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Chevrolet Impala Steering/Suspension

I have a new 2004 Impala LS with the 3800 engine that has an ongoing problem with the power steering making an annoying hissing noise beyond what is normal. It definitely gets a lot worse and more noticeable when the outside air temperature is over about 40 degrees. It is almost non-existent when the weather is cold. It can heard quite easily at a idle and when driving under 10 MPH. The power steering pump,lines and rack have all been replaced. The dealer doesn't know what else to do and are now saying that they all do it. I am hesitant to believe that and the ones that I have listened to are all quiet.


Anyone else having a similar problem ?


  • hknoepflehknoepfle Posts: 45
    2002 LS - Like this car alot. Finally the dealer fixed the low rpm tach noise. I am feeling a light thump in the steering wheel whenever I apply the brakes. I am nearing the end of my warranty period and would like to not have to pay for the fix. Any info??
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Sounds like the dreaded warped brake rotor problem. Our '01 LS rotors had warped twice in under 30k, had 2 manifold gasket leak problems along with the ISS steering shaft lube and peeling roof strips. Loved the car for it's interior room, size, ride, gas mileage and style but couldn't keep dealing with the problems so we dumped it. Hope you have better luck with yours.
  • gleidygleidy Posts: 1
    I had the clunking and creaking in the steering columns when turning and hard braking. I have a 2001 Impala LS with 48,000 miles

    The dealer lubed the IIS (intermediate steering shaft) and the clunking and creaking has gone away.

    The total cost was $91.68. The lube kit number was (26098237) and costed 10.61.
  • tkccetkcce Posts: 5
    I have a 2002 LS with the low rpm tach noise. Dealer replaced instrument panel cluster, but still makes the noise. What did the dealer do to fix your problem
  • I left my car with the dealer for a week, they gave me loaner and sent MY cluster in to have it silenced. They then re-installed MY cluster in and the low end noise was gone. The problem they are having is they are not replacing the cluster with a KNOWN good unit. They first told me it was an inherant noise for the Impala, BS on that. I told them to get it so I can't hear it and they got it right on the third try.
  • A heads up to all 2000 owners! I recently had to replace both my power steering pump and power steering cooling line.

    There is a plastic splash guard underneath the power steering pump. This guard rubbed against the cooling line which created a small hole in the aluminum. I started hearing a grinding noise while steering and found the problem. $280.00 at the dealership to replace both. The new line is still aluminum, but it has additional guards on it to prevent rubbing.
  • Is it a thump, or can you kind of feel a click in the wheel. My husbands father and uncle both told me there was nothing wrong with my car, but since I drive it everyday I knew something was wrong. I took it to the chevy dealership and he told me there was a TSB out on the steering staft. He said they were underlubed and needed to be changed out. That was in August. After I got it fixed there was nothing wrong until last weekend. I pulled into my driveway and my wheel went loose and I almost hit my house! The tow truck came and picked it up because my steering wheel was doing 360's over and over with no pull. The dealership said it was going to cost them a fortune to fix because that steering shaft they fixed snapped in half!!! and they were going to have to take everything out of the front of my car to get all the pieces out. I told them I don't care how much it costs, fix it! It has been 2 days and they aren't done with it yet but they are paying for the tow, rental car and all of the fix. So anyone who's steering wheel has a click in it, go get it fixed. The first time they paid for it in full also, because there was a TSB out on it. Good Luck to all.
  • dgonzalez13dgonzalez13 Posts: 110
    what were the warning signs? how can someone see them starting to wear out and avert major problems? Thanks in advance for the info...
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    Popping in the front suspension that could be felt when turning while pulling out from a stop. Sometimes when going over bumps. I didn't have a problem or accident, I was in for the OFL and asked them to look at it. Not sure what ultimately would have happened if let go.
  • dgonzalez13dgonzalez13 Posts: 110
    I asked because while waiting to make my left hand turn yesterday at lunchtime, a woman pulled into the intersection in front of me. She appeared to have stalled out, so I pull my car to the side and got out to help push her out of the intersection.

    Turns out she wasnt getting pushed anywhere, her drivers side wheel and hub had seperated and the wheel was sitting sideways in the wheel well. I read your post about wheel bearings and thought of her.
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    Wow! That's what was on my mind when they told me the problem. Glad I had it fixed. thanks for the info.
  • jopuvajopuva Posts: 4
    If you have the 3.8 engine, the oil change people may not be checking your power steering fluid. The reservior is extremely difficult to find and get to. I had awful noises for a month when turning the steering wheel. When I finally found the reservior, the fluid was very low, despite having had the oil changed a week before -- and they marked the power steering fluid as full!!!!

    It is located directly beneath the alternator near the back of the engine. You can't even see it! Stick your hand down below the passanger side of the alternator and you can feel it. You will need a flexible tube funnel to get the fluid into it.

    As soon as I filled it up, the steering noise was gone. You practically have to be a contortionist to get to it. No wonder Impalas have so many steering problems!
  • dstowersdstowers Posts: 5
    I have experienced the same (or very similar) issue on my 04 Impala that I got in Oct 04. It goes from being a slight scraping noise to a high-pitched whistle at varying points. Like you, I was shown it was "normal." This problem, combined with various other little glitchy things that shouldn't have made it past QC, have convinced me to start steering away from GM products in general.
  • robinlynn2robinlynn2 Posts: 1
    I started reading the posts on this board from number 1 and realized that the problems I am having with my recent 2002 Impala LS purchase are common. I hope that someone can give me the information I need without my having to read all 1191 posts!

    First the ISS; I was familiar with a problem in the steering column because my daughters cavalier also has a clunk in the steering wheel. I bought the car anyway. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of buying the Impala from a used car lot. Not a Chevy dealer. I had them replace the Steering shaft(?) was fine for a couple of weeks, now the problem feels even worse. In addition the traction control system keeps kicking in, the abs light comes on occasionally and the service traction system warning light comes on. I replaced the starter and along with the battery last week because car wouldn't start intermittently at a cost of $520. I am waiting for a paycheck to take the car in for the abs/traction control problem...

    Anyway, can anyone tell me where to get recall information - if there is any on the 02, and has anyone had success getting repairs on the list of "defects" that this car seems to have without paying thousands and without the car being under warranty? I bought the car in November '04 -the warranty that I received was up at the end of March- three weeks before the brake problem started. Thanks in advance for any and all help. :confuse: P.S. - despite the headaches - I love this car. I must be crazy.
  • txguytxguy Posts: 57
    abs, trac control lights coming on. Each wheel has a sensor. It is one of the reasons the wheel hub, bearing assembly is so expensive. I know, I just had two front units replaced. Though I only paid $618 total for both installed. My '01 Imp LS has 127,000K miles and going strong.

    Anyway, there is a good chance one of the sensors is malfunctioning. That would tell your car's computer that one wheel was moving at a different speed than the other three thus triggering the traction control response and the warning light.

    By the way, the bearings as part of the wheel assembly are not limited to Chevy. :shades:
  • I cannot find the power steering reservoir for my 2000 impala
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    If you have a 3800 engine. Facing your engine from the front, the reservoir is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment, on the right side of the coolant reservoir down below the back of the altenator 6 inches out from the firewall. It is very difficult to reach. Use a flashlight. Several inches down you will feel the cap. If you remove the cap hang on tight its very easy to drop and difficult to pull out past all the hoses. I just had mine flushed out by the dealer on my 2001 LS 3800. If you have a 3400 engine it might be in the same location.
  • if your standing in front of the car its on the left side behind the valve cover in the back of the motor its is like halfway down kinda hidden
  • Did you get the traction control problem repaired on your 2002 Impala? I also own one and seem to be experiencing the same problem you had, in that the traction control comes on occasionally for no apparent reason. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • Hi all,

    I've lurked here looking for info on my 2002 3.4 Impala steering clunk and was happy to learn that GM has acknowledged the problem and upgraded the ISS part. Armed with this information I took the car to my dealer and told them "I have the ISS clunk". They said it's a known issue and they could put the new version of the ISS in. About $200. Note that the first time I had them check the clunk I was vague in my description and the dealer said nothing was wrong. Being informed and direct was the key to getting a resolution.

    Thanks to everyone who shared their information!

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