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Hyundai Azera Lighting



  • tedztedz Posts: 2
    Has anyone gotten back to you on this ??? I am trying to get the same information... Thanks
  • I am not sure if I follow you but I believe you only need to know your bulb type which is H7. Anyone correct me if I am wrong.
  • cableguy06,

    Definetely go for the 4300k for brightness. 6000k will give u blue tint and less brightness guarantee. If I were you, I'd contact the seller and offer him a reasonable lower price. Email me @ if you want more details. Don't want to post prices in forums.
  • Just shot you an e-mail. Looking forward to our conversation!
  • What size spare do you have in your 2007 Azera? The 2006, all had full size spares. My 2007 has a space saver spare. :( If you have a 2007 check yous spare tire size and let us know here.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    All 2007's come with compact spare.
    All 2006's came with full size spare mounted on same wheel as is on 4 other wheels
  • Hi guys,

    Recently I had installed HIDs on my Azera SE: refer to post # 23.

    There's something I don't like about the headlights. They seem to be misaligned? When I stand and crouch in front of the center of the car looking at the headlights, the driver side headlight outputs a brighter light as shown in the pic below:


    At first, I thought there was something wrong with my HIDs so I switched the bulbs around (from left to right and vice versa) but this didn't make any difference (driver headlight still brighter).

    I then changed to original OEM bulbs (completely removed HID) and still same results (driver bulb brighter). Also, while driving, I noticed the lighting output was broader on the co-pilot side as shown in the pics below (All pics below were taken with OEM bulbs installed, not HID):

    Pic of headlight output when close to a wall (can't see much wrong):

    Pic of headlight farther away:

    Pic showing weird broader output to the right side:


    As you can see, the light expands towards the right and then up. This also happened when I had HIDs installed.

    Could some of you please take a detailed look at your headlights and let me know if you are also experiencing this? Stand and crouch in front and center of the car with your low beams on, do you notice if your driver bulb is brighter? Also, do your headlights output similar pattern than mine? I plan to take it to the dealer to see if they can fix this but before I'd like to hear from you. I'll greatly appreciate any help on this. Sorry for making this so long. (Sergio19, if you are reading this, could you please take a pic of the ouput of your HID against a wall at a far distance and at night?)

    Thanks for your time.
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    I believe this is done to prevent glare into the eyes of approaching drivers. Not that this really matters to those installing HIDs.
  • jlindh, does your Azera have the same headlight output pattern?
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    I don't own an Azera, I'm only considering one. My Ford Explorer has a similar pattern. The shift to the right is most evident on low beam when the lights are directed away from the approaching driver. Are your pictures high or low beam?
  • Low beam... Is this normal then? Any Azera owner that could confirm this?
  • I have a 2007 Sonata and experience the same pattern, I looked in the manual and I am planning to adjust the passenger side headlight low beam to come up to the spec as outlined in the book.
  • In older foreign built car I've owned (Saab and VW) I replaced the stock sealed beam headlights with either Cibie' or Hella replacement headlamps. These were not "legal" for street use as the laws at that time were that the unit had to be a sealed unit, not open for bulb replacement. WE've come a way from then..

    Anyway, the lenses on these replacement lamps always had a cutoff with a flare upward on the right hand side of the lens. I was told by the Cibie' rep this was to not blind an oncoming driver (as mentioned by others) and to channel more light to the side where there could be cars parked or in highway driving, animals or other potential contact points.

    From the look of your pattern in the pics, this style up and to the right persists.

    Has anyone determine how to adjust the Azera headlamp units up/down or side/side? I have not found any adjustment screws that I think would accomplish this... Suggestions or pictures appreciated.
  • Check in your owners manual. In my 2007 Sonata manual, there are detailed instructions in the back of the book on how to remove the headlight assembly, replace the bulb and adjust the lighting up and down. They STRONGLY advise not to attempt to make any horizontal adjustments. I would think that the adjustments will be easy and the same as my Sonata. I looked at my wife's Honda Odyssey and the adjusting screw was identical to my Hyundai.

    I hope this helps!
  • If you look at the back of headlamp unit, you can easily find each screws next to headlamp. Use screwdriver, and adjust low beam headlight heigt.(Don't raise too high for the oncoming drivers...)
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE 48
    I would think that headlight adjustment should be covered by warranty.
  • grandeurtg, are you refering to the bolt that's placed in the back of the headlight between the low and hight beam? The one that seems to have some teeth? I ask because that's the one I tweak around with to adjust up and down. Anyhow, thank you wamba2000 for confirming this. i'll put the HIDs back :)
  • The bolt with the "teeth" is the vertical alignment for the headlamp.
  • Just finished installing an HID kit in my 2007 Sonata. WOW! If you haven't done this modification, you need to check it out.

    I went with the 4300K bulbs for the whitest and brightest light to achieve the most distance I could. It took about 1.5 hours to install and is well worth the investment of under $200.

    I would highly recomment to all of you Azera owners as the difference in night time driving will amaze you :surprise:
  • I have an 06 Limited purchased in Jun of 06. I replaced the standard bulbs with PIAA H7 bulbs, but want to raise the height of the drivers side, it shines much too low. I looked at the instructions for aiming headlamps on in the shop manual, and that is where I'm stumped.

    For the '06 Azera, it shows an adjustment screw for horizontal; there is no such screw or place for me to position the screwdriver as shown in the diagram. I looked at the '07 instructions and the horizontal adjustment is not shown, only the vertical. (It looks more like what my car does.)

    Is it possible there was a running change during the '06 year?

    Has anyone else uncovered a solution? Your advice is much appreciated.
  • jnd17jnd17 Posts: 62
    I agree. I was traveling last night with my wife and we both noticed the lights being brighter on the passenger side as apposed to the driver side, with a very noticeable shadow ending strongly on the driver side. I personally don't mind this, for it seems to light the right side of the vehicle especially near the side of the road, which helps in seeing any pedestrians or objects. The less light on the drivers side helps not hitting the oncoming cars with a strong glare. I like it. JoeD
  • OK,

    Here's how to adjust you headlights Height.
    I show this cause it's been frustrating as hell how low the lights were pointing. I finally found how and it's so easy!

    First you'll need a phillips screwdriver...period.

    This 1st picture is where you need to put the screwdriver. this picutre is on the passenger side.
    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    Next pixture is a closeup of the previous picture.
    You just need to turn CCW or CW direction.
    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    This picture is on the drivers side. My picture
    is cluttered because that's my ballast for the HID lights.
    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    Please don't point to high to blind oncoming cars...enjoy!
  • sergio19, Thanks for the photos :) :) .

    We need a thread, that we and future forum participants can access, that just covers tutorials and photos on things like this. I've seen it on an Elantra board and have found it VERY useful.
  • sergio19 -

    Many, many thanks on the photos and instructions on how to adjust the headlight height. I'm not sure I would have figured out that all I had to do was slide a philips head screwdriver down the little funnel and turn. After reading your post, I went to the garage and the adjustment took me all of about 1 minute. This headlight shadow has been driving me nuts for months.
    Again, thanks a million.
  • Sergio, thank you! The HMA service diagram is no where close to your pictures, at least to my eyes. The Service diagram does have the suggested heights and shows where you should see the cutoff mark. Height from ground without the driver aboard should be 27.5 inches. This is taken on a flat surface from about 9.5 feet. There also adjustments for the fog lights shown on this page.
  • Hey thanks guys,

    I'm just glad I could help some of you. For me it's been very frustrating the cut-off. Well...not anymore.

  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    In reply to both of you, the H7 bulb is correct. From past experience, the PIAA bulbs are crap and generally last less than one year from installation. Sylvania "SilverStar" is a gimmick, too - frankly. The best bet if you don't go to HID is to use either the "GE" NightHawk (my choice) which is really Tungsram made in Europe (wholly owned subsidiary of GE) or use the Narva RangePower+50 which Daniel Stern sells. I have those in my fog lamps.
  • In the past, I have swapped out factory halogens for Silverstar's and, although the bulb was whiter, it gave no real benefit for distance as they are both still 55W bulbs.

    I just changed out to HIDs last weekend and the difference is night and day. You can buy a great HID kit off of eBay for well under $200. I recently found a Bosch German made kit for $140 plus shipping and I am looking at that one for my wifes Honda Odyssey.

    I can't understand paying $50+ for two halogen bulbs that will have no real impact on visibility but may be slightly better and whiter (or bluer if you are trying to mimmick an HID headlamp) than the factory bulbs. I noticed when I pulled out my H7 bulbs they are made by Phillips so Hyundai is by no means installing a cheap or crappy bulb to begin with.

    To each their own but I find upgrading to another halogen is a waste of your money as I have personally found in the past. Maybe the GE is better but I cannot imagine it is that much better than the Sylvania as life expectancy would be the only real benefit to spending a little more when dealing with a halogen filament-style bulb.

    If I am incorrect in any of my above assumptions, I am always open to learning something new :)
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    Sorry - you completely missed my point: yes, those "$50+" SilverStar bulbs are junk, covered with a coating that makes them actually emit less light, and they have a claimed service life of 150 hours. The GE (actually Tungsram) lamps are about $20 a pair at Wally World and don't have such a coating, have much better lumens and lumens - not wattage - is what counts when you're talking about light on the road. NightHawk lamps have a claimed 1200 hour service life.

    PIAA bulbs (which are usually $70+/pair - up to $100) are even worse, have a blue coating to make them "look HID" but again have less useful light projected onto the roadway. PIAA bulbs don't have a claimed service life that I know of, but personal experience has shown me that I should expect them to last somewhere between 250 and 400 hours.

    Maybe you should go read a little of the facts about lighting on Daniel Stern's web-site?
  • ratledge - I totally get your point but think you may be missing mine. I fully understand that lumens and not wattage is what counts. My point is that even the GE bulbs you are speaking of won't make much of a difference above the factory halogens. A 55W halogen is a 55W halogen no matter how you slice it. It may provide a minor increase over the factory Phillip's bulbs but, as an electrical engineer, I can't imagine it will be anything significant.

    The only thing that any of our members can do to really see any effect to light output is to go HID. HIDs burn cooler, have 3X the lumens of a halogen bulb and last for 3000+ hours.

    My opinion, and it's only that, is that unless you can afford to spend $150 - $200 on an HID kit, save your money on those replacement halogens. If you can afford an Azera, you can probably afford an HID kit and don't need to skimp on the lumens and the beauty is that it's a do-it-yourself installation in less than an hour :shades:
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