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Chevrolet Impala TSBs/Recalls/Problem Codes



  • steve333steve333 Posts: 200
    I received this message from the onstar vehicle diagnostics email sent to my mother.
    I clicked on the link but could not get a reason for the recall. Anyone have any ideas?
  • I have a 2001 chevy impala, base model,..and the check engine light seems to believe it is supposed to stay on forever!!!!! please can anyone tell me how to reset this? it was turned off by a tire tech at walmart, ...say 2 months ago,..but it came back on about 2 weeks ago. please help me if you can. :sick:
  • Easiest way I know of is to go to AutoZone; they'll read trouble codes for free, and when they do they'll give you the option of resetting the light or not. When my 2000 was fairly new I got a check engine light; took it by and they read a code that had something to do with a misfire on a certain cylinder. I had them reset it, and within 2-3 days it came back I knew at that point it was a recurring problem and not a one-time glitch. Ended up being a clogged fuel injector, which was fairly expensive to get cleaned as I recall. Ever since I've run a bottle of fuel injector cleaner through every time I change the oil, and I've had no more problems since (and that was probably 5-6 years ago).

    If AutoZone can read the code and tell you what it is, at least if you then take it to the dealer the next time it happens you'll have a rough idea of what the problem should be.
  • when i start my car to warm up it only blows cold air only it only blows heat while driving
  • Low coolant is one possibility, or air in the cooling system (did anyone open it up recently to change a hose or add coolant?)
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