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Lincoln LS Climate Control



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    It could be the blend door and they are expensive to fix. I'd get another opinion and quote from a Lincoln dealer who has seen these before. It could also be the controller.
  • i did a self diagnostics (reset) test and you can hear all the doors adjusting opening and closing. after i did this a few times the air/heat started working properly again.
    it is posted on this site how to do the test.
    i would try that least its free!
    i cant remember exactly so i would double check but i think it was to
    push the panel button then quickly hit the off and auto buttons.
    you can hear it testing everything
    the first time i did it it gave code 1987 but i did it two more times it started working again fine.

    it said 88degrees - ext -188 degrees
    may be worth a try.
  • The DCCV - Dual Climate Control Valve on your car is bad. You will have four heater hoses running to it. Take them off and clamp them, if your ac is restored than you know for sure this valve is bad. Its under the hood on the passenger side of the car. Can't miss it.
  • bauxbaux Posts: 8
    when i turn rear defront buttton on and even crank the air speed nothing comes out the back vents, the back wondow stays foggy everytime any ideas?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Rear defrost heats the glass via the metal wires embedded in the rear window glass. There is no hot air involved.
  • My 04 LSE only blow out hot even at 60 degree selected. It started out with the passenger side blowing out cold air and then the drivers side blowing out hot air for a day or two then only hot air. The climate control seat with just fine.
  • MY '05 was doing the same thing, the temp would never change. I took it to the dealer and it ended up being a water diverter valve that had gone bad. Once it was replaced it worked fine, luckily I was still under warranty. With the amount of issues I have had with this car I am seriously thinking of getting the extended warranty from the dealer for $1200 for an additional 3 years of coverage.
  • Hey Jokersmith
    Thanks for the info, do you know the part number or correct name for this water diverter valve. I tried looking this part up on and no luck.

  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 894
    Are you guys talking about the DCCV (dual climate control valve)?
    Common problem on these cars.
  • Okay so i got a NEW deck for my 2000 lincoln LS and i put it in but then realized that i didnt have the right wiring harness for my car to have the deck in and still have my heat so i had to take my NEW deck out and put the deck that my car came with back in and then i hooked the heat back up and everything and the heat or air conditioner just will not work and my friend checked all my fuses and none of them were blown and it is friggen snowing out and i need my heatt soo yeah palease help me someone...
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    You can start by buying some punctuation marks and capital's extremely hard to read.

    Recheck the connections and fuses including the ones under the hood.
  • I have the same problem, no heat,2000 lincoln LS, Question, said to press the "panel button" which button is that,, would like to try the self diagnostics (reset) test.
    Thanks Orlando
  • I have had my 2004 Lincoln LS since Apr 2009. Have had to replace 2 window motors, blend door actuator for the heat/cool system, all coil packs, spark plugs and both catalytic converters. Car has 66,000 miles on it. Question is, will this have to be done again in the near future or is this just a one time thing? Have spent approx $2500 in just under 2 months which includes the warrantied converters.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 416
    we too have a 2004 LS (v8), and we've had some niggling things that we had fixed under warranty, and we've also had some similar issues (as yours) after warranty - we're at 51k now, and we bought it new. i'd be curious to know who is diagnosing your problems, as it looks like a dealer to me. they are extremely heavy-handed on their diagnoses, as they're all teetering on the edge of the abyss these days. i did our coil packs and plugss, replaced a window regulator and have had the weird a/c problems, which turned out to be yet another electrical problem (was told it was a blend door issue too) that was fixed down by the radiator. all of this cost about $600 and a few hours of my time. i'm starting to believe by all of these similar posts that a database needs to be put together with everybody's 'fix' results posted.
    that said, i've got a 2000 dodge dakota quad cab, also ordered new that's had mainly electronic, but eerily similar problems (that i fixed cheaply) to the LS. my acura legend had even worse (but again, similar) problems with it. our volvo turbo wagons - same things. all bought new, all had synthetics (and top filters) used at 3k-5k intervals.
    1989 volvo 765 (165k to date) = overdrive module quit / a-c unit problems / 2 window relay / fouled plugs (once) / otherwise great / used mid-grade fuel
    1992 volvo 745 (163k to date) = o/d quit / a-c unit relays/module issues / 1 window + sunroof issues fixed / o/d quit again (harness replaced) / spark plug fouling / premium fuel
    1995 acura legend (123k-sold) = tranny hard shifting issue fixed under warranty / a-c just 'quit' replaced compressor / plug wire issue + ecm replaced / stereo speaker shorted
    2000 dakota (170k to date) = ecm quit, replaced / a-c has a mind of its own / headlight low beam issue in steering column, fixed once, back again now (wiring) / weird tranny shfiting problem (intermittent) never fixed, bad when hot outside / uses reg. unleaded
    2004 lincoln LS (51k to date) = tranny shifted weird (fixed under warranty) / overheated, then coils 'oily' + plugs fouling / a-c ran only hot, then hot one side, cold other, then only cold, fixed with relay under radiator area / uses premium fuel

    1989 dodge raider 4x4 (134k to date, using more and more now) = replaced water pump + plugs and wires. rodded the radiator once. only unfixed problem to date is a slight vacuum leak causing some shaking at idle. runs donkey piss fuel. compare this (extreme hard usage) vehicle to all of the above. draw your own conclusions.

    you should also be looking for a good, local mechanic, hopefully related to you. all of the 'shop' mechanics kill you on the complicated vehicles. simple is good...
    jack b :-) in midland, tx usa
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 894
    If the COPS ever start going again, and the car is misfiring, don't wait too long to get it fixed. The raw gas going through the cylinders is probably what fried your catalytic converters.
  • 8otter268otter26 Posts: 1
    The dual climate control on my '05 LS has stopped working; it throws hot air when it should be pumping cool air. Funny thing is this started immediately after I had a dealer replace the A/C filter. Dealer says it's a defective DCCV and it's a coincidence. I'm not so sure. I'd like to hear what others think.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 416
    our '04 had a similar problem after a 'minor' overheating incident about 18 months ago. all heat, then one side heat / one cold, then NO heat except seat heaters, but icy cold a/c. we 've been told it was a 'bubble' in the coolant, bad dccv, bad 'other' sensor underneath the radiator, etc. and the last two were $700 quotes. since we're in a pretty hot climate here in w. tx. we just don't drive it when the temp's below freezing, which is rare anyway. car's been good for the entire 51-52k we've put on it since new, getting excellent mpg along with the comfort, so we can live with it for now. when we replace the coolant in a coupla months, we'll see if it's the bubble or not. then i'll work on the sensor(s) and connectors as i get around to them. car also had a minor hard shifting tranny problem when fairly new, fixed under warranty, and it also has the oily coil on plug problem from sitting too long last summer. other than that, it's a jewel... jack b :-) in midland, tx usa
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 894
    If by A/C filter you mean cabin filter, thats up by the windshield wipers under the hood, changing that shouldn't affect the DCCV.
  • dc904dc904 Posts: 1
    What a coincidence that was?? I mean it could happen, but my getting screwed meter just went Ohh well sorry to hear that
  • totaljetttotaljett Posts: 27
    Went to my local shop to recharge my ac. They checked the pressure and it was empty of freon. Three freon cans later, it continued to blow hot air. The clutch and compressor were working fine but no cold air. The mechanice came to the conclusion the compressor is working but enough to produce cold air. They recommended a new compressor but with the LS it's not that simple. The system cannot be flushed so you must purchase new compressor, dryer and condenser. If not, warranty of the new item will be void if used with the older components. I'm gonna get a second opinion from the dealer to confirm the functioning status of compressor. Maybe they shop missed something. Anyway, has anyone heard of a LS owner only changing a compressor with success. I'm told you only maintsin warranty of each item if you purchase all new items. Supposedly a new compressor could damaged if trash is in the old condenser. What's your thought or suggestion on all I've said.
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