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Lincoln LS Audio



  • yes i have a few good ideas first does you car run like poop or also does ur acc wire work or does ur car start overheating when you it did work.. and does it have the factory amp and 6x9s in the back.. if it does all that not what i did to make my car not overheat and all start working right i cliped the acc wire and from the power wire i ran a wire offe that to a toggle switch then a wire from the toggle switch to the acc on the radio and its gotten rid of all my problems.. i can take pics and send if u would like
  • mac024mac024 Posts: 4
    Hi all, new to this site....i have a 2003 LS with a factory 6 pack CD player and the premium sound package. I bought a factory Nav system out of another 2003 lincoln ls, but my dealer says i would have to put a whole new wiring harness into it. I took the existing head unit out and the connectors do not match so i know i need to get some kind of an adaptor, but to go to a whole new harness?
    I really need help, ant would be appreciated
  • Friends,

    My 2004 Lincoln LS came with the touchscreen navigation system. The radio has quit and is too expensive to fix. I found a used radio with a 6 cd changer out of an 04. When I connect the 2 plugs that fit, the radio lights-up, but no sound.
    Question. Should the different radio work with the existing pigtails, or is there a difference? If it's the same, I may have a bum radio.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    IIRC there were 3 systems - premium, audiophile and THX. I don't think they're compatible. Was yours THX and how many speakers do you have?
  • Thanks for the reply Kirby,

    It was the THX. I appear to have an amp between the back speakers. I guess it has to have power or a relay to turn it on along with the radio. There are 2 plugs that match up, including the largest one. The smaller one has many contacts but only two being used. There are 2 pigtails that do not fit the radio. The radio has 2 small jacks that do not match my plugs.

    thanks again
  • mac024mac024 Posts: 4
    Hi....i was going to put a NAV system into my '03 which came with premium sound, it now sounds like i can't because it won't fit, so i happen to have one for sale right now. It was a Ford Factory refurb off of ebay. I paid $300 for it and just want my money back. Get back to me if interested.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    THX is a whole different animal. It's a matched system. You need to replace it with another THX head unit or you'll have to rewire the entire system.
  • mac024mac024 Posts: 4
  • mac024mac024 Posts: 4
    hello all, i have an '03 LS with a factory 6 cd changer in it. I don't know if it is premium sound, audiophile or THX. I bought a factory NAV system that also came out of an '03 LS and the wiring doesn't match up.
    First how do i tell if i have premium sound, audiophile or THX?
    Second how do i install this unit in my car short of putting a whole new wiring harness in it?

    Thanks Frank
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    If it's a THX it should have THX labels inside the car. Audiophile has subs, premium does not.
  • Frank,
    My THX was a touchscreen. It had a large THX display when it booted up. That was with the NAV system.

  • There's alot more to installing the Navigation system in a non-nav LS. Check out my 2000 LS V-8 sport at First off the nav head unit requires the THX amps(2),THX speakers, DVD Drive, map DVD, rearview mirror w/microphone(for voice commands) and the wiring harness for connecting all the components. The map DVD runs $199 for the latest version, unless you know someone who will give you a copy of theirs. If you still have access to the donor LS for the remaining parts than it should install rather quickly. Email me if you need more info. MG
  • Mark,
    If you wish to sell your damaged Nav head unit let me know. Also I can help you make the 6-CD unit work for your LS. I have all the factory service manuals for all LS's(2000-2006). There are only a few changes you will need to make to make it work, are you electrically inclined?? You will need to run some wires & make some connections. Let me know, MG
  • jerrym3jerrym3 Posts: 202
    How do you remove the center stack dash trim?

    I removed the console door, all screws (that I could see) in the storage bin, and a plastic plug, but the storage bin itself will not come out, and that seems to be the start of the process.

  • antoniukantoniuk Posts: 8
    Most engine noise in the speakers is due to poor ground connections. You said the battery was recently replaced. The factory battery (located in the trunk) had a ground strap cable that connected the terminal negative to the body of the car right next to the spare tire. It is possible that the person who installed the new battery for some reason may have neglected to attach this cable to the battery's negative terminal. If the factory cables were changed or replaced and are no longer available you can get an aftermarket battery terminal at a local car stereo shop and run a ground wire from the terminal to the body in that location. You will see a bolt attached to the body in the area I described. Also it is possible that the bolt is just loose too. Check all your battery connections. Other than that I would take it to a good electrical automotive placed and have them check all the grounds associated with the stereo system. Also you my want to swap out the spark plugs with resistor plugs. Not sure if this is necessary as I am running on the factory plugs still.
  • antoniukantoniuk Posts: 8
    Well it's a little late I see you posted this in November but I will post this for future LS Owners.....Remove the center console as follows. Remove the storage lid there are some screws and 3 or four allen or torx (star wrench) screws that need to be removed. Also remove the plastic cap inside the bin located on the front side of the interior of the storage bin area. Once that is done carefully insert a puddy knife or other slim tool to help pry up the compartment interior insert. Once the insert is removed you will see the nuts that attach the center console to the floor. That is for the rear of the console. The front of the console you need to remove (pry gently) the trim panel that surrounds the shifter starting from the front of the trim panel located near below the ashtry area. Once you remove that panel you will see the other screws/nuts that you will need to loosen to continue to remove the console.
  • banjoepbanjoep Posts: 2
    I'm having problems when I play my CD. Sometimes the sound is great, other times the sound comes and goes accompanied with cracking sounds, and sometimes the fuse blows. There is never a problem with sound when playing the radio. So, I've checked the electrical connection to the CD. It is fine. Now I want to check the amplifier...but where is it?
  • My 00 Lincoln LS radio randomly changes channels, across AM, FM and CD...indiscriminately. It flashes the message "no portable" when doing so. I removed the factory portable phone (from the wiring harness) years ago and it worked for many years without this problem. I've swapped out the radio, with no luck. I've heard that the "no portable" message is tied to the factory phone and is supposed to come up when you try to press "mute" when the phone has been removed. But that doesn't happen for me. I have radio controls in my steering wheel, but I replaced the clock spring less than two years ago and again this happens when the steering wheel is still anyway. Can anyone help?
  • I am looking to upgrade the audio in my 03 LS. I have the system now with 12 speakers and the subs as the rear speakers. I found a head unit with nav for an 01 LS and I'm curious if that swap can be made. Any information would be helpful. Thank You
  • Hey Mark , have you squared away your audio prob. with your THX system ?
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