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Buick LaCrosse Electrical/Lighting Problems



  • amkdevileamkdevile Posts: 19
    It's me again with 2006. When the problem is happening, our daytime running lights didn't work in the daytime. Again, you can't turn the low beams on manually. Everything else lights up. Also, we noticed that the low beams didn't blink with the key remote when locking or unlocking.
  • dawinadawina Posts: 1
    The low beams quit working just as you described on my 2005 Buick La Crosse. The car has been in the shop for 2 days and they told me to come and get it because they can't make it duplicate the problem. I explained to them that it only happens at night and they had to take it home and drive it at night. They couldn't for some reason. I fount this post and asked them to replace the Relay switch that you described. I will let you know if I think this fixed my problem or not.
  • Get your car out of the shop and try to do it without paying anything. Then go to a parts company and buy a relay that goes in the relay box under the hood on the left side of the engine as you are looking at the engine. I cant remember what it is called but you only have 2 relays that deal with your haedlights and this one cost about 65.00$ the other is about 20.00. The relay I am looking at in my hand that was bad has a number 8866 on the top then 15328866 and this is the one from Delphi
  • frank197frank197 Posts: 2
    I have an 05 LaCrosse that the low beams go out on periodicly. No rhyme or reason. Do not loose tail lights or dash light. Have to drive home with the brights on. Ticks off a lot of people. Dealer cannot replicate it. Anyone else with this problem? This car has been great other than that. I have 202,xxx miles on it and still on original brakes. 3800 still gives me 31 to 32 mpg.
  • without referring to my owner's manual, i seem to remember there are two settings for the headlights: automatic (senses when it is dark outside, turns headlights on/off automatically) and manual (driver turns the lights on/off at will). does your problem occur in both modes?
  • amkdevileamkdevile Posts: 19
    It sounds like you might have the same problem we had with our 2006 Lacrosse.
    It was only the low beams. All other lights were on. Parking, tail, and interior dash lights worked. High beams worked when this happened. We could not turn them on manually either. The first thing they replaced after a few trips to the dealer was the Body Control Module. They actually couldn't duplicate the problem. So GM recommended this. We didn't seem to have the problem for awhile. The problem came back or maybe it never left. Anyway, I was able to get the car there when it was doing it. Tech actually able to test. He replaced the Exterior Lighting Relay.
    We haven't experienced the problem since (5/29/09). The Body Control part was about $150. The Relay was about $ 25. Done under warranty. I think the RELAY was the real problem. Not sure if this is your exact problem, but it might help. Also, When the problem is happening, our daytime running lights didn't work in the daytime. Again, you can't turn the low beams on manually. Everything else lights up. Also, we noticed that the low beams didn't blink with the key remote when locking or unlocking.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,005
    I am from GM Customer Service. Is the problem intermittent, or does the problem happen all the time? How long was it at the dealership for the dealer to try and replicate the issue? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • frank197frank197 Posts: 2
    The problem is intermittent but seems to happen more often. I had the car in the dealer for just a few hours being serviced. They could not find the cause nor had any idea of the source of the issue and were not able to replicate the problem. I just got home tonight (11:00 pm) and had to drive the last 35 miles with the brights on. Made a lot of other drivers angry.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,005
    Hello Frank,
    Can you please email me at so I can get more information from you? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • On the way home from an out of town visit, all the lights on the dash of my 2007 LaCrosse suddenly lit up, then shut down. It was very startling.

    The engine never faltered. The AC blower kept going but I had to turn it off, then back on for the compressor to engage. It took about 10 minutes for the cruise control to come back on. We were listening to the radio when I garaged and turned off the car, and, instead of just playing until I opened the door (as normal) the radio cut out, then came back on. I just changed the battery in the key fob (and it works only intermittently).

    Bought the car new, never had any trouble. Regularly maintained. It has 49,800 miles.

    Any one with an idea of what's up with the dash lights?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,005
    Hello Richard2456,
    Have you experienced the concern again after that day with your dashboard? Did you touch any of the circuitry when you changed the battery in the key fob? Have you had the vehicle diagnosed for the concern? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Thanks, Mariah!

    It happened twice, both times near the end of a 400 mile trip yesterday (about half an hour apart) but not since.

    I probably did touch the circuitry in the key fob ... the thing nearly fell apart when I pulled out the old battery ... this happened yesterday as well and now it doesn't work at all.

    No, I haven't had the opportunity to take it back to the dealer. All of this happened late yesterday. The dealer I bought the car from (and who is about three blocks from my home in rural Texas) no longer supports GM products and the nearest dealer is half an hour away.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,005
    Hello Richard2456,
    What I could do is have an agent look at your situation further for you. The agent will require that you take the vehicle to the dealership to have the vehicle diagnosed. If you would like to me to proceed with this I will need your contact information, dealership, VIN, current mileage and best time to contact you. You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Did you ever resolve this problem? I'm having the same issue on my 05 Lacrosse now and I'm wondering if I should just replace the relay myself.
  • I had this EXACT same issue on my 2007 LaCrosse back at the end of August. End of a long trip all of a sudden all the dashboard lights come on, cruise control dies, a/c compressor turns off. Radio stays on, a/c works after blow is turned off/back on.. cruise won't work for 10-15minutes.

    Did you ever get a solution to your issue?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    With so much electronic control and what appears to be related problems, I wonder if proper antistatic measures are used at all times. Semiconductors are quite reliable until they are damaged by a spike. At that time they may just die, or have a tiny hole blown in the material. This hole will be a point of leakage of current and will grow with time and eventually show as a failure. Often cycling power off and back on will temporarily fix the issue at hand. Heat will cause the problem to resurface more quickly. Heat is also produced at the hole where unwanted current is flowing. When troubleshooting to locate a specific component such as a chip a couple of thermal techniqes often aid. At the moment of failure, check for hotter than normal components. Also spraying with a product called cold chill, which was a type of freon, nonconductive, would often induce the part to start working again until it warmed. This would not be practical most of the time because of not being able to access internal parts of computer boxes.

    Static is not the only enemy. Electro-mechanical induced spikes and surges can have the same damaging effects.
    Olds Auroras and likely Buick Rivieras of same period had a safety problem addressed by TSB. There were no diodes on the cooling fan motors to stop inductive spikes when they were energized or de-energized. It said that this was causing failures in BCM and anti-lock brakes. The fix was very simple and took about 10 minutes. Sadly, 09 Malibu had similar issues because of having left the same diode out. Fix was the same. I can tell you that mine did not have the diodes but the VIN was not included for the fix.
    It probably would never have surfaced if it had not been a safety issue, anti-lock brakes. But the lack of those diodes can damage any electronics that are not designed at extra cost to withstand such. Damage often hits the weakest component which likely exceeds design standards. If it gets your radio, probably not safety issue. It dies after warranty, you buy it.
    As of yet, I have not received from GM an explanation as to why mine does not have diodes.
  • I have a 2011 LaCrosse CXL that is doing the same thing. I've had it less than a month and it is heading to the dealer for the third time. I hope that they can fix it soon.
  • donegaldonegal Posts: 49
    My 2010 LaCrosse CSX with 10,000 miles on it had a similar headlight problem the other day. As I started the car a message appeared on the dash that the left low beam light was not working. I checked and sure enough the low beam was not working. I used my high beams to travel to my destination. When I started the car to return home the headlights worked fine. Will report it to dealer at my next service appointment.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    It will be nice if someone figures out the root cause.
    I see someone had BCM replaced which brings to mind another high tech vehicle.
    On that one a common problem was with the switch on the steering column. It was mechanically connected to the left combination stalk. The lubricant inside the switch would get gummy and make multiple contacts stick and your vehicle would behave like it was posessed. No one around and lights would start coming on randomly and flashing. Sometimes it was accompanied by horn. Those who did not get the horn often found a dead battery. The BCM was sometimes misdiagnosed as the cause with the problem later showing up again.
    Not to jump forward too much, there are symptoms of other issues here as well.
    A single light would behave as described if the filament is blown. They sometimes re-establish contact and all seems fine, for awhile. Several times I checked bulbs to find they were working, but often too dim at night so it seemed. Once I discovered the bulb was actually out, I started disassembling and it came back on. Fine for awhile. I had assumed the connector was not solid. Next time I removed the bulb and pysically looked closely at filament. I tapped it against my palm a few times and it freed itself so I could see the break. No further problems with headlights or daytime running lights after I replaced those bulbs with newer brighter. Until I actually got the Christine effect. A 2$ can of contact cleaner and half hour of time saved me hundreds. If they changed BCM it was hundreds and later discovered it was the switch, then they replaced the harness segment it is soldered to. $400-500.
    Good Luck. Hope everyone still has warranty.
  • We're experiencing this same problem. This is definitely a safety issue since the lights go out on low beam. If we're on a lighted street, we do not notice it. Did this rectify your problem? Thanks for your input.
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