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Volkswagen Passat Hesitation Issue



  • Does it bog down or does it feel like it is trying to push something heavy uphill? Does it go along fine and then suddenly just act like it "hits the wall?" I wonder what model year the car is? How many miles? How about its' last service? When? Any unwise exhaust system modifications? Or engine mods? -- May be a restricted exhaust system, or low fuel quantity delivery?
  • I have an 06 2.0 T with a similar hesitation that you all describe. Does anyone have a delay shifting from park to reverse and then to drive, it doesn't engage in gear as soon as you shift.Dealer said they all do this
  • wozwoz Posts: 3
    I just saw this message board. You mean to tell me that a fix has been out there for almost a year? I've been complaining to my service dept fora year about the problem.
    Several months ago, the re-flashed my ECU but that did nothing for the hesitation.
    Now that I again have the car in for VW to determine why my bi-xenons dip when cornering, my service manager said VW just came out with a fix for the hesitation. He said you lose the gear indicator when you have the fix done. I hate to lose the gear indicator but if the hesitation goes away, it'll be worth it. Is this the same fix you guys were talking about last October??
  • This is a new fix just being made available. From what I hear it is a very noticeable improvement.
  • I, too, have been victimized by VW's incompetence, intransigence, and dissembling. I asked my dealer about this problem months ago and told that there was nothing wrong and even given an extensive (and incomprehensible) printout of the computer assessment. Then, a couple of weeks ago when bringing in the car for its first service at 5000 miles, I was told that they had just received a TSB and that they would fix the problem. In fact, it has now returned the performance in automatic to what I would consider "normal" - no hesitation at all - and there has been no deleterious effect on the sport or tiptronic modes.
  • my car is at the dealer today to get looked at by an area vw rep for the b-pillar noises. i was told that my '07 passat wagon falls within the vin range of suspect cars and that the rep would assess if vw was going to take care of me or not. it is a large undertaking, peeling back the headliner and breaking down the pillars, filling the pillars with some sort of foam to take care of the gaps they left during manufacturing. we have had the car about 6 months and along with the b-pillar noises, it seems to be a bit of a rattletrap. i am waiting to see what vw says about it before making a move, but are others underwhelmed by the symphony of creaks and squeaks coming from inside of their new vw's?
  • I have a 2003 Passat and I've noticed that it seems a little sluggish lately. At lower speeds when I try to accelerate it seems a bit unresponsive and has to rev quite high before it shifts gears. I don't notice it at higher speeds. It's not a dramatic problem, but when I get in the wife's jetta it's like night and day; it's way more responsive. A different car I know...
    It is due for an oil change, and I'm taking it in on Friday, but I was wondering if that or a dirty oil filter could make that much of a difference, or does it sound like it might be more of a transmission issue? It has 45k miles--could a trans flush be on the horizon, or am I barking up the wrong tree?
    Thanks in advance,
    Steve r.
  • I just read your message. I have an automatic 2004 Passat and it has always had an occassional accelaration hesitation at take off since I first bought it (new). What fix do I need to ask about?
  • After complaining several times, the service manager finally told me that there was a recall and a new chip was put in which has eliminated the problem.
  • I recently had the oil changed on my 04 GLS wagon (Valvoline Syntec). Since then, upon accelerating from a stopped position, there is a very noticeable stutter. Can anyone think of any possible causes? Sloppy oil change; poor fitting of the oil filter; topping off of any fluids incorrectly? I'd like to bring the issue up with the mechanic; however, I'd like to be somewhat educated and offer a few suggestions. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  • i have 2003 passat that hesitatation i dont have any warrantee on it i bought used .i :) :lemon: have 106000 miles tell me what to doooooooooo
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