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Chrysler 300M: Audio



  • Hi I just purchased a 2003 300M Special and one of the rear speakers is blown I believe. In reading the posts re: 1999 300M replacement, does anyone know if it would be the same way on my car? :confuse:
  • On the back of the fuse box under the hood it tells you which fuse is for what. If you want to get lucky call my sister.
  • I just installed a pair of 6 1/2 JBL front speakers...they are 2ohm as needed for proper sound/amp function....what an improvement!
    They are available at for $120 but I bought them directly from they EBAY JBL Factory Store...paid $37 with shipping...what a deal!
    The bass is better and the clarity if more evident than the stock Infinity set, but keep your expectations realistic as the limitations of the Infinity AMP prevent anything too great.
  • My 2002 300M radio has an intermittant problem that effects the radio, cd player and cassette. It started in the summer when the car was parked outside in the heat/sun - I get no sound from any device. If I parked underground or when the weather is cool, all 3 worked fine. Now I am getting more systems. Sometimes it works fine but also sometimes I get sound, but it is only at top volume. If I try to adjust down the sound goes from Loud to no sound. This happens whether I use the radio knob or the steering whell controls. And I am still getting times when no sound comes out at all. I checked at Al & Ed's car stereo and they tell me my radio needs replacing - has anyone had a similar problem? Could it be a bad fuse? Any idea's would be helpful. Thanks
  • I need a replacement. The original comes with a cassette player. I want a separate, 5 disc CD play, which I believe is still operational. I also want the steering whell controls to continue working. I believe the stereo brand is Infinity.

    Thanx in advance.

  • Hello, im looking at snipping the wire for the front center dash speaker on my 2000 300m. I will be snipping it at the amp in the trunk. Its a Infinity II. Can someone tell me the colour of them.

    Alex R.
  • mh16mh16 Posts: 1
    ok so i have this 300M 2000 and i bought a sub and an amplifier.... i need help to kno how to connect all of that.... i think u have to buy an amplifier adaptor or something like that but im not too sure so i dont want to pay for something for no reason.... HELLP ME PLZ I WANT THAT SUB LOL thanks a lot
  • fckohnfckohn Posts: 1
    Can you provide the part number for these JBL speakers?
  • I have a 2001 300m and I am going to attempt to install a 4 channel amp myself. I wanted to know how I can get the power cord from the inside of the car to the battery.
  • I can't find the wire for the front center dash speaker on my 1999 300M. It's an Infinity ll. Where do I start and what do I cut? Can anyone help me with this? :confuse:
  • I have a 2001 300M. None of the steering wheel controls work. AM, FM, and tape work but cd changer won't play at all-not even if I select it from the stereo console. I can load and eject cd's manually but they don't play. I have removed both the radio and changer components, jiggled cables, etc. but no luck.
  • the cd changer in my car was not working, the previous owner put in a stereo without a plug for the changer, i got a new one and it did not have the wires with it, now i need to know how to install the new one without the wire harness that goes with it because the old ones do not math up. please help!
  • Good afternoon. I own a 2001 Chrysler 300M all stock, with the Infinity 360 watt stereo system. I am looking to upgrade my stereo system, but need information on the exact wiring of the speakers, how the amplifier is connected to the speakers and to the stereo. I also would like to know what is the wattage of each speaker in the car. I contacted Infinity and my local dealer, and neither of the two knows these answers. Please help me.

    Thank you.
  • I am trying to install an aftermarket stereo onto my 06 Chrysler 300m. I have power going to the stereo but for some reason I don't have sound coming out of it??? can someone help me plz. I have wired everything right I just don't know why I don't any sound
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