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Lincoln LS General Care & Maintenance



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Actually the 03's had more transmission problems than the 02s. The 02 was the best year of the first gen - it actually has about 10 more hp than advertised due to a new airbox. You'll probably have to replace the COPs and maybe the valve cover gaskets but the tranny should be fine (famous last words). The other potential replacements are sway bars/bushings and front ball joints. Keep in mind that many folks have had none of these problems on their 00-02 LS while some have had most or all of these. The bargain purchase price more than makes up for a few repairs and it's a great car to drive. That car probably stickered over $40K new.

    Do you get a warranty from CarMax?
  • I have had my LS for 38 months. It had 32000mi when I bought. It now has 154000mi. It has been a great car. I have replaced 3 Ignition coils, $250.each. I have replaced the front rotors, etc. $200. I replaced all 4 wheels, I had a front end vibration that we could not get rid of. I spent $125.00 for after market wheels, no more vibration. I drive all road miles 125mi per day 5 days a week. I would say it has been one of the most reliable cars I have owned. It is fun to drive and comfotable. I am probably going to buy another in the spring.
  • ccicakccicak Posts: 13
    My '02 LS (V8) definitely has its problems. But the anticipated enjoyment of driving it keeps me going. Not for the faint of heart, and must have a sense of curiosity to own one (needs constant attention).
    I have 53K miles on it and had the tranny rebuilt at 20K (under warranty), but tranny is acting up again at 53K.
    Heated driver seat doesn't work, airbag light is on, lug nuts are annoying, paint has bubbled in a few spots... but the car is fun to drive. Would I buy another... maybe not, but compared to the cost of the comparable bimmer, these cars are a deal provided you like to work on cars.
  • Would you guys recommend getting the V8 or the V6? There is a decent power difference, but only 1MPG difference in gas mileage...

    What do you think you would choose between an '02 LS and an '02 Acura TL Type S?
  • ccicakccicak Posts: 13
    I still love my LS but honestly, I did also consider an Acura before I bought the LS. I liked the rear wheel drive of the LS vs front wheel. The Acura will probably require less maintenance. My LS has the Sport Pkg. Tough choice might come down to price. I got a heck of a deal on the LS.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    We have a 2000 LS V-6 with sport package with 115K miles that we are selling. We just bought a 2008 Accord EX. The LS drives very nice on smooth roads. In city driving, you feel the car's weight, and when the road gets rough, the LS gets rough.
    LS is not a nimble car. My 2001 E430 at 3750 pounds feels like it is a 3200 pound car. The LS at same weight feels heavy.

    The LS has an excellent driving position and highway manners. the seats are comfortable, both road and wind noise are low.

    I think you can do better with the price. $14-15K seems high for a 02 LS V-8. Track a few LS's on E-bay to see what the going prices are and add $800-$1000 for shipping.

    Don't feel bad if this LS slips away as there are tons of good used cars out there.

  • Thanks for all the feedback, everyone.

    After reading Edmunds' long-term test of their '00 Lincoln LS (, I'm not so sure anymore... They said they had a lot of problems, especially with the transmission... Have you guys read this? Is it valid? I haven't read anything nearly as bad about the '02 TL Type S as some of the things I have read about the first-gen LS... Granted, the long-term test was on an '00, and the one I'm looking at is an '02, but did they make any changes in that first generation?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Don't believe everything you read, especially on Edmunds. The transmission problems on their 00 LS were fixed by a software update and TSB. I personally told the editor about the TSB after one of their monthly reports where they complained about it. The editor took it in for service and instead of asking about the TSB he decided to "test" the service writer and see if he would find it on his own. He didn't so they continued to drive the car and complain about the tranny for the next 3 months. Irritating, to say the least.

    The 00 was the very first model year and had some teething problems. The 02s were much, much better and even had a few more (unadvertised) hp due to a new airbox. You may have to replace the COPs and the valve cover gaskets plus the front sway bar. Some have had to replace front ball joints but not a lot.

    It's not perfect but the handling more than makes up for a few repairs (yours may have already had those repairs). Do a panic stop from 70 and notice how it just squats down and stops - no nose dive at all.
  • same problem here in marylnd :mad: we should start writing letters :lemon:
  • So the other day, my '00 LS hit 90K. I took it in to the shop today for a regular oil change, brake cleaning and the guy told me I'm due for the 90K big boy.

    He also gave me suggestions on a transmission service and replacing spark plugs. I'm holding off until next month for the spark plugs to give me a little breathing room.

    All said and done, here's his estimate on the 1 day project:
    90K Service - $625
    Transmission Service - $199
    Total Estimate - $825

    Is that seemingly appropriate for the services I'm getting on my baby?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Sounds about right for the tranny service, but what's included in the $625?
  • 1. Perform S&C per 30K (Oil/Filter Lube per factory specs flush cooling system. Rotate/inspect brakes. Injector flush fuel filter air filter inspections)

    1 Inter-MED serv kit
    1 Rad Flush & Treatment
    1 Battery Pads
    1 Fuel Injector Flush
    1 Anti-Freeze
    1 Element ASY Air Cleaner
    1 Filter ASY - Fuel
    2 Retainer - Quick Connect.
    GBK Brake thickness OK Disc over 5MM Drum over 2MM

    Inspect Air Filter - Fluids Under Hood
    -Free 35 Multi Point Inspec

    Initial Tire Inspection OK

    Perform Transmission/Transaxle Flush with MOC machine
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Sounds like way too much to me. You don't need the injector cleaner unless you're having problems. I don't see more than about $300 worth of work - $400 at the worst. Call another dealer and get a quote for new air filter, fuel filter, coolant flush and replacement, engine oil and filter replacement. The rest is fluff.

    You should also have the brake fluid replaced if it's been in there more than 2-3 years. It's hygroscopic and absorbs water over time which can rust the brake system if left in.
  • skidadskidad Posts: 3
    I have on 00 LS w/V6. With 137,000 miles there are several little things going wrong with it. It will be relegated to my son soon, so spending a lot of money is not going to happen. Two things though have me concerned. The front stabilizer bar bushings are worn out. I've tried to get just the bushings, but am told I can only order the bushings with the stabilizer bar. Is there some place to get just the bushings? Secondly, when the car sets for 2 or 3 days (especially if it's damp out) the car runs like it's got water in the fuel. A dose of fuel conditioner and a fill up clears it right up. How could water or that much condensation get in the fuel, if that in fact is what it is? Any help would be appreciated. Once I have answers to these questions, I have plenty more! Thanks!
  • ccicakccicak Posts: 13
    just my opinion, but water in fuel doesn't sound like the problem. where do you live...high humidity place? could be electrical contacts problem (if moisture is the issue). try new fuel filter, new plugs, air filter, normal tune-up stuff? I don't know about bushings either.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    I duno about the water problem, but I do know about the bushings sortof.
    There's a new stabilizer bar design so Ford will only sell you that plus bushings for it - about $700 I think. My mechanic got hold of some bushings he says are for the old design but that was 6 months ago and I havent had him put them in yet.
    Supposedly the worn bushings are not a safety issue. But it's strange that they wont sell the old bushings. Strange and a BIG PAIN.
  • skidadskidad Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. I live in Iowa and we get some humidity, but nothing like the south. I had the car completely tuned up last summer and it runs fine until it sets for a few days. ????????????????
  • skidadskidad Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. I thought my mechanic back in said the stabilizer and bushing were only around $140. The busings alone were only (if he remembered correctly) around $40. I may go junkin and hopefully find some. Thanks again.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Yeah, I think I was quoting the installed price with labor. If ou're real handy under a car, could do it yourself.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    If you put new bushings in the old swaybar they'll just fail again. The new swaybar will last a lot longer (maybe the life of the car).
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