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Chevrolet Impala Steering/Suspension



  • I just brought back my 2005 LS back to dealer complaining of a real slight feel in steering wheel when I go thru turns and they changed steering shaft with warranty. I recommend anyone who feels anything in steering wheel on new car to bring back to dealer! :)
  • I have 26,000 miles on my 03 Impala. I noticed a clicking in the steering wheel when turning. The car drives fine.

    Is this the start of a tie rod problem?

    Any recall information? It just went off warrantee (of course).
  • I have a 2005 Chevy Impala 27,000 miles on it and I had the same problem( so did my mom and dads 05 Impala' s.) We took them back to the dealership and it was explained to me that it is well know problem with the 2002-2005 Impala' s. It is not a safety hazard more of annoying. It has something to do with the boot.( when the came out with the 2002-2005 model they didn't change the size) If you call the nearest dealership they will take care of it for you.(free). I got mine replaced (so did my parents) at the cost of the Chevrolet. Dealership says it is a well know problem with Chevrolet because its not a safety hazard they didn't do a recall.
  • I've had the same thing with my '03 Imp [last week] w/ 35K on it. They added some type of grease fitting kit and it's taken care of the problem---- free

    AND I've had the right upper manifold gasket replaced too-- still under warranty.

    Now WHAT can I expect?? Anyone?

    Japanese looks better all the time.
  • You can expect your catalytic converter to go. Even if and when your warranty expires GM will cover the issue until 120,000 miles replacement and labor free.
  • Expect the switch for the driver's power window to go out at about 60-70k miles. Easy enough to replace yourself (part runs about $90 new), but just hope it quits with the window up (mine didn't!).

    I've had Japanese too; had an '89 Celica that had a power antenna that never worked very well (if at all), heater control went out ($400 for the part new; tried to save money buying a used one, which also didn't work), replaced the muffler SEVERAL times (finally got a Midas "lifetime" muffler, which lasted a little longer, but still had it replaced a couple of times on their dime), broken seat belt, rear window defroster, etc. in @ 115k miles. And '89 was the LAST year of that particular body style, which should have meant they had all the bugs worked out.

    Also had a '95 Geo Prizm (aka Toyota Corolla); I know we replaced an axle on it before it hit 90k miles, radio knobs fell off, etc.

    Not knocking Japanese cars; just saying all cars have their problems. I think a lot also depends on the driver; several folks here have complained about bad brake rotors on their Impalas...I'm still running my original rotors, and only changed pads once so far (just over 90k miles). I'll probably replace my rotors when I replace my pads in a month or so, mainly just because I want to try to upgrade them somewhat over the OEM rotors.
  • Hello,

    I recently inherited brother in-law 2001 Impala. Only has a little over 47K on it. Have the clunk sound. Took it to dealer earlier this month. I also found a TSB for the ISS. Dealer supposedly ordered part, couldn't fill order. Said there part no longer available. Said revising part and said new TSB released in January this year (I haven't been able to locate it). Said, only thing could do is take out and grease it. I've read others have done this but only to find problem comes back.

    So my question? When you say put in "new version" was this an upgrade over the original design? Trying to figure out if dealership just doesn't want to help me.
  • As far as I know (2000 Impala owner posting here since early 2000), there was no improvement made to the ISS...they simply took out the old one and put in a new one, hoping it didn't develop the problem. I had mine greased early on (where they tap in a grease fitting and basically fill the thing with lube), and thus far haven't had the problem return. I wouldn't be afraid to go that route if it's an option.
  • sep1sep1 Posts: 3
    I am also experiencing the exact same issue you have described. Mine is an 04 with 25000 miles. The dealer has done nothing and either tell me it is normal or they cannot reproduce my complaint. I had a service manager ride with me and finally said they could here the hissing noise, but said it was normal. I have a hard time with that response as I did not hear it until about 5000 miles ago. If anyone has had this issue and resolved it please let me know what your fix was!
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    Some time ago I think I posted here about a whining noise I had in my 2000 Impala, which only occurred when making a sharp left under relatively heavy acceleration. The whine was independent of the transmission, but varied with the RPM of the engine (you could put the car in neutral and rev the engine, and the pitch would rise and fall, even though the car's speed remained constant).

    FWIW I finally took it in yesterday to have someone look at it, and the problem was simply low power steering fluid. I was afraid it was the alternator or a bearing, but topping off the fluid solved the problem. No signs of a leak or anything, so the assumption at this point is that it lost fluid over time and eventually got low enough to make noise.

    BTW today marks the 6th birthday of my 2000 Impala; I ordered it in early in 2000, and today was the day it rolled off the assembly line (I took possession 3/23/00). Almost 91k miles at this point, and other than the ISS and intake manifold (and front rotors that required turning early on, but that are still on the car), I've really had no other problems and I'm still happy with the purchase. Looking back I don't think I'd have been as happy with another car as I have been with this one. My oldest daughter (13) is disappointed that I'll have probably sold this car before she turns 16, and she'll likely inherit my wife's 2003 Accord. Maybe we can send her off to college in a 2012 AWD Impala!!
  • I have had the intermediate steering shaft replaced on my 2003 impalla and now have a wherring sound when I turn the steering wheel. The dealer has lubed a bushing and this did not help so they say I will just have to live with it. If you have the radio on you can just hear it but it is something I do not want to live with as I drive lots without tunes playing. any one have ideas as I only have 4 months of warranty left.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    I know this will sound like an obvious answer that you've probably already checked, but take a look at your power steering fluid level and see if it's full or not. I had a whirring/whining sound coming from my 2000 Impala that only showed up when making sharp left turns under acceleration (like pulling out to turn left at an intersection). It finally got annoying enough that I took it to a local shop, and all they did was top off the fluid (which was low) and that solved the problem. They said the reservoir was hard to get to (back between the engine and the firewall I think), so it's easy to overlook when doing other routine fluid checks.
  • Thanks for the reply. The level is good . The noise is up in the steering colume. Any more feed back would be good. thanks
  • I have had my steering shaft replaced twice and now they are telling me that it just needs to be lubed. Chevy does not know how to fix the problem and will not give you any assistance with the cost of the repair. ($1,100). They will tell you that it is a faulty part but they do not have a recall on it yet so you do have to pay for it. They said it is very common in the Impala and does not cause a threat but you can leave it if you want to put up with the noise!! and they wonder why people are going foreign!!
  • pcameronpcameron Posts: 7
    When I had that steering shaft problem on my 2003 Impala, the dealer knew right away that it needed to be taken apart and lubed (or replaced) and they did it. On warranty. It is a chronic problem, and GM absolutely should take care of you. Make some noise, and they will reimburse you.
  • pcameronpcameron Posts: 7
    When I had that steering shaft problem on my 2002 Impala, the dealer knew right away that it needed to be taken apart and lubed (or replaced) and they did it. On warranty. It is a chronic problem, and GM absolutely should take care of you. Make some noise, and they will reimburse you.
  • It will happen again in about 12k miles. I have talked with many people at GM and they will only give assistance the first time. The rest of the time you are on your own. I had a manager at the Corporate office tell me that because it is not a recall yet they will not pay for it. He told me to put up with the noise.
  • Hi. I recently had a very scary experience driving a 2006 Impala. I was driving on a straight highway going about 70-75 mph when the car very suddenly started jerking and swerving from side to side. I tried to take control of the steering wheel, to no avail -- the car seemed to have a mind of its own. I was unable to regain control of the car and it ended up on the side of the road. Thankfully, my passenger and I walked away with only scrapes and bruises, but this could have been a fatal accident. I first thought a tire blew out but this apparently was not the case. Please help! Any thoughts as to what could have caused the problem? Are there any Impala drivers out there who have experienced a similar problem? Thanks so much.
  • pbaranellopbaranello Posts: 36
    I have a 2002 Impala and the sterring is tight. I also have a 2006 LT3 and I don't like the way the steering feels. I cannot say as yet but I think that the 2006 models have a problem.

    Stay tuned........
  • I have a 2006 LTZ. The car veered to the right and the service people assured me that this was intentional so the cars did not veer left into oncoming traffic. (Something from a manual did indicate this.) Guess it is okay to veer to the right into a ditch or another vehicle.

    Honestly, after much anger and frustration on my part they discovered a bad tire and replaced it--twice. The problem was still there, so they finally listened to the stupid female again and started working on alignment. After three tries it finally is drivable. (It would be fine for a few hundred miles and then be back to the old swerving routine.)

    It probably didn't hurt that the GM was nearby when I took the keys in and threw them on the salesman's desk and told him that he was trading me cars for the evening.
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