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Chevrolet Malibu Brakes



  • I also have an 2004 Malibu with the same issues. The rear brakes were shot at 37,000 miles. Fronts still have more than 1/2 the life left in them. I did however find the RR parking brake cable had never been hooked up from the factory. Not sure if this contributed to it or not. Had to replace both rear rotors and pads at my costs.
  • '04 V6 brakes recently acted up - pedal going south - reservoir had some gel in it and smelled like dexcool? - did someone doing the intake gasket and water pump goof up and put some in the brake reservoir by mistake. Dealer replaced the reservoir and said the rear pads were gone. Need an old timer's vehicle that fits in the garage and is easy to step up into and not hit one's head. Seriously considered a regular cab f-150 and reduce the length of the workbench. Why can't gm fix the design and build and give colorado/canyon and the half-tons a rear disc whose e-brake shoes work and grab only when needed.
  • Have an 05 Malibu.

    Driving to work today, just got off the highway, slowing on the ramp, when my car wouldn't stop. I had the brake pedal pressed all the way down, and the car kept inching forward. I wasn't sliding on ice...I just kept inching.

    There was a car in front of me, so, not wanting to rear end him, I pushed into Park. Not sure how wise that was. It did stop the car with centimetres to spare! As soon as I shifted into park, though, it made a nasty growling sound and the parking brake light came on.

    When traffic started moving, I shifted out of park, noise went away, parking brake light went off and braking was normal.

    Drove back home trepidatiously, but had no problem at all.

    I suppose I have to go back to the dealer (was there just last week to deal with my remote start issue).

    Should I be concerned? Any ideas? Just a one-off glitch? My fear is that it's working properly and they won't diagnose anything.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Sounds like an ABS problem. I would take it in and have the dealer check it out and have the incident on file.
  • the ABS sensor is part of the bearing assembly on this car. I have tried many different brands and they only last 1 year or so, before the ABS light comes on. Do you guys know what to do???
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Try dealer.
  • too expensive!!!!!!!!!!
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    True, but how much for 2 or 3 after market. There are just some things you have to go dealer for.
  • What would make the red brake(!) light stay on ?? I replaced the front calipers, hoses, pads and rotors.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    I would say you have air in the system. With ABS brakes you need to be careful not to let all the fluid drain out during repairs.
    If you do you will need a ABS capable scanner to activate the ABS valves to bleed.
  • The light was on before doing the work. I bled the calipers as per the sequence in my repair manual.
  • 2005 chevrolet malibu, rear disc brake calipers. How do i retract the calipers to install new pads ?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Here is a pix of the tool to retract. I have not done mine yet, it looks like you need to put pressure on the piston to retract. When I do it, I will make a tool. Some part stores loan or rent tools. g
  • gcorreagcorrea Posts: 4
    how do change the rear brake shoes on a 2005 chevy malibu 2.2? i mean i know how just need to know how to reuse the part the is riveted onto the oem brake shoe. if i remove the rivet how do i reattach it to the new brake shoe? is there a new part i need buy to replace it? its the part that holds the parking brake cable on to the brake shoe and holds the adjuster actuator. ive never seen this part riveted in place on other vehicles.
  • Good morning!

    I've been having a little problem with my brake pedal that I can't quite understand yet. Sometimes when I turn my car on, I'll hear a grinding noise from the brake pedal. Other times, I may need to push the brake all the way in with force in order to shift out of park.

    The other day, a man stopped me and asked if my emergency brake was in. I told him no, and he proceeded to tell me that I had travelled through about 6 redlights and my brake light never went out while he was behind me. If I gave my pedal another forceable push, things would go back to normal for a few seconds; then my brake light would come on by itself again.

    Someone at a dealership told me months ago he thought my Brake Sensor Module (the $20 part that goes under the dash) was going bad. I just now had it replaced.

    I got through a day, then the light came on by itself again. Curiousity caught me, so I parked the car and used my pedal adjustment button to move the pedals back and forth a little bit. Then, boom! It's been fine since.

    Why do I have to move the pedals again every once in awhile? Is something going bad? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  • Oh, btw... 2005 Malibu LS (V6)
  • Any luck getting them to retract? Having the same problem!
  • shadow5599shadow5599 Posts: 101
    I havent worked on the brakes but I do believe the pistons in the calipers not only move in and out but they also twist. That means in order to retract them to replace the pads you need a tool that twists them at the same time it squeezes them. I've noticed a few tools around that do just that.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Has anyone replaced their front rotors on a 05 malibu, 60000km/35641 miles
    I'm looking at after market rotors from Brembo they are crossdrilled with slots for better cooling. Mine has warped after a road trip to Seattle driving through the Steven's pass ,very steep grade and lots of hot braking which showed the poor quality of the rotors. Just looking for superior braking without warping rotors.
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