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Buick LaCrosse Electrical/Lighting Problems

celsercelser Posts: 1
Tried to take delivery of a 2006 lacrosse. It wouldn't start, dead battery. Been back to dealer 5 times--bad ground, faulty parts--after 90 days with the car at the dealer 11 days, the car still dies. Electrical problem seem to have some connection to the cruise control which has never worked. Has anyone had a similar problem?


  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    Was just talking with my mother and she said twice now the dash panel lights have gone out on her brand new Lacrosse. She took it to the dealer and of course, they couldn't duplicate the problem. Told her next time it happens, drive right to the dealer. Probably a loose connection but pretty annoying in a car that's only a month old.
  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    I for one have not heard of any electrical issues. I am one year and 10,000 miles into a trouble free ownership experience.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Just a guess.

    My 2000 Buick Regal had a problem with cruise control. It did not work when the car was delivered. Dealer replaced a switch in the steering column, and I had no problems since.

    It is the complicated electrical switch with the multifunction stalk that controls the turn signals, whippers, cruise control, and the windshield washing fluid. GM uses it for many years, with many different cars, and the LaCrosse stalk looks the same as the Regal one.

    Everything complicated tend to be defective. The problem with the design is well known, but it does not happen often. My dealer did not carry the switch and had to order it. The part itself used to cost about $350 in 2000, and it took several hours of labor to replace it. Fortunately, under warranty.

    In your case it can be an electrical current leak at the switch, in addition to the inoperative cruise control.
  • wilitrunwilitrun Posts: 1
    On three occasions my 2005 LaCrosse Theft Deterrent System has come on, the horn blowing and the lights flashing, even though the car is not locked and no one is near it. This happened twice when it was parked in my garage with the garage door closed. Does any body know the reason?
  • I have a 2005 cxs purchased Sep 2005. At times the dash panel lights do not light when car is started. The lioghts will come back on after 20 seconds to 5 minutes. I intend to take it to the dealer.
  • I just purchased a pre-owned 2005 Allure (Canadian version of the Lacrosse)and was wondering how to access the trunk should the electric trunk release fail. I don't have the split folding rear seats and there is no trunk lock to use a key in.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    If this should happen you can take the back seat out. The bottom cushion comes out easily by pulling the 2 black plastic handles at the front bottoms of the cushion. However do not just go out and do this for no reason. These black connectors once used may not be able to be reused but probably could be used a coupe times.

    Next just remove the fasteners at the bottom of the seat back. I think that is all there is to it.
  • dell46dell46 Posts: 18
    I also have a 2005 LaCrosse CX without the fold down rear seat and I was also concerned about trunk access in case of a trunk release failure. What I did was purchase a piece of flexible wire loom and tape and velcro it to the trunk lid lining and insert a piece of stout cord inside the loom and fasten one end to the emergency trunk release handle and route the other end to one of the child carrier restrain brackets and fasten it there. All you have to do is open the cover for the restrain bracket and pull on the cord and it will pop the trunk. I previously owned a 1999 Regal and it had more standard features on it than the LaCrosse has for options.
  • kairnskairns Posts: 8
    Sounds like a great idea dell46. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll configure something this weekend. I can't believe GM didn't think of placing a manual access to the trunk. Just trying to save a few bucks on a lock cylinder.
  • Yesterday , I purchased a 2006 Lacrosse CXL certified used . Funny thing happened when I arrived home after dark- I realized there was no trunk light. Is it possible that this car does not have a trunk light or I have I been duped by the dealer?

    Your replies would be appreciated - I am taking the car back tomorrow morning to ask the same question.

  • just joined I have a 05 cxl 26,607 miles loaded, tonight I started the car and the gas guage went crazy it's now pointing straight down. all the other guages are working. Anyone have any ideas on this?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,422
    If all the other gauges are working, one would have to suspect that the sending unit at the gas tank is in distress. It' might be as simple as a loose wire grounding out but you'll have to check it out and have it tested. It's not likely for just one gauge to fail on a modern car.

    Visiting Host


  • That's what I thought it was too.
    there going to check it out friday. I'll let you know what it was.
  • Well first they said it was a ground wire fixed it 100.00,worked for a day then the same thing filled the tank, guage is pointing straight down. so they said it has to be the sending unit, new one, two hundred twenty six dollars we went to St. Louis this wked filled up last night this morning straight down. so I guess I'm out the 226.00 and the guage still is'nt working. So I've spent 326.00 still no answer to the problem.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,054
    Who did you take the car to for repairs? The dealer?

    It sounds like someone is guessing rather than doing diagnosis to determine where the problem is. Guessing by mechanics who don't have the proper tools is often expensive.

    Taking it the dealer or a mechanic with proper equipment may incur a diagnosis fee, but in the end it's cheaper. I.E., a dealer would have used a Tech II and found if the proper signals were sent from the tank.
  • I take it to a mechanic. These guys have been in business for a long time, I do trust them.They told me they diagnotic equipment. I haven't had any car troubles in years. We had a CTS it was a great car, sucked on snow and ice, so we get a Envoy, loved this truck, wife totaled it in may . So we get this Buick, if we could find another Envoy I might trade it.
  • I called the mechanic to double check what we have talked about. He said he uses the same diagontic equipment as GM, he has reset the gas guage twice tested it,new ground wire,now a new sending unit. So it goes back again tues. I'll get back to ya.
  • Well here it is Dec. 9 gas guage still not working right. When we fill it up it does the same old thing it points straight down. Anyone have any ideas?
  • tim7581tim7581 Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 Buick Lacrosse and I was driving at night and had my low beam lights on and they went out so I went to the high beam and they worked. Then later the low beams came back on. Later they went out again.This has continued ever since. Nothing else went wrong. I have checked the alternator and it is putting out at 13.7 steady. I checked the connections on the headlights and they were good.
  • amkdevileamkdevile Posts: 19
    It sounds like you might have the same problem we had with our 2006 Lacrosse.
    It was only the low beams. All other lights were on. Parking, tail, and interior dash lights worked. High beams worked when this happened. We could not turn them on manually either. The first thing they replaced after a few trips to the dealer was the Body Control Module. They actually couldn't duplicate the problem. So GM recommended this. We didn't seem to have the problem for awhile. The problem came back or maybe it never left. Anyway, I was able to get the car there when it was doing it. Tech actually able to test. He replaced the Exterior Lighting Relay.
    We haven't experienced the problem since (5/29/09). The Body Control part was about $150. The Relay was about $ 25. Done under warranty. I think the RELAY was the real problem. Not sure if this is your exact problem, but it might help.
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