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Chevrolet Impala Climate Control/AC/Heater



  • i hade the exact same problem with my 01 and fixed it! VERY EASY you will need a 1/4" ratchet with a swivell and extention underneith the dash on the passenger side you will find the blower motor once you pull out that clip in plastic cover .. remove the blower it should be three or four screws cant remember exactly. once this is removed you will see at the upper most part inside where the fan was towards the driver side there is a "plastic wire harness" where your six wires from the fan controll come in and leave out to two that go straight to the blower motor its self. there are three of the same size screws holding this in. pull that part out and call your local gm parts dept. with the part number. i tried calling auto zone and advanced where i live but this is not a comon part. the gm place had it in stock for about 50$ and everything works perfect. my friend had the same problem with his 00 grad prix took it in and they charged him about 400-450 he was not happy.. hope this isnt too late good luck
  • lillowlillow Posts: 1
    03 impala heater not working. I have already replace the thermostat. Not sure what else to do. Have anyone else had this problem or knows how to resolve?
  • okctahoeokctahoe Posts: 4
    This is how General Motors is getting people to buy new cars (hopefully you didn't buy another GM but we did) Had a 2000 Tahoe Limited with very low miles and right after the warranty ran out the computer locked up and the car wouldn't turn over, cost us a 600.00 trip to the dealer and a four day wait on the part so in the meantime we just traded it in on another.....Have a friend that this just happened to on a 2006 Equinox right after the warrnaty ran out GO FIGURE, they are programming this stuff to stop working and then you get irritated enough you just get rid of it.
  • Hi All,

    I am new here to the forum and needed a little advice. I have an 03 Impala, base model with 55K miles. Last year I had my AC charged it was the first summer I had the car and by September it wasnt getting cold. Does it need to be recharged? :confuse:

  • I had a new AC Compressor put in my 06 Impala (66,000miles) for total cost of $800 including parts/labor. I had to find the part online as all the local shops had it on backorder. I went to and got it NEW for about $350. All the dealerships and GM warehouses were quoting $600+ for the part. I had it shipped direct to my repair shop where the guys fixed it in about a 3 hour time window. I was told it's a common part to go bad on these 06 models.
  • 66novss66novss Posts: 12
    Gm has been using Nippondenso compressors for the past few years, those compressors are total junk & are expensive to replace. I've replaced several of them over the past few years on various GM products. Unfortunately, our beloved Impalas also use them. Our '06 Impala SS has some compressor noise after its been driven on a long trip while using the AC. I'm sure its only a mater of time before it fails. :(
  • zeogzeog Posts: 1
    The driver side climate control of my 2004 chevy impala doesn't work, only code air and no heat regardless of the temp. control. I searched here and found that it might be the problem of driver side temp, actuator. Could somebody tell me how the part look like, where it is located, and how to replace it? It would be great if you have pics for that. Thanks. :confuse:
  • Thanks for the detailed description! I also have an 05 Impala. I got the part for $46.16. That included tax. Once I found out what the part looked like I was able to find it and replace it! The dealer said it would cost $109.00 to change it. A local repair shop said they would do it for $100.00. I did it in an hour and a half an donly had one screw left over. The part was made in China. I took apart the old actuator and it has 3 plastic gears and a motor in it. The gears were still intact. Evidently the motor failed. Yes, the motor said it was made in China. I am guessing the part cost G.M. about $4.00 at most. I am wondering if I should buy another actuator before the price goes up. The passenger actuator is probably right around the corner as far as failure.
  • Hi,

    The temperature controls work, the fan speed works, everything works except the air comes out half on the feet and half straight ahead and it won't change.

    Turn the control knob to set it to feet or face or windshield and nothing happens.

    Any ideas how to fix this? it would be so nice to be able to set the air to blow up on the windshield in winter!
  • rohmrohm Posts: 1
    Are you asking about the remote start feature? Is it possible to reprogram that the defrost stays on.
  • Thought I heard a vacuum leak noise (that kind of high pitched hissing sound) while driving my 2000 Impala, but when I opened the hood I could tell it was a grinding sound coming from one of the pulleys. It goes away when I turn on the AC. What's the cause and is there a (low $$$) fix?
  • Thanks doitmyselfer...I have an 04 Imp. that is having the same problem I'll try the battery ..if that doesn't work .I'll use your guideline. Thanks again.
  • rbraserbrase Posts: 9
    I have a 04 Impala and the heater no longer works on the driver side.
  • Hi, I would like some help my 06 impala keeps saying tighten gas cap, so I bought another gas cap now they are saying it could be a leak something about a vacum/evap leak. My engine light is on and want go off even after replacing the gas cap. Also, when driving my heat works fine but when I stop or sit the heat becomes extremely cold air. Can somebody tell me whats going on????
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    I have had some experience with the "check engine light" as a result of a loose gas cap. The first time, it took in excess of 50 "engine start-shut-off" cycles before it reset. The second time--after the gas cap failed and was replaced--it was at the dealership for an oil change and they reset the light for me. As regards the heater nad cold air--I'm sorry, I have no experience and can't offer any advice or suggestions. Clark
  • brad38brad38 Posts: 4
    I bought my Impala new. I live in Florida, so don't use the heat all that much. The first winter I had it I used the heat a few times and noticed the heat would stop whenever I stopped the car. The air will continue to blow, but no heat. Once I go again, the heat works great. I kept forgetting about it until this morning when it was 40 something degrees. I turned the heat on and soon as I stopped at first redlight it reminded me of the problem again. I've read most of the forums and can't sem to find anyone addressing this issue. I do have the remote start if that has anything to do with it.

    Other than that, great car. I love it and no other problems. I have an 02 Impala also and it has the actuator problems described in this forum. Thanks for the info on that folks. I'll replace it soon.
  • I have a 2006 Impala. The heater has a mind of it's own I guess. It only works if the car is in motion over a certian speed. When I stop at a red light or anywhere else after about 15 seconds it starts kicking out cold air. And in the mornings the engine temp may be where it is supposed to be but takes a little bit for any warm air to come out. What could be causing this? The Thermostat or something a little more major?
  • Weird issue. I have 2006 LT 3.9L. Noticed using remote start after 2 cycles when I get in the car, the car is still cold inside even though engine is warm. As soon as you hit the gas it starts blowing hot air. Tried going out and starting with the key this morning. Same thing. I had it set to defrost blowing on high and does the same thing so it's not just a remote issue. Haven't tried setting it to heat instead of defrost, will try that next. Just had water pump and thermostat replaced (well they said the thermostat was part of the water pump kit, I'm not sure). Levels are all fine. Seems to do fine when idling at stop lights etc other than blower doesn't blow as hard as it does when you're accelerating. Any ideas?
  • 2005 Impala LS 3.8 liter. Dual climate control. Very low heat, mostly cool air at max temperature setting for either driver or passenger. Move either control to cold, get all cold air on that side. Move either control to hot, get slightly warmer air on that side. These actuators seem to work correctly and independent. Changing selection from defrost, vent, floor, or mix works like it should. Just get very low heat, mostly cool air.

    Coolant level is good. New thermostat. Heater hoses going into and out of heater core are hot and at same temperature.

    This morning, will all quiet and cold, I could hear each actuator motor as each control setting was selected. Hot/cold drivers side, hot/cold passenger side, and mode selection (defrost, vent, floor). The wind of the motors all sounded normal and alike and no clunky indicating a jam.

    Is there a 3rd common actuator?
    What is part number?
    What is it called?
    Where is it located?
    Is this a difficult do-it-yourself job? I am cheap and do most work myself, regardless of what it is.
    How much tear down of dash is required?

    Thanks in advance,

    Max :surprise:
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