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Buick LeSabre Audio



  • My tape player has started "dragging the tapes". I'm guessing I need to replace the whole radio system? If I do, I would like to get a deck that has a cd & cassette player. I found one on eBay that came out of a 2002 LeSabre. Does anyone know if this will fit in my 1992? Thank you for any help you can give me.
  • I have a friend who has a 2000 LaSabre who would love to have a factory installed radio with a CD installed. Did you just call a Buick dealer and order one in? This would be an awesome Christmas present for him if so. Then he could just have Best Buy put it in.
  • tabonmp7tabonmp7 Posts: 1
    I want to replace the factory cassette/radio with a cd/radio. Is this possible and which brrands do you suggest. The model year is 1995. Thank you.
  • Has anyone ever removed the carpet over the rear speakers and installed speaker covers or grills. They are muffled by the rear deck. I would think this would be an easy task, but I can't seem to find any grills. My car is the 2005 model.
  • Yes can anyone help I have a factory radio would like to put a factory cd/radio in it and use the factory controls do I have to do anything with the wiring or should it fit with the factory wiring help please thank you
  • I have a 2002 Buick LaSabre. While I get great recption on the FM side of my factory car stereo, I get little to no reception on the AM side. What can I do to resolve this issue?
  • My son and I are on our third day of such a project. He bought new 4-way speakers for our 2002 LeSabre for $40. Evening 1, remove rear "dash" and speakers. Realize that the new giant magnets hit the bars that either pop the trunk or let you escape - I don't know which. Evening 2, decide to go for it anyway. Cut holes in the carpet for the new speakers. Find out that the carpet is backed with wood fiber stiffening material. Very difficult to cut nicely with Buck knife or heavy scissors. The driver's side bar rubs the speaker when opening and closing unless you give it a little pull. Speaker connection plugs on the buick 6X9's, but spades on the speaker. Cut off plugs and solder in a foot of extra wire to make the job easier. Heat shrink and tape the new connections. Temporarily put the speakers in the holes and test.

    The difference is ASTONISHING. We drive around for an hour CRANKING some very well recorded 80's rock. However, the bolts thhat go through the speakers to hold the supplied grills are too short to make it through the carpet. Going to Lowes tonight to buy 1/2" longer bolts to finish the job.

    I don't think cutting holes in the carpet will solve your issue. The stock speakers are lame 2-way speakers. THEY are what's dull. We boughht Performance Teknique ICBM-769's at a discount store for $39.99. They handle 700W annd sound REALLY great with the stock radio/CD. We are putting in a new JVC head (just to get an iPod jack) next, which should supply more power.

    BTW, I am not a car guy, but I do know audio - producer/engineer since the mid-seventies. I know how to solder. This was not fun, other than I did it with my son. But it was worth it big time.
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