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Acura TL Audio



  • 6-CD changer for Acura TL 2002 was skipping and is now jammed. What are my options to get CD player working? Recently bought the standard model car with with 95 K miles and standard audio. Car is in top condition.
  • 6-CD changer for Acura TL 2002 was skipping and is now jammed. What are my options to get CD player working? Recently bought this standard TL model with with 95 K miles and standard audio system. Otherwise car is in excellent condition.
  • oreo9oreo9 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 TL, manual transmission with navigation. I was driving with my navigation system a few weeks ago and noticed that when the navigation was giving the voice command back that the sound was fuzzy. I could understand the command, but it almost sounds like the speaker is blown. A few days later the navigation was back to normal and perfectly fine. Then 2 weeks ago the problem started again. I initially thought it was a wiring problem and not a speaker problem. I took the car to Acura and they said it was a bad center speaker and also I needed to change my handsfree switch. That was a first because I have always used the handsfree switch and still continue to use it and the car responds fine. Acura charged me $60 for the diagnostic test and then said it would cost $875 to change the center speaker and handsfree switch. I thought this was outrageous. My navigation system continues to give back fuzzy commands ever since I took it into Acura.

    A couple of days ago I took my TL to an audio specialist who installs systems. When I told him my issue, he was puzzled because he said rarely does the speaker blow in the TL. He popped the center speaker out and tested it in his shop and said the speaker was perfect and nothing was wrong with it. He does not believe it is a wiring problem either. He thinks that it could be the navigation output jack on the amp in the passenger side front kick panel. He said if that wasn't the issue then I would need to change individual parts one by one until I found the problem. He said if I could find a used amp from a junk yard, he could install it to see if that was the issue. I also asked the audio specialist if the hot temperatures we have been experiencing could be the problem. He said it could very well be, but he would not be 100% sure if that was the issue. He said the only other way to know for sure would be to take it back to Acura and let them fix the issue as he wouldn't be able to know 100% for sure what the issue was. I was also wondering if it was my phone's bluetooth interfering with the navigation. I am reluctant to take it back to Acura because of the price of the fix and the fact that they wrongly diagnosed my issue. I feel I would be taken for a ride.

    So my question is if anyone has had this problem with their TL navigation system or if anyone knows what the issue is?
  • If you haven't already figured this out xm can be changed to sirius for both acura and honda, just google the phrase acura 08 xm to sirius
  • Hi Dominic, Did you ever get a useful response to the CD jamming problem? I have the same thing, and would like to avoid an expensive trip to the dealer. What did you end up doing? -Don.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 391
    My 08 TL came with a DVD audio demo disk. Sounds great. I can't find DVD's that are compatible however. I tried a music DVD video of a Pearl Jam concert but it was incompatible. Any suggestions for what format will work?
  • The only format that will work is a DVD AUDIO disc.It will have a little insignia saying such that looks just like the DVD Video insignia. I think 5.1 DTS works also but not as good. You're right the sound is amazing. Because all the box stores and the sheep following/downloading public have help put the other small and even chain stores out of business, you're limited to on-line purchases now. I've had DVD Audio since my first 04TL. I even have a dvd player in the house that plays DVD audio discs. It's never going to be that popular for mass consumers but if you like super audio, it nice to have a collection of music that you can enjoy for its high quality. The Beatles "Love" Cd that came out last year is sold in a special deluxe edtion that has a DVD Audio disc. Unbelievable. If they ever release their catalog on DVD Audio, it would spark an interest and who knows, it might convince more artists to do the same. Steely Dan is another one to pick up.
  • Yeah, I really enjoyed the demo DVD that came with my '05 TL. I tried to find more at the music store but no luck. :(
  • My 06 (new to me) has original stereo/speakers etc. and every day I get a buzzing or popping sound from the drivers side dash board speaker. It lasts only about 10 seconds and is intermitent. I can only hear it when the volume is below 3. I have no clue if it's a speaker or amplifier. Of course it never happens when it's at the dealership. Anyone else out there having a similar issue? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 391
    Thanks for that feedback. I"ll search the DVD sites for the Audio DVD. I guess you're saying a store like Best Buy won't have them
  • They used to have a small section for DVD audio, DTS and various other 5.1 formats, but no more. Tower records had the best selection. Don't be afraid to try some music that you normally might not listen to. The 5.1 sound is so enjoyable, you're just gonna want more. the stuff by Steely Dan might be the best out there. They recorded/wrote most of the songs with 5.1 in mind and it sounds like it.
  • I purchased a 2005 TL in Nov 04, the dvd audio demo disc was amazing, unfortunately I had to sell it and gave the disc with it. I just purchased another 05 TL, However, the Demo disc is different than the one I had before. Do you know how I could get the other demo dvd audio disc ?
  • In Re: Beatles Love in dvd audio does this come as a 2 disc set ? one in stereo and the other in dvd audio? Can you get this at Best Buy ? Where can I find it? thanks
  • I just ordered the 2 disc special edition. Sounds like what I'm looking for. What others can you recommend ?
  • 3 other great DVD-audio discs are:
    Steely Dan "two against nature" - sonically the best
    Eagles "Hotel California"
    Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"
  • jzuccojzucco Posts: 5
    I have an '05 TL and the NAV failed. Sent it out for repair and it is not serviceable, they state H2O damage which most likely from condensation since it is in the trunk. The issue is that since the NAV doesn't work it takes out all dash systems. DVD/CD does not work. Radio works but no station is listed and there is no clock function. The only solution from Acura is to buy a new $3K NAV system.

    Are there any after market solutions? Is it possible to run the DVD/CD without the NAV? This seems like a major design flaw......
  • Would this problem be covered under mfgs warranty ? 5 yr 50,000 miles ?
  • Just wondering if you had a chance to listen to the Beatles DVD? What did you think?
  • jzuccojzucco Posts: 5
    I would say yes BUT I have over 80k miles......
  • Hey I have the same issue with my '08 Acura Type S. I was about to start analysis on the wiring going to the factory amp but I wanted insurance of the exact source of the signal which changes depending on enginge RPM. And yes it only occurs when the doors are closed. So, I thought that perhaps this noise reduction circuitry was rooted through one of the internal microphones located above the center console next to the moon roof. covering these microphones did nothing. So while at th local Vandergriff dealer in Arlington I inquired of this issue to a service tech who claims to have installed aftermaret amplifiers into cars for a living and he says that these vehicles are not equiped with a noise cancellation system that could induce such a signal. I'm back to square one. I require the interception of this signal to obtain good cabin sound and amplified audio
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