but it was just a waste of ink. I took it to the shop because it was eventually followed by the engine light. They said the engine light was just due to a high reading of ethanol in my fuel and to stick with Chevron to fix it. They also fixed the common tire monitor problem. Sometimes it would still come on for just a few minutes and its very annoying when it kids around like that. Now it makes this new sound. After high speeds in the freeway, it makes this whirling sound like a toy car at very low speeds. My tire monitor is going crazy again. It's about time to take'er to the shop again.
  • tbushtbush Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where and to check the power steering unit level for fluid? I have looked and looked, see the unit, but cannot see where to check or refill fluid. Is this an expensive Dealer job?

    Also, my dash lights have gone dark when the lights are on. The radio and overhead information center are dimly lit, but unable to find a blown fuse on either side of the passenger compartment. Any clues?
  • I checked my Haynes manual, and it shows the power steering fluid reservoir as located towards the firewall side of the engine beneath the alternator (on the passenger side). It should be somewhere near the drive belt. I know I took mine in to a local shop when the power steering started making some noise, and my problem was simply low fluid (they topped it off and it was fine)...but they said it was difficult to get to/see the reservoir, so they weren't surprised I hadn't thought to check it sooner.
  • It was indeed my power steering fluid. I filled it up and now the sound is gone.

    I don't know where the power steering fluid is in your car but I know its in one of the caps up front, mine was to the top left of my engine, check your manual. As for the dim dashboard light, its probably just the resistor switch/knob where you can adjust the brightness. Try looking for light switch inside your car and see if it twists or roll or similar.

    Does anybody have the latest Impala with the service engine and traction light going off and on a couple times a week?
  • katyakatya Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Impala with about 106,000 miles and it's been acting up lately. On long car trips, the temperature gauge will stop registering any heat in the engine (the needle doesn't move at all), the check engine light comes on, and the AC will stop cooling (it still blows, though). This only happens after the first leg - as in the car's had a chance to heat up for the first hour or two but the gauge doesn't "break" until I restart the car for the next leg. After a day or two it "fixes" itself again. It also runs some fan in the engine after I turn the car off to cool down the car, I guess.

    This first happened in late September (I'm in the south so I did need the AC!), then at Thanskgiving. I think it's happened every time I've traveled long distances since then. I travelled at least 6 hours a weekend through all of October, and many weekends since Thanksgiving (though not always with my car now). The car hasn't broken down in all that traveling, but I have no idea if it's actually overheating or not.

    Also, I did just take the car in to try to get this fixed. I spoke with the Korean secretary who I don't think quite got my problem across to the mechanic, so they found some other problem that required replacing a couple of gaskets. I just found out while travelling this weekend that they didn't fix the right problem.

    Any ideas? Is it just a sensor problem, or possibly something more significant?
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