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Chevrolet Cobalt: Reviews (Car & Driver, Edmunds, etc.)



  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Anyone can criticize CR as much as they want, but what I find most interesting is when they ask, "Would you buy that car again?" Japanese models (Honda and Toyota) generally score 80% "Yes". The least satisfied customers are those that buy from the Big 3 (Ford, GM, and Chrysler). Simply put, the Big 3 do not satisfy a significant percentage of their customers with their products. And this is why they are losing market share. Repeat customers buy from Honda or Toyota.
  • thats not entirely accurate.

    The big3 have the largest amount of repeat buyers.
    This was done in survery after survey.

    Click here to see what I mean
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    If I am not mistaken I believe Chevrolet has the highest retention of all makes with Toyota a close second.

    The domestics lose market share not necessarily because of product offerings or quality, but the perception of quality and aggressive marketing. Currently quality is at an all time high based on warranty claims and the domestics keep improving on that. On the other hand Toyota's quality has seemed to peak because their quality has went down the last two years, interesting.
  • ron_mron_m Posts: 188
    thats not entirely accurate.

    The big3 have the largest amount of repeat buyers.
    This was done in survery after survey.

    Ford and GM definitely have a lot of repeat buyers. No doubt about it. However, their overall market share has eroded over the years and will continue to for quite some time to come. There are myriad reasons for this problem. Some of the ones that immediately come to mind are:

    -The ever-increasing number of imports that have become available to American consumers over the years. Some of these imports have been very, very good, but not all of them have been so great.

    -Domestic vehicles' quality problems; a combination of real ones and perceived ones. And yes, the Asian and German cars have had their fair share of problems too.

    -Union labor costs; including legacy pension and health care expenses.

    I don't think that there are as many young people today that desire to own a Ford or Chevy just because dad or grandpa drove nothing but Fords or Chevys since they first obtained their driver's licenses.

    Back to the Cobalt. I saw a Victory Red-colored Cobalt SS sedan last week with a set of polished aluminum wheels and Pirelli tires and it looked really, really sharp to me. That little car really stood out in the parking lot of the restaurant we pulled up to.

    Also, my nephew bought himself a new Cobalt LT coupe last week. I like most everything about his car except two things that I noticed. The headliner looks pretty ragged at the end adjacent to the top of the rear window. Almost looks like it was just ripped to fit instead of being cut to fit. And the passenger side door armrest looks horrible at the handle recess area. It looks like black paint overspray or plastic flash near the top edges of the recess. Very bad craftsmanship there. But other than these two issues, I really do like his new car. The rest of the fit/finish was pretty darn good for a vehicle in this price range. When the doors are shut, they sound like a car that cost twice as much as the average Cobalt does.

    Ron M.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Yes, there are some unfare advantages that are given to foreign auto makers who build in this country including: tax breaks; mostly non-existant unions; focus on hiring part-time employees to lower the benefit payout among others.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,760
    "I have read enough auto evaluations in CR to know that they don't have a clue. I find their testers unprofessional in evaluations with very novice type comments."

    Yet you keep reading them. Is it possible that you have a "perception" of bias but haven't actually read them that much? If I had a resource that I thought was so poor, I wouldn't keep going back to it.

    Speaking of perception, where would everyone get the perception of low quality if the products were indeed of fantastic quality????
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I don't keep reading them. I probably pick up a CR in Jewel or Dominick's once a year.

    The domestics, namely General Motors have had excellent cars for years as shown by consumer tests, rankings, and awards, total sales, etc., but that doesn't always put people in the show rooms to buy cars because GM hasn't had a real good marketing plan in years. Also consumers tend to find the foreign cars status symbols for what ever reason and these types of consumers tend to be out of touch with anything but their favorite Japanese brand.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,760
    So CR has probably had plenty of reviews that you haven't read. You've based your perception of bias on the one that you do read each year.

    My perception of GM isn't very good but it's not based on status or advertising. I'm the only import buyer in a family of domestic loyalists. My Mom's Impala has a tranny leak and the lettering worn off of the radio at 40k. My Dad's Century has an ABS light that comes and goes. At 15k, they were overjoyed to tell him that it needed a $600 repair and of course "legally we shouldn't let you take it out of here like that". When my Dad expressed concern that it needed such a costly repair so soon, I told him that when I started buying imports, I dtopped dealing with dumb stuff like that.
  • Thats really a sad state of affairs, in the long run it will cost many of our our jobs. I do not work for the auto industry, and i doubt you do either, but you know just what i mean.

    Part of it is the doestics fault, but you know there have been plently of domsetic cars that you buy and they don't give you a single problem... As evidenced by the reduced warrentee claims from domestics and GM and Fords new Warranty coverage plans.

    Our automakers need to relief to get themselves back on track, but they seem to be doing pretty good so far, depending on who you ask ;)
  • I own a Cobalt SS Supercharged Victory Red I ordered this car,it has the stock wheels on it except I got the polished Aluminum,instead of the painted ones,and yes this car is SHARPE,I have no problem finding it when I come out of the store it really stands out in a crowed.The two things you found wrong with your nephews mine does not have.Now dont get me wrong the car is not perfect but in my opinon it is close.I love this car and it is a lot of fun.
  • Well I dont own a sedan,I own a SS Supercharged 2 door coupe.I really Love my car it is alot of fun to drive and alot of people tell me how sharp it is. If it matters it is a 2007.I have to say the last car I owned that I Loved as much as this Cobalt would be a 1970 Olds Cutlass. When my wife and I get ready to go somewhere it does not matter where I always want to take the Cobalt and leave her Chevy 4x4 at home,unless it is snowing,When it is snowing the Cobalt stays at home,Even though I put better tires on the front it still does not want to go or stop in the snow,this would be the only thing that I dont like about it. spent 300 bucks for these tires and it was a waste of money,the dealer found these tires and I made alot of calls but the tires I put on it were the only ones we could find. Next year the Cobalt will stay in the garage and I will buy a beater.
  • I cant find the post someone was looking for some euro tail lights,Go to JC Whitney,they have some for the cobalt,They have two diff kinds.
  • 'Now, the above observation leads me to a question for all of you Cobalt owners. Are you truly happy with your vehicle thus far? We've heard from several people in this forum that are either somewhat dissatisfied or very dissatisfied, so if you're a lurker and you're very satisfied with your Cobalt, please speak up. I'd like to hear more feedback from Cobalt owners on here.'
    This is a bit later than that initial post, but I'm a lazy lurker :O)
    My 2006 ls coupe is going to be one year old at the end of this month and I have not had one problem at all.
    I know absolutely zilch about cars so I can't really respond too indepth about car stuff, but I think that's why I love it so much! It starts, it drives and it makes me smile when I see it sitting in a crowded parking lot looking all pretty after a car wash :o)
    I am very pleased with all aspects of it & I guess that's my review.
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    whats not to love. the car is a blast to drive it looks good it move very well it's comfortable can't complain about 28 mpg sound system loud enough for us old people and the chics dig it haha
  • Here's another good review of this car.

    Chevy keeps on improving this little car.

    Cobalt SS Review
  • I own a 2007 Cobalt LS coupe. I bought it for $10,300 and it has a 5 year/ 100,000 mile warranty. I would love to see where you can buy a comparable Japanese car for that price with that warranty. I think that many auto publications underestimate this car. I have not had a single problem with it for the 7k miles that I've had it and since I plan on doing regular maintenance I don't think I will have any problems with it. Inside and out it has a quality look and feel. The only thing lacking a quality "feel" are the wheelcovers: they constantly squeak but alloys from an auto store will fix that. It has some nice touches that are found on more expensive cars such as the DIC, auto-headlights, speed sensitive wipers and power steering. It has the most standard horsepower in its class and I get at least 30MPG (I'm a lead foot too). The car also looks great and sporty (especially in the coupe). You want to talk about owner loyalty... I plan on buying another Cobalt (or similar vehicle) when the time comes. Besides maybe a handful of Fords and one or two Chryslers there's nothing that will tear me away from GM.
  • Just purchased a 2008 Cobalt Sport Coupe in Summit White this Saturday. Traded in a 2006 Jeep Liberty that was giving me about 15 mpg. Needed something more efficient so we wound up with the little Chevy in our driveway that afternoon. So far a great little car. I have the 2.4L with the 5-speed manual, and it handles like a champ. Engine could be smoother and quicker to rev, and there could be a little less body lean in corners, but hey this isn't a sports car. Returned 28.8 mpg on first tank of gas! Interior is very quiet, even though my car is equipped with the sunroof. Despite having the sport model, ride comfort is very good and unwanted body motions are well controlled. Front seat comfort is very good from the supportive well bolstered (heated) leather seats. However, the cushions are a little short. Also I wont for a telescoping steering wheel, but overall the control relationship is quite good. The interior design and materials has to be one of my favorite features about the Cobalt. Everything looks and feels like it belongs in a more expensive midsize sedan rather than a small economy car, especially the thick rimmed leather wrapped steering wheel. The back seat is small and it is hard to get to, but this is a coupe after all, and the trunk opening could be a little bigger. Overall this is a great little car, just the right balance of sportiness and comfort, and great fuel economy! Very happy with my new Cobalt! :P
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    They are a very good car for the money. I have driven a couple of them and would be happy with the standard 2.2 L which is pretty quick. Other than just average styling like most cars in the compact class, I could live with this car for many years no problem. For now though I will stick with my old reliable 92 S10 p/u.
  • I bought my 2008 Cobalt sedan off the show room floor last month. Actually went to look at a used 2006 Cobalt but got a brand new one with all the warranties. With GMC discount and dealer loyalty discount, price came to $14,769. I love this car! The first tank of gas lasted 3 weeks averaging 27mpg (all in-city driving). I am very happy with the way it looks and runs. Just one problem with the silver aluminum color - there's a lot of small silver cars now and I actually tried to get into someone else's car in the parking lot! I know the back seat is only good for small kids and packages but it's usually just me and maybe one passenger so no problem there. It runs smooth and quiet. Can't wait for winter to use the remote start. I'll say it again, I love my Cobalt!
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