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Buick LeSabre Starting/Stalling Problems



  • transporter3transporter3 Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    2003 Buick LaSabrre: After riding in the car for abut 10 min, I hear a hollow "click, click" sound coming from the rear driver side. After the clicking noise the engine RPM drops and the engine will either stall or catch itself and rev back up to normal RPM. The stall or rev drop occurs mostly at stop sign/light. However, at times I can be cruising around 40 mph and the engine will suddenly stall out. I put it in neutral and restart the engine - while fighting with the power steering. The best I can tell is that it is always associated with this clicking sound from the rear driver side (by gas cap). The engine temperature about 1/4 of the way - still climbing
  • eye144eye144 Posts: 3
    My 1994 Lesabre stalled intermittantly and would either restart while coasting immediately or would restart within a minute. It only happened when my foot wawsnt on the gas, so i started driving with a foot on gas temporarily. But due to safety issues, I had a shop trouble shoot.
    (Previously I had changed wires, plugs, fuel filter, and checked fuel pump pressure.) I replaced the EGR Twice. Then they found it was either a bad wire from the EGR or the PCM. Finally, (hopefully no more intermittant stalling) It was the PCM. It cost about 200 for trouble shooting the wires, and about 600 for the PCM Power control module, and a few hundred for initial testing before that. Hope this helps! The data in the forum here helped.
  • eye144eye144 Posts: 3
    Also, as a work around while waiting for shop repair time, to increase RPMs, I would leave the A/c or defrost on. It never stalled under those conditions. I love the new recent commercial for the Lacrosse with everyone running in place in lines everywhere. The Ad says, you dont run in line waiting, why should your car? It shuts off at lights and restarts when pressing gas. And it gets up to 36 MPG. Great! I love the way the Lesabre coasts downhill fater than other cars. It must have much better bearings as well as less air resistance. Great engineering!
  • wabi42wabi42 Posts: 2
    since I have the same problem of stalling after filling up gas tank for lasebre 2003. I like to know if someone gave an answer.
  • eye144eye144 Posts: 3
    I would change the fuel filter. Easiest and probably it. You may have gotten water or dirt from the fill up.
  • the problem of hazittenig started after changing fuel filter and last for 8 to10 minutes of driving in this condition and later the engine run perfect
  • megelmegel Posts: 1
    new guy here. working on inlaws car. it wont start,made clicking noise then nothing. I havnt checked anything yet. also have oil in the coolant but no coolant in the oil. 193,000 well used miles. any ideas would be great!! Im a mopar/ford guy, these gm's are a mystery. Thanks, Mike
  • jlhou7jlhou7 Posts: 6
    my husband has been trying to fix my daughters car its a 87 buick lasabre, it has power going backwards but not forwards, he put in a fuel pump but that dint work can any1 else have any ideas???????????//
  • jlhou7jlhou7 Posts: 6
    :cry: my husband has been trying to fix our daughters car its a 1987 buick lasabre. he cant get it to run rite. he replaced the fuel pump ect'' and still nothin' does any1 know what else he can do?? :confuse: :confuse:
  • jlhou7jlhou7 Posts: 6
    i think my hubby fixed my daughters 1987 buick lasabre so disrecard my last post tyvm :surprise: ;)
  • I own a 1997 Buick Lesabre, and I am having the same problem. I have brought it to the dealer, and they say no computer codes can be found to tell about the problem. Sometimes the car will run for weeks without stalling. Another forum says it could be the fuel regulator?
  • Do you know what he did? Thanks
  • cindy75cindy75 Posts: 7
    I have a 1997 Buick La Sabre and it was doing the same thing and we changed one of the crankshaft sensors and it still stalled when we were driving, but it would re-start. We changed both the Mass Airflow Sensor and the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor this week and now it doesn't even stall. Besides the alternator making some pretty bad sounds and needing changed, it runs great again. Good Luck.
  • cindy75cindy75 Posts: 7
    Originally my 1997 buick la sabre would drive fine. I would stop to go into the store or go into a restaurant for lunch and when I returned, it wouldn't start. Then it started stalling when I was driving down the highway with the gas pedal depressed or also at stop signs and red lights when I was braking. It would also die when I let it coast on the highway because the engine is able to maintain a constant rate of speech with little or no additional gas. We changed one of the crankshaft sensors and there are 2, so I am not sure which one, and then it would still stall, but at least you could shift into neutral and it would re-start. This week after almost 2 years of the car stalling, we changed the mass airflow sensor and the manifold absolute pressure sensor and it doesn't stall anymore. Good Luck.
  • cindy75cindy75 Posts: 7
    Part of the exhaust manifold on this year car is plastic and this will cause you to have coolant in the exhaust manifold when it finally melts. They used to be all metal in 1996 and earlier models, but although it would seem like a design flaw to make a part of the car which has to withstand really high temperatures out of metal, you just have to replace it about every 150,000 miles. Also they changed the design of the manifold in 1997 so that the metal ones from previous years cannot be used as a replacement.
  • cindy75cindy75 Posts: 7
    In my car is was one of the crankshaft sensors. There are 2 and my regular mechanic did it and I never asked which one it was I was just glad it started again.
  • cindy75cindy75 Posts: 7
    My 1997 buick la sabre started off my not starting after it had been parked a while. Like running into walmart or going to lunch at a restaurant. That was one of the crankshaft sensors. Then it started dying while we were driving. That was the mass airflow sensor and the manifold absolute pressure sensor. We had already tried to blow it out with the "fix it can" you can buy in the auto parts stores to help clean it, but we really just needed a new mass airflow sensor. Now it not only starts, but stays running.
  • cindy75cindy75 Posts: 7
    Originally the car died occasionally when in gear and eventually it died a lot when in gear and often wouldn't start after it had been parked for a little while. Eventually it wouldn't restart after it had been parked for a while really often. We found the problem with not starting was one of the crankshaft sensors, there are 2 and I don't know which one. The stalling problem was the mass airflow sensor and the manifold absolute pressure sensor. Now it runs and doesn't die.
  • cindy75cindy75 Posts: 7
    It was my crankshaft sensor. Took care of the problem.
  • After my car is driven for about 20 minutes it will cut off and will restart after about 10-15 minutes; I've been reading about the crankshaft sensors, where on the engine are they located?
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