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Nissan 350Z Transmission Questions



  • ab350zab350z Posts: 1
    Hi. I have an 2004 convert and had the same sound pulling into my driveway or at slow speeds turning. My brother told me to have the nissan dealer check the axle nut. They did and the axle nut was loose and thats what made the noise. Hope this helps, I love my Z too but it was driving me nuts. Now my 5th gear grinds, I drive it real easy too. It only has 26K on it but O well I not getting rid of it either.
  • dashermandasherman Posts: 1
    My wife's 2008, 350z manual transmission has only 7,000 miles on it. First problem, driving across the George Washington bridge, NY the clutch just went to the floor and would not allow the car to go into gear. Towed to dealer who adjusted the linkage. Now two weeks later, the clutch works but the car will not move when put into gear. It is presently at a dealer to look into problem. Was there a recall on the cluch/transmission? Anyone have an solution?
  • I am a 44 yr old nurse. As a female I feel the dealer is trying to get one over on me.
    I bought a 2005 Nissan 350z on 6/9/2009. On 7/10/2009 the clutch went. I have driven a stick since I was 16. The dealer is saying the car was driven "hard", "excesive tire wear" . This is is BS, I don't even know how to do a "burn out". Dealer states ,not under warrenty and wants 1450 to repair, clutch,bearing,fly wheel. People have told me a "blown" clutch has different signs vs. a worn out clutch. I need to fight these guys. I hadn't even made my first payment on the car and had to have it towed to dealer.
  • jtattjtatt Posts: 1
    I'm so glad to find out that I'm not the only one with clutch issues! Although its not going to cover all the money I've wasted....I have an 04 350z Roadster. Bought 2 years ago. 2 weeks after I purchases used with 35K, the clutch went! The dealer refused to pay and I filed suit but it didn't go through b/c it wasn't worth it based on New York laws ( I live in CT). I don't even drive the car year round since I live in CT and just today was told that my clutch is going AGAIN! WTF. I know how to drive standard and do not downshift. I don't know what to do. The warrantee on the first clutch I replaced has expired. I need to make a decision of whether to shell out another $3k or get rid of the car. I'm sooo upset- I LOVE the car but I can't keep affording new clutches every 30K.....Does anyone have any advise?!
  • aglodoaglodo Posts: 1
    Hi I have a 08 350z manual base model and about two months ago i tried to do some peel outs and my clutch did the same thing and got stuck to the floor i had to wait till the rpms dropped till i could get it back into gear and go. What did the dealership say about your clutch.
  • "you need a new clutch" at my expense
  • I can't find a dipstick to check my ATF level. It now appears to be possibly electronic? Someone please help.
  • I purchased my dream car of 20 years in oct '09 (first nissan was a '87 200 sx se) a black six speed convertible Z. I paid cash for a model with 34k miles on it. It is a great car to drive not so much to own. I didn't try the cd player on the test drive wont play when the car is cold I can play my ipod through to tape deck cd player not so much of a problem. I am a aggressive driver the clutch felt funny when I purchased, It went about three weeks after that cost me about 900 to replace I took responsibility since I am a aggressive driver and I had read reviews on this site noting others with clutch problems. Still smelled the new clutch a friend suggested starting in 2nd gear when possible that did help. I basically had to learn to drive a stick all over again. Btw I live in the western PA. Hills and cold. Car is sexy though. Jury is still out as to how I feel about owning it, will write another post after summer.
  • car_lovecar_love Posts: 27
    edited April 2010
    I just bought a 2005 350z Touring Manual 6 with 34k miles on it and the clutch has lost pressure to half way twice, both in low RPM in 1st or 2nd gear in parking lot situations. I park the car and when I start it back up in a bit, it's fine again. Only happened a couple times in the past 2 weeks, I'm summing it up to having the car in too low of RPM revs for 2nd gear.

    This has never happened with any Honda (it would just stall if it happened) I have owned but do notice it with the 2005 350z that has a ton of torque and sounds like a lot of people experience something like this once in a while in this car. So far happy with the car, no major problems. I know how to drive a stick, don't down shift or race the car around like I was 20 years old again but it is sure scared me that the master cylinder or slave cylinder might be going out already or the hoses are stretching badly.
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    Have you had a mechanic that you trust look at it?

    Hoses and such should be checked about now, if you haven't had that done.

    Let's face it, a lot of the Zs with manual transmissions were bought by racer wanna-be types and they may have abused the clutch. You know how you drive; you don't know how someone else drove it before you.
  • car_lovecar_love Posts: 27
    I will definitely have it checked out. Thanks
  • briin79briin79 Posts: 1
    If you open the hood on the top right next to the window open up that cover. That is where the transmission fluid goes in. You can look to see if its low there. No dipstick for the car though.

    My clutch just went out after 52k miles. Dealer said same thing its a Wear item. Ive heard in many forums about this issue in cars with minimal miles. The dealer will tell you that nissan requires a new flywheel to be installed. Do not listen to them. They are just squeezing more money out of you. If you see many blue spots then yes you should buy another flywheel. But buy an aftermarket one at a cheaper price. I found someone to do the install for 150$ flywheel and clutch. I bought a used clutch for 100 lightweight performance flywheel for 150. Its recommended to also purchase the Clutch release bearings the same time to avoid any malfunction in the future.

    The person doing the install is a Nissan tech. Came str8 from his mouth. Yes i know people shouldnt buy used but if you know what to look for it ok. Cant always afford new ya know!
  • I recently purchased a 2005 350Z Touring Roadster with 30,500 miles. Runs great, but on shifting, especially from 1st to 2nd, I hear a clattering noise. From reading the previous posts, this seems to be common. Is it the sign of a more serious problem such as the clutch getting ready to go? I am assuming the car was probably driven hard by the previous owner. I am not an aggressive driver at all.
  • babloo80babloo80 Posts: 1

    Do you have issues with downshift or upshift or both with 2nd gear? If you have downshift / upshift issue with 2nd gear only, it might be related to synchro. You might want to get this sorted out before the 5 yr factory warranty expires!
  • car_lovecar_love Posts: 27
    So, after a month and a half of dealing and trying to trouble shoot this odd clutch issue, I took my 2005 350z Touring model into the dealership today after getting the clutch to stick halfway down. It's been like this for a month... after about 15-20 minutes of driving, the clutch engagement drops halfway to the floor, engagement point changes and the gears crunch as I shift up and down. The mechanic reproduced the issue and said it's probably the clutch master cylinder and that there is probably a leak someplace, hopefully repaired on Friday. Sadly, the clutch seems to burned a bit and wore down due to the weirdness in engagement.

    Positive: I have the Security Plus extended warranty for 1 year (dang it's only 1 year).
    Negative: the clutch burned a bit due to the odd clutch master cylinder issue... wonder if Nissan would cover a clutch replacement too? or pay partially for one? I may just ask.
  • car_lovecar_love Posts: 27
    I get a rattle when my clutch goes out of whack... sometimes this can be due to not pushing the clutch far enough to reach the engagement/disengagement point... you might try making sure you're getting the clutch down far enough during shifts 1st and 2nd are the most finicky...

    If you hear crunches through out more gear and the making sure that you push the clutch down far enough during gear changes doesn't work, you may want it checked out.
  • car_lovecar_love Posts: 27
    Thanks, yeah I checked that it's above low and below high, the mechanic said it was low... OK...

    I took it into the dealership today and was able to reproduce the problem... he thinks it's a faulty or leaking master cylinder. Will hopefully have the problem with the hydraulic pressure loss on Friday... unfortunately, it burned the clutch a bit while it was not fully pressurized and I've lost some clutch and trying to see if Nissan will help out on it. I asked for a quote from the dealer for a full clutch package replacement... they quoted around $800. Not sure I trust a non-Nissan mechanic with my clutch... I had an independent garage do my Acura GSR and they messed up the whole car by forgetting to connect the ground on the transmission housing back to the frame of the car... blew electrical stuff all over the place. I'll still look around for better pricing. Thanks for the tips.
  • yomiyomi Posts: 2
    Screw Nissan..Same thing is happening to me. I took mine in 3weeks after buying it brand new and they told me it was ok. The clutch was soft and smelt of burnt rubber. Is anyone suing?
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