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Buick LaCrosse: Real World MPG



  • 2006 CXS with 5 months of ownership 8700 miles, 21.1 MPG 50/50 driving, and still have a quiet interior. Hope your situation improves.
  • markfncmarkfnc Posts: 12
    Just filled up for the first time. 2007 CX with 3.8 398 miles and it took 15.8 gal to fill up 25.2 mpg. Probably 60% hwy.

    After the fill up i got right on the hwy and drove about 30 miles at 58 mph with cruise on. The computer said 32.2 mpg. Of course at 58 I thought i was gonig to get run over.
  • hitman1970hitman1970 Posts: 33
    So far I have 12000 miles on my 2006 CXS. I have an average of 21.9 on my DIC now. I have had the the car for eight months now. It has been a pleasure to own the entire time. I have driven from Tennessee to Massachusetts and down to Alabama with it. Excellent comfort on long road trips.
  • dnguydnguy Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 CXL with 15,000 miles. Fuel monitor is reporting 32/33 mpg while car is going between 55-60 mph in cruise control. This is optimal.

    Higher speeds (say, 70 mph) will cut this by 10-15%. Also speeding up and slowing down frequently, also hard on mpg.

    For best fuel economy, stay at the speed limit, and use cruise control. Other cars will speed by at 70-80 mph but so what.

  • markfncmarkfnc Posts: 12
    I have a 2007 LaCrosse CX. My 1st tank was 25.2 mpg, and the 2nd tank was 25.8 mpg. Those are actual miles divided by gallons put in. On the 2nd tank the computer reading for the entire tank was 25.7 mpg vs the actual of 25.8 so that was real acurate. I drove one stretch right after I filled up the 1st time. drove 30 miles on the higheay with the cruise on 58 mph, adn the computer said 32.2 mpg wgwen i got off the highway. I want to take a trip to see how close to 30 i could really get.
  • markfncmarkfnc Posts: 12
    2 month update.

    Total miles 6319
    Total gallons used = 243.16
    Overall MPG = 25.99
    Best tank MPG = 27.279
    Worst tank MPG = 23.495

    changed oil @ 4132

    No problems

    We were on vacation last week, so the car was not driven that week as this is a company car, and we took the wives Freestar. So actually the miles driven per week is about 702.
  • markfncmarkfnc Posts: 12
    3 month update
    Total miles = 9516
    Total gallons used = 368.50
    overall mpg = 25.82
    best tank mpg = 27.279
    worst tank mpg = 23.495

    changed oil 4132, then 8275

    no problems. The transmission shifts smooth, the engine is quiet. Of course I have never been in a Lexus so can't compare. But for the cars / SUV / Mini vans I have driven this is the quietest, and smoothest. As stated before the driver seat needs lumbar control.
  • Now have 14,550 miles on my CXS. Have done a lot more city driving recently and my overall mileage is now 21.1 MPG. No issues at all with the car. Still a pleasure to drive. I had done two oil changes and replaced the air filter so far. :)
  • Purchase vehicle on 3/29/07 at local Buick Dealer down here in Florida.

    Wife and I decide to drive up to New York area and visit family in New England area and also family on eastern Long Island.

    Drove over 4,022.0 miles. This mileage included a lot of stop and go traffic plus driving in city and rural town roads. Current mileage on vehicle is 7,655 miles

    My over all gas mileage was 27.3 MPG. Got as high as 31.9 and low at 24.4 MPG combined highway and city driving. Set cruise control on 65 MPH as much as possible.

    Really enjoy this Buick. Nice car. Love the remove starting system. Best accessory that I every purchased on a new vehicle. This is our 4 Buick. Had a 1985,1994 and 1999.
    Feel this mileage is fairly good for a car this size. Had a 2005 Honda which I traded in on this Buick. Honda was nice but not for a long ride. Found out the seat are not the greatest thing on the road. Mileage was good between 29 and 34 MPG on open highway but murder on the old back. Decide to trade in Honda on Buick.
  • :mad: :sick: :cry:
    I just purchased my 2007 Buick Lacross I am only getting 12 mpg on the highway I drove 680 miles last week end and used $90.00 worth of gas @3.00 per gallon,I only had the car 3 or
    4 weeks at the most I am just sick,I drive 60 miles per week
    back and forth to work, on Wenesday I put in 10.00 for a test run I drove 31 miles since then and I have 1/8 of a tank today Friday,there is something that is not right with this gas milage.I like some suggestions please.I need help. :lemon:
  • What trim vehicle do you have? Did you buy it new or used? How many miles were on it? Either way you should be getting 30 MPG with the 3.8L at 70 MPH on the highway or 27 MPG at 70 MPH with the 3.6L. How fast do you drive? You definately have the right to get this fixed.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    680 miles, using $90 of gas, at $3/gallon, means you burnt 30 gallons. 680 / 30 = 22.7 MPG.

    A little low, but depending on driving style, city vs. highway, engine choice, and how new the car is (MPG increases after engine break-in), temperatures, etc. this isn't outlandish. Where is the 12MPG coming from? I bet that is from the INSTANT MPG display. That is normal, when you step on the gas hard to pass someone, or drive into a headwind, or climb a hill... you should expect that, even single digits. But then going DOWN hill, etc. you will see it go to 40, 50, even 99 MPG.

    Is your service engine light on?
  • g_alleng_allen Posts: 15
    I have been interested in getting a LaCrosse. My mother has one and she and my stepfather went on a summer vacation out West last year and she said they received 28 MPG. They have an '05 CX. Hope this helps.
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    We just got back from a 400 mile (round-trip) to Kalamazoo, Michigan yesterday. Averaged about 27 MPG on the highway. It would have been even higher except for some slow-downs in construction zones. Not too shabby for a 5.3 liter V-8 engine with active fuel management. Around town, we averaged about 17-18 MPG.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    When you say you averaged 27mpg, was that based on the average economy figure from the Driver's Information Center? When you weren't in changing traffic, what speed did you have the cruise set to?
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    Yes. It was based on the average figure from the DIC. BTW, I forgot to mention it was the highest figure attained during the entire trip. Cruise was set to 65, even though the speed limit was 70.
  • g_alleng_allen Posts: 15
    Is it true that the DIC is a little optimistic when it comes to reporting MPG? I thought the Impalas SS/Grand Prix GXP/Lacrosse Super all got poor mileage? Several owners are reporting hwy. figures at around 23 mpg. Seems like these engines would do better. I know they rated them at 28 mpg under the old EPA methods which seemed a bit generous, but the new 24 mpg rating seems low....even for a V8 with AFM. I mean, it's still better than a Charger's/300C's EPA rating, but my cousin has a 300C and I have witnessed 26 MPG on the highway which it appears the 5.3 V8 cannot accomplish. Wonder if the Chrysler's do better because of the 5 speed auto. trans.?
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    [quote] I mean, it's still better than a Charger's/300C's EPA rating, but my cousin has a 300C and I have witnessed 26 MPG on the highway which it appears the 5.3 V8 cannot accomplish.

    [reply] I already said my LaX Super, with its 5.3 V8, got a maximum of 27 MPG on the highway during a recent long-distance trip.

    [quote] Wonder if the Chrysler's do better because of the 5 speed auto. trans.?

    [reply] The 300C's mileage may also depend on its final gear ratio. I think we can assume that all DICs work the same way. I read where the DIC relies on input from the PCM, which monitors the odometer and fuel consumption rates, and uses it for its MPG calculations.
  • I've got center vent noise on my '05 LaCrosse. Did you come up with a fix? The noise is like a buzzzzz, vibration....same thing by the vent to the left of the steering wheel.
  • beyrerbeyrer Posts: 3
    i had the same problem try replaceing your air filter that should help if your like me im a led foot and im telling you i noticed a huge diffrence once i replaced the filter its like $11.00 and super easy to put in.
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