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Lincoln LS Steering and Suspension



  • azlsazls Posts: 4
    Since dealer estimate was $800 for the repair, I'll continue to monitor the situation. BTW, this is a '01 w/ about 76k miles. Thanks for your response.
  • QUOTE:
    -----------------------2001 LS V8. If you want to fix the rattle noise at the front end, that happens when you go over any kind of bumps on the road, then get the sway bar bushings from Energy Suspension. Go to Energy Suspension and search part number 9.5171. I got the red once for $17.99 plus Shipping $18.40 (Canada), hence $36.39 in total. The labor that i paid a local tire store(The Tire Warehouse same as Kal-Tire) was $240.00 including tax, again Canadian. And the stupid a$$ noise is no longer present. The mechanic told me that the driver side took him under 30 minutes to do however the passenger side took him close to 2 hours, so in total a 2 and half hours of labor. I hope this helps who ever is suffering from the rattle noise in the front end. Now all i got to get fix is the long cranking, lol.


    thanks for the tip it was exactly what I needed to reduce my wobble
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,931
    That only fixes the noise, not a wobble. If you have a wobble then it's probably the ball joint.
  • I believe this is what is wrong with my car. Bent spindle. spun it out the other night, car became stuck, had to be towed. I retrieved the car from the wrecker co. and discovered the steering was out of wack pulling hard to the right, steering wheel is vertical rather than horizontal (wheels straight), the right pass. side wheel looks toed in and something is making screechiing sounds almost constantly now, I imagine it's grooving the rotor. Does this sound like a bent spindle or possibly something else?? thank you for anhy help. Tracey.
  • as a quick fix, due to lack of money im wondering if a wheel spacer would help, it jujst sounds like something is not clearing, not sure, i've felt the inside of the tires and it doesnt feel like its rubbing, i might need to take the wheel off again, and i did hit a curb, it probably pushed everything towards the brake cal.,rotors etc..
  • tecillotecillo Posts: 5

    Stumbled upon your thread. i will be taking on the bushing job soon. I also do have the airbag light on. Do you mind letting me know how you fixed it in your case? thank you
  • dsaperndsapern Posts: 6
    It depends on the code that your car gives you. The code is determined by the number of times your air bag light flashes. Mine was a clockspring. I can't remember what code that was. I got the tutorial on-line on how to replace the clockspring, here is the shortcut It was quit easy though. Let me know if the code is for a clockspring and I will help out. I know that the Lincoln LS also has issues with wires being pinched under the driver side seat, but the first thing to do is get the codes.
  • tecillotecillo Posts: 5
    thanks, i seem to be having the common 32 code currently flashed. i would like to rule out the driver seat wiring before jumping into the clockspring. Any help would be appreciated.
  • dsaperndsapern Posts: 6
    I also totally ruled out the wiring under the seat first. The way in which I did that was to inspect each of the wires very closely. In order to do that you need to take the front seat completely out. I think the connector was yellow, but I may be wrong. Do a close inspection and if that all checks out good chances are it's the clockspring. The clockspring is a dealer item, and mine had it in stock. This usually means that they sell alot of them.
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 971
    Clockspring is a common repair item in the LS. Airbag light on usually means clockspring.
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  • jayyy_kjayyy_k Posts: 5
    ok, just the other day when i was pulling into my driveway and when i was turning my wheel it seemed to get rough to turn, almost like it was getting stuck but then with a little more force it would free back up again, it seems to happen about every quarter turn in the wheel. When I go around a corner the wheel also doesnt pull itsself straight, I have to do it manually. On and off for the last 2 years my steering wheel has made a wierd whinning noise when i turned it, but i thought that it was just the berrings in the wheel or something. could this have anything to do with why my wheel doesnt turn freely, or would it be my luck and be something worse? any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,931
    It's either the power steering pump or the rack itself.
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 971
    Possibly a ball joint too. My T-Bird did the same thing, hard to turn, wheel wouldn't return, front end noise, it was the ball joint.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • tecillotecillo Posts: 5
    Does anyone have a good source and/or p/n for a 2000 LS V8 clockspring? Hopefully one with a good price. Thanks
  • dsaperndsapern Posts: 6
    Here is a web site that I have used for price matching. What I did was got this price quote from the web site and took it to my local dealer to see if they would match the price from the web site, and they did. I can't remember the pn, as they don't give them on the web site. Good luck!!!
  • tecillotecillo Posts: 5
    edited May 2010
    I just now replaced my sway bar bushings using the energy suspension #9.5171. I was really hoping this was what I needed, but it wasn't. It is still the same, it seems to be the same thumping/clunking noise coming from the front end everyone seems to be hearing. Just replaced the struts December. Anyone have a clue as to what else can be causing that similar noise? Any way I can check the condition of any of these items? thanks
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,931
    Ball joint?
  • tecillotecillo Posts: 5
    just lifted my car from both sides and noticed there is play/slack in both my lower ball joint assemblies while jerking up and down on the tire. Has anyone purchased these individually from ebay, etc. or have a good source for them? any tips are appreciated.
  • dsaperndsapern Posts: 6
    I bought the individual ball joints on ebay and had a local machine shop press the old ones out and the new ones in. You may need to shop around to find a machine shop that has a large enough press to do it. The first shop I went to didn't have a big enough press. I spent about $200 ( $100 for the ball joints $100 labor at the machine shop) to have the whole job done. Of course you will have to have the alignment done after the ball joints have been replaced.
  • ls5ssls5ss Posts: 3
    edited May 2010
    ;) Just encountered some of the same problems with my wife car '01 Sport 5sp man. She took it to a repair shop they told her it was the rack. They replaced the rack. That made it worst now it has "NO" assist in turning. I return the car and said it seem from the beginning to be the pump. They said the tech check the pump. This time they said it was air in the system. Still no steering assist. They sent it to Lincoln and Lincoln agreed with what I told them. They sent it to a Ford dealer I got that word and stopped by told them the history they ordered the pump so far still steering like a "NEW CAR" the pump was free the new rack $450.00 installed. Check pump first! :shades:
  • mommimommi Posts: 5
    the vin # of my car was not even included in the recall! i have left it up to the attorney bc the matter is out of my hands. my mom assisted in the purchase of the 'safe, reliable car'...then that happened. Needless to say she is quite pissed & has chosen to pursue it further. i saved all the parts and my attorney has then and has had them examined as well.
    *sigh* will b glad when this is all over tho!!!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,931
    I can't believe you're still pursuing this 3.5 years later. If the recall wasn't applicable to your vehicle then you have no case for negligence. It was an accident - that's why you have insurance.
  • honkyhonky Posts: 1
    so ford likes to rape people by making you buy the whole control arm on lincoln ls for bushing/ball joints. but guess what, all of you who wanna change out the bushings on the lower control arm can use the bushing for the same year model on the jag s-type. after researching and getting know where, i figured it out. take a look at the control arm for the s-type, same part right,lol. same replacement parts. so instead of getting it in the butt from the dealership for 700 in parts get what you need for 45 bucks a side for bushings and 60 a side for ball joints
  • The same thing nearly happened to me. I purchased a 2000 Lincoln LS last fall and have dumped a large amount of money into repairs since. The car is currently in the shop because of the same ball joint failure. I nearly lost control of the car going 65 mph. The mechanic just called me and wanted to know who had attempted to remove the ball joint because the nut was completely loose to the point of nearly falling off. I checked the recall info and either my car was not recalled or it had already been torqued. In either case, the result could have been deadly. I hope things work out well for you.
  • Where did you buy this problem solver sway bar online? I'm looking into replacing the thing myself as well but have not has any luck finding the replacement part.
  • On the sway bar bushing part number from Energy Suspension it there a G or R after the 9.5171? Is the sway bar a 30mm in diameter? Does anybody know?
  • dzingdzing Posts: 1
    Does the front most bushing on the lower control arm contain any oil or lubricant? As I am seeing some leakage from it and can not find any source of fluid coming from anywhere else.
  • shawskshawsk Posts: 1
    Hi my name is Skylar Shaw, and i to have a 2000 lincoln ls with the same problem. I took it to a machanic to see why the car was squeaking while driving. After he inspected it he deemed the car dangerous and unsafe to drive. So i did some research and like you i saw it was a recall on the front suspension on the 2000 lincoln ls. I followed up with lincoln the next day asking if they would honer the recall. I was told 3 different things, 1st they said the original owner brought it in back in 2001 and the problem was remedied, another rep said it wasnt a recall on this car and another rep said the car was old and the case has closed on those models. If you have any info that can help me, my email is
  • ls5ssls5ss Posts: 3
    My frontend problem was a bad powersteering pump. I will contact Lincoln to see if I'm among the list for recall.
  • woodyk1woodyk1 Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 lincoln LS VS with 74,000 miles. The best place I have found to buy parts for my car is Rock Auto. I have replaced myself the sway bar links (R/L), driver lower ball joint and upper driver L control arm. I did the work myself at an auto hobby shop. The left/driver control arm is far harder than the passenger side buy looking at the bots.
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