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Chevrolet Impala TSBs/Recalls/Problem Codes

maku337maku337 Posts: 15
edited March 14 in Chevrolet
GM has now issued a Service Bulletin for the IP snaps and pops as has been discussed in this Forum. The service bulletin number is #06-08-49-011. The service fix is to remove the defroster panel, remove the attaching clips on its underside, install anti-itch tape to the clip post and re-install the clips. Anti-itch tape is also installed across the slots on the IP top pad where the clips engage. We have performed this fix on a number of GM company cars and all have been successfully corrected. Thanks to the customers in this forum. You were one of the sources for discovery of this problem.


  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    There are 2 recalls that involve 06 Impalas.

    #05122-updated calibration for electronic brake control module (EBCM). On SOME Impalas with 17" or 18" wheels and ABS.

    #05083-replacement of ONSTAR module on some Impalas.

    You can call your favorite dealer and ask if your vehicle is involved. (have your VIN handy)

    There is a bulletin (06-06-02-002) about a clicking noise, heard from inside the vehicle, on the passenger side:

    Some customers may comment on a ticking or clicking noise heard inside the vehicle on the passenger side. The noise may be noticeable with the engine on and at idle, with the vehicle in PARK, and with the HVAC and radio off.

    The noise may be caused by normal EVAP purge valve operation. The EVAP purge valve operation may be internally grounding out, creating a noise path through the coolant inlet and outlet hoses/pipes

    The fix is to replace the coolant inlet and outlet hoses/pipes with updated parts.
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    Where did you get the information for the TSB about the clicking noises in the dash? I called chevy and they have no record of it and said that the number format you give isn't even the one used for a TSB.
  • I found the 2 TSBs (OnStar and ABS) here. Didn't see clicking one though.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    My info comes from GMDealerWorld, a website that is the primary method of communication between GM and dealerships. (I work for a Chevy 'ship) Maybe customer assistance uses Document numbers. TSB 06-06-02-002 is AKA document #1754128, it came out on January 24.
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    You are the man!

    I went to my Chevy dealer for the break recall and also gave them the information you provided. They knew nothing about it but after checking verified your information. Made me feel good to know more than they did (lol).

    Another question for you if you don't mind. My dealer called me back just a while ago and told me that the clicking sounds are indeed a result of the reason listed in the TSB. My question is how do they verify that? Is that something that would be diagnosed simply by plugging into the cars computer and reading a code?

    Thanks again for the info, you were able to tell me what Chevy customer support and my dealer could not.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    Well, I am the 'Woman' ;) , but thanks! I'm glad I could help.

    Your dealer tech probably listened to your car, trying to detect where the noise was coming from. He may have checked for codes. (There probably were none, codes are usually set because of oddball readings from sensors)
    Then he would have gone looking for bulletins, then tried the repair in the bulletin. They call you and say "Yep, that did it!" and you say "Yippee"

    Most diagnosis involves what I call 'tinkering'-check this measurement, wiggle that wire, push on this, try replacing that part, see what happens. Sometimes, the diagnosis takes as longer than the actual repair.

    The TECHII computer can only give data and send a tech in the direction of the problem, it can't tell that that P0440 code was set because the gas cap was loose, the evap canister is leaking, or a mouse ate the wire that goes to the sensor that detects evap leaks.
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    Would it be possible for you to post the entire contents of the TSB? I'm curious to read all of the details (if there are any).
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    It's a pretty long bulletin (several pages). It gives step by step instructions for the repair. My dealership doesn't give out copies of bulletins (considered GM's property), so I won't print whole ones here.
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    I was just curious since my dealer doesn't seem interested in telling me to much about it. The clicking noises I'm hearing seem to be originating from behind the instument panel and not on the passanger side. I'm afraid that they aren't paying attention to the TSB at all and that when I pick my car up tomorrow I'm going to hear the same clicking noises. It wouldn't be the first time my dealer replaced something on a vehicle of mine without it having been the cause of the problem. :cry:
  • Is the gentleman on the forum who works with squeaks and rattles at the Impala factory addressing the clicking noise during the assembly process so the car will not have this problem when it is delivered? You would think that if a TSB was issued on this potential problem it could be corrected at the factory.
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    He sent me an email a couple weeks ago and I haven't heard from him since. My car has been fixed and I haven't had another problem as far as the clicking behind the dash goes.

    Now if someone could tell me why my battery went dead in a 24 hour span I'd be really happy. :mad:
  • JZ68, glad to hear the fix corrected your vehicle. It, unfortunately, did not correct another car a dealer here in Oshawa had. As I said in my e-mail to you, we are evaluating two potential fixes and, obviously, mine doesn't work all the time. The other fix has worked in all the vehicles we have tried it in so far. We are working with the part supplier to incorporate the fix quickly because I think there are more out in the field than we have seen. Thanks for your patience. Once we have a definite fix identified, we will work through the service group to release a bulletin.
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61

    Out of curiosity what is the other fix? If the problem was caused only by the weather it's wierd that the insulation fix wouldn't correct it. We've had some very cold days since my vehicle was repaired and I still haven't had any more problems.

    Another question if you don't mind. Are you aware of any problems with batteries draining for no apparent reason? My battery was drained to the point I couldn't start my vehicle after sitting for 24 hours. I bought a battery tester and it showed the alternator to be working and the battery holding a full charge. I haven't had the problem again which really has me puzzled. I'm positive that I didn't leave anything on but even if I had the vehicle has battery rundown protection. :confuse:

    Thanks for your help.
  • maku337, if you can share, how close are you guys getting to the definitive fix? I've had the dash clicking problem for the past two months on a 3LT (built in October) during the colder Midwest weather, but haven't brought it in yet as it didn't sound like you have an official fix yet. As a customer, I didn't want to play beta tester (I know that probably sounds harsh, but look at it from the customer's perspective.)

    FYI, it's almost spring here, and it would be nice to have it fixed before it warms up too much outside and the problem could disappear until next winter.

    If I may also ask, how invasive are the fixes so far? Are we talking about opening up the dash (not liking that one, they're never the same after that, with squeaks and rattles), or something less intrusive? What are the parts that are clicking during warm-up?

    Thanks, and we certainly appreciate all you folks working hard to nail this one!
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    The adding of the insulation required them to remove the top of my dash. I can tell because there is a small scratch that wasn't there before :mad: . I haven't had any problems with other noises because of it.

    Maku337 mentioned in an earlier post that he had heard of another vehicle that had the insulation added but still had a problem with the clicking. I'm wondering if maybe they didn't add enough because I don't see what other kind of fix their could be short of replacing the parts responsible for the noies.
  • jcooleyjcooley Posts: 46
    This fix appears different than just replacing the insulation. 02A/index.html

    If the clicking is occuring on my car, I wonder if I don't do this repair since it doesn't bother me, if something will break in the future?
  • 66novss66novss Posts: 12
    That TSB applies to the 3.5 & 3.9 V6 engines. The Impala SS has the 5.3 V8, so I don't think thats whats causing those to make that noise. I doubt if it would cause any problems, but it sure is anoying! :(
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,044
    >Anti-itch tape

    what is anti-itch tape?
  • cjm315cjm315 Posts: 1
    Thanks for posting this! I have been trolling this forum for a few weeks now looking to see if anyone else had experienced this. My situation: Took car to dealer twice, 1st got more insulation, 2nd was "diagnosed" as normal opening and shutting of the "blend doors". Obviously, that 2nd time, and information, was BS. I look forward to going back to the dealership armed with this info :-).

  • 06fasst06fasst Posts: 48
    gm has posted a newtsb on out famous ip cracking noise check it out link title
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