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Lincoln LS Climate Control



  • I would have to agree with you I am also having the same issue with my Actuator Valve being stuck, it is located on the passengers side it is in a tight place Lincoln will charge you out your A$$ trust me I got an estimate they wanted over 500.00 screw that between my husband and I we can handle this, make sure you change the fuse as well
  • rjones17rjones17 Posts: 4
    2006 LS...I am having same problem and have changed 2 Climate control valves (DCCV). 1st one worked for about 3 weeks before heat only so I took the part back and exchanged it for another. 2nd one worked fine for about 2 months and then heat only again, but not all of the time. After the car sits for a while, it seems to reset and everything is back to normal. So you think the actuator valve is the problem? Have you changed it yet? I love this car but can only take so much bull$hit!
  • rlabbrlabb Posts: 2
    2000 LS 97,000 miles. After driving a while with the AC on, the left side registers blasts hot air, but the right side remains cold. Switching between upper flow only, bottom flow and top and bottom does not help. I'm guessing it's either the diverters in the dash or the DCCV. Looking for some advice and DIY info
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Did you try the previous 145 posts?
  • Sounds like you should have bought an extended warranty on the used car that you bought.
  • totaljetttotaljett Posts: 27
    Even you have to admit that was a cynical self serving statement that didn't contribute anything to resolving the problem presented before us :confuse:
  • My A/C runs cool for approx 1 minute then blows the A/C clutch fuse. After the fuse is blown the air coming through the vent gets extremely hot. even when you turn the system off the heat radiates through the dash and vents. i replaced the a/c compressor and still the same problem... is there anyone that can help me?? please...
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 894
    When my DCCV on my '05 was bad it would blow a fuse related to the climate control, can't remember which one.
  • thanks, thats what im thinking... the the fuse that blows controls the DCCV as well...
  • I have all new coils new radiator new plugs I checked the DATC sys I fund code 24-26 does anyone know what that is I have been looking for that code and cant find anything can some one pleas HELP with the overheat it some time spill out antifreeze from the ex tank but that's also new I was thinking maybe the antifreeze is not cycling because I cant put the heat on the fan goes on I don't know what to do anymore
  • I have a 2002 Lincoln LS V8. The air conditioner has been giving me some problems. It will work fine, blow cold as ice air one minute, the next, warm air. I can't adjust the temperature, it only works when set on the lowest at 60 degrees. I have added freon. I took it to an AC repair shop. They told me its more than likely the "heater control module". The estimated repair was $900 for just the part. I would like to know how I would know if that is actually what the problem is before I spend that kind of money. Can anyone tell me what to look for to see if that is actually my issue? Thanks
  • Does anyone know what these coded number translate to on the AC control.
    19,47. And 24,28?
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