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Nissan 350Z Tires and Wheels



  • sc24sc24 Posts: 6
    I just bought a used 03' touring edition, amazing machine the 350Z is. I bought it from an Acura dealership, a few days ago i was looking at the exhaust pipes and i notice the right pipe is extended a little further than the left pipe i mean at first i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me then i had my friend look and he said the same thing, is it suppose to be like that? b/c before i bought my Z i saw a Z parked and i was checking it out and i noticed it on that Z too, so can anyone tell me are the pipes suppose to be like that? i was shown the carfacts report and my Z hasnt been in any accidents or had any problems whatsoever

    if anyone can let me know that would be great!
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    I just had my car in yesterday for what I thought would be a routine oil change and state inspection, and I'm going to end up paying several hundred dollars for new rear tires!

    He said they couldn't pass inspection because there is 3/32" left of tread - I looked up the state site and it calls for replacement when there is 2/32" left.

    I only have 11,000 miles on the car (got in in April of '06, don't drive it in winter, use it for pleasure trips only, no commuting. So it doesn't get heavy wear.

    To add insult to injury, when I bought the car, the dealer threw in, "to make the deal," a policy that guaranteed free tires at 25,000 miles if I did all my service at the dealership.

    Which I have done, but now the dealer is claiming these tires need to be replaced already. And of course he's not going to give me new tires, but he finally agreed to give me 10% off.

    Tires were Michelin Sport Pilots.

    Does this sound reasonable? Is it time to change dealers? Up until now we've been satisfied with their service but I'm really annoyed right now.
  • pkainepkaine Posts: 1
    My rear tires need to be replaced and I am considering putting on Goodyear F1 All Season Tires. The front tires are Potenza 040's. Will the F1's work okay with the Potenza's?
  • servetservet Posts: 1
    i have a 03 350z with 6cd bose system.have a clear sound treble told me that i have to replace the amplifier with an updated one whic is $500 has anybody have any idea how to fix this problem.does any body have a bose amp #28060-ce400 used with a reasonable price thanks.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Why not pose your question on the 350Z Audio System Questions forum instead of the one which addresses tire and wheels. Might get better feedback there.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Hi, servet,

    Buying and selling aren't allowed here, but as zekeman1 suggested, you might want to post your question in the 350Z Audio Questions topic. For a quick answer to a quick question, you can also use the "Ask the Community" box on the right side of this page.

    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • smokey70smokey70 Posts: 1
    Talk about shock. Took my trusty 2005 Z roadster for my first ride of the 2008 Spring (stored over winters). Drove about 700 miles to Martinsville, Va. NASCAR race and back, then put it away. Yesterday a friend was visiting and wanted to see the car. He squatted down to look under the rear and asked me if I had racing slicks. I laughed, thinking he was talking about how wide the tires are (Bridgestone Potenza 225/45R18 96W). He said there's no tread! When I looked I couldn't believe it... absolutely no tread on the right rear and virtually none on the left. The fronts look perfect. I only have 11,000 miles on the car. I'm contacting my dealer in Columbus Ohio tomorrow. I'll post the results of our conversation.
  • leek4747leek4747 Posts: 3
    I just replaced one of my rear tires last week.
    $225 including install at Sam's Club.
    I only had one because of a tear.
    Friend owns a '05 Infinity 35 coupe.
    He recommends Toyo.
    Sticks to the road and lasts long.
    Everything else only lasts about 12000 according to him.

    '05 touring :surprise: roadster
  • takeshitakeshi Posts: 1
    So yea i have a 07 350z and thinkin about buyin some rims for the car but don't know the lug size pattern yea but size help email me at to explain not a car expert right now though.
  • I need 4 tires b/c tire wear is so bad 2003 350z so i found almost new 245/45/18 potenza's for back for $50 each. Well can't find replacements for 225/45/18 anywhere. Guy got in almost new perrelli's no wear on them and give them to me for $70 piece but they are a size smaller. He says won't make a much of a difference but I am not to sure b/c I don't know much about cars. I am all about saving $$$ b/c lost job. These tires are all in great mint shape and retail for big$$$. I need to know asap b/c i have a leak in front tire now. Please help!!! Or should I just get the backs and go online and order 2 new tires for front. If so can you reccomend a solid but cheap pair I should look for. I really think I will be buying the used potenza's for the back for $50 need help for front
  • rdt1rdt1 Posts: 3
    There are 2 issues at work here. An initial design flaw and poor quality tires. From my understanding, Nissan initially set up the front wheels with an agressive camber (wheels slope out at the bottom) to provide extra-tight cornering. Unless you race your car, this is overkill. If you look up the Bridgestone Potenzia tires that are shipped with the car (look at you will find that these tires have just about the lowest wear rating possible. These tires re extremely expensive and have a low wet traction rating as well. Nissan had their dealers reduced the camber specifications and also provided free replacement front 'Potenza' tires that had a bit harder, longer lasting tire compound. These improved the situation a lot. However, I plan on replacing my free tires with an even better quality and less expensive Z rated tire that offers better wet traction when they wear out.
  • rdt1rdt1 Posts: 3
    Look up your car in

    They also sell rims for nearly every vehicle made and provide all of the detailed specifications if you want to shop elsewhere. I ordered a set of winter aluminum rms for my wifes VW Eos when no-one else could even find a match.

    You will need the rim diameter, bolt pattern/size and the rim offset when you go shopping.
  • I am looking very closely at 370z Touring w/o sport package.

    My only concern (beside money I have to pay) is that it snows A LOT in Iowa.
    I heard 370z's summer tires don't have traction on the snow.

    But I'm not sure about having dedicated snow tires for winter and constantly changing those.

    Can anyone tell me all season tires would be viable to 370z?
    I'm not crazy about driving cars (I sure don't know how to drift at cetra).

    In sum, is it crazy to have all season tires on 370z?
  • Living in Iowa, your problem will not be just traction but also the clearance space of the car in the winter. I also live in Iowa and would never attempt to drive mine in the winter unless I wanted to assist the snow plows.
  • I bought a new 2005 350z that has required me to purchase new tires (and alignment) every year, due to the Feathering. My tires become bald, I lose tire pressure constantly. . .in other words it's been a pain in the butt car. The dealership won't do anything, Nissan refused to admit there was any engineering issues with 2005, said that the 2003-2004 years had the TSB fix, and the 2005 had no issues. I hate this car, and it is extremely unsafe. I will not drive it anymore. I called Nissan after the replacement of tires 3 times (required by Lemmon Law) to give them one more chance to do the right thing, I will post after I speak with the Consumer Affairs Specialist tomorrow. If they still refuse, I will be getting a Lawyer. I'll let you all know.

    I would talk anyone out of purchasing a Z, or a Nissan in general. Bad Car, bad customer service
  • Well, I got a call from the Nissan Consumer Affairs Specialist, and she claims the paperwork required us to take the Z into a body shop to fix the camber?? There was no discussion of that. And another question would be WHY would I have to take the car to a body shop? I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) that the camber cannot be adjusted on the 2005 350Z. Smells like an engineering defect to me?? Anyone else?
    So I will be calling a lawyer under the Lemmon Law. Anyone out there with a 2005 having Tire wearing issues?
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    Yes. I have a 2005 Touring Roadster. I love it, but have very low miles (this is basically a summer-only car), and had to replace the front tires at around 15,000 miles or a bit less. Very disappointed in that.

    Other than the tires wearing out too quickly though, I love it.
  • I used to love mine, but it is a lemon that I hate. I think since your roadster is a "summer car" it might take a little longer time wise (but not miles wise) to see if you will have the same problems. Good Luck
  • I have 2006 conv. 350 Z., and promise you that they still have not fixed the problem. Nissan also will not admit that they have a problem with the Z. They also have problems with maxima transmission 2006. I just paid 3000 $ to replace it and Nissan would not help at all. I DICOURAGE EVERYONE FROM EVER BUYING A NISSAN. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHERONE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Actually there is a CLASS ACTION SUIT against Nissan for 350Z tire feathering, tire roar, suspension and alignment defects for 2003, 2004, and 2005. They say that they fixed it in 2006, but i am here to tell diff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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