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Lincoln LS Transmission Problems



  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 894
    Maybe the tree stump you ran over ruined some other things LOL.
    How'd the tank get punctured?
  • I have a Lincoln LS and have tranny problems. The reverse does not work and the tranny will not shift automatically. We have to put it in 1st gear, wait for it go engage which wen it does it clunks hard. Once in 1st we can go but we still have to shift it manually. Going from 2nd to 3rd it will pause a bit longer then shifting into other gears. Once in 5th gear, it is fine but if it needs to shift down it will just fall out of gear and rev up until you manually shift it down. They say the tranny needs replaced but we don't agree. It will shift manually so here are our thought. Either the computer is sending a too high RPM or the springs or valves. Does anyone have anyother ideas? We dont want to spend the money on a new tranny when that probably is not the answer.
  • Hi, I am having the same exact problem. Have you learned any more?
  • Mine is doin the same thing same kinda noise for over a year now did u ever find out what it was?
  • I am having the exact same problem as frustrated.I have went through the valve body and overhauled everything in the trans except for the front pump and also replaced the solenoid pack.Still does the same thing.SOMEONE HELP PLEASE........I am beginning to think it has to be a pump/pressure problem
  • Love the car but have had many problems a problem with the transmission. The car has never had the transmission fluid drained/refilled I bought it used at 32K, now it has 96K. Went to the dealer to please change it due to my vehicle "kicking" between 2nd-3rd. However, when the outside temp is about 15-30 degrees, the transmission does not kick during shifting, however anywhere past
    30 the symptoms come up. I was told by the dealer service dept "It cant be opened because its a sealed transmission, you would have to replace the whole thing". No dumb lights have come up yet (chk eng, transmisison, wrench or "E"). Any advise?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    It's not "sealed" - it just doesn't have a dipstick. You can drop the pan and change the fluid but that's not necessary. Dealers use a machine that removes the old fluid and replaces it with new fluid through the cooler lines. It will change 95% of the fluid. If your dealer doesn't know this then you need to find a new dealer.
  • i don't know what you mean by going through the valve body;but we found broken springs in the valve body.the tools to ream the valve body ports and upgrade the damaged ports was rather jig was 400.00 and i needed three different jigs.not counting the reamers.not to mention that there is twenty some valves to inspect.just not cost effective when you can buy a rebuilt valve body with a garranty for appx. 300.00.there are a couple of companies out ther doing this.the same tranny is used in several vehicles in the time frame.all required an exchange.
  • akirby is exactly right .my tranny was doing the same thing.local dealer said we needed a new one.did some research.tried the fluid change and a valve body gasket replace first and solenoid pack change second.ended up being a broken spring in the valve body.purchased a rebuilt valve body with a warranty.local transmision shop should be able to do this for you.i did the repair myself a garage lift is a big plus.also you will need a pump to replace the fluid.
  • amhammeramhammer Posts: 1
    After fixing my main problem by replacing the broken TCC control (S2) spring. I have created another problem. Two small green balls fell from the valve body when I seperated the gasket
    from the valve body topside. Could any one email me the location the came from. Thanks!
  • gallgall Posts: 1
    I think I made a big mistake buying this lincoln ls with 95000 miles. Got the oil changed. After that it started hesitating very badly. had to give it alot of gas to get it going. Took it to mechanic he hooked to computer code that came up was plugs and coil in 8th cylinder. got it done. Gained a little power but it still hesitates when you give it gas. Also no uphill power. Any help would be greatly appreciated....THANKS!!!!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    Replace ALL the coils and plugs and if there is any oil leaking replace the valve cover gaskets.
  • mikemo2mikemo2 Posts: 1
    If your car still has less than 100000 miles Ford / Lincon will fix the leaking valve covers under warranty. They extended the watrranty to 100000 back in 05. I just had mine done at 97,500 miles. They'll only replace coils that are faulty because of the oil leaking into the spark plug chambers, but hey that should stop future problems.
  • i have a 2000 lincoln ls v8 which i crashed last month. i bought another ls and put my engine and transmission in. since then the car has difficulty gaining speed and doesnt change gears while driving. it however works great in reverse. whenever i start the car, for a few seconds everything is going well and the the fan kicks and and the "check transmission message pops up at the same time. i took it to a transmission shop and the diagnostics returned all the codes for the sensors in the transmission are not working. i changed the transmission and still have the same problem. does any one know what the problem might be?
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    Have a competent tranny shop check your tranny fluid level.....
  • Hey everyone, I just bought by 2000 Lincoln LS V6 about a month ago. Since then I have (myself) replaced both valve cover gaskets, all 6 spark plugs, all 6 spark plug coils, the water pump, a new radiatior, radiatior hoses. But now it is having trouble shifting. It is almost "sticking" in 3 or 4 gear. And the only way to get it to shift and to pop it in Neutral put it back in Drive and then it shifts really hard. After that it is fine. but it doesnt do it all of the time just randomly. And it is also (only when it is idleing or at a stop) the car will act like it is going to die and then does die unless I keep my foot on the gas pedal and keep the RPM's a little over a 1000. What is going on with my car? Can anyone help?
  • So my timing chains broke, I decided to get another engine and put in my car. After doing so.... Well, I came across the exact same issue. Have you found out how to fix it yet by chance? Idk what to do. I have checked all plugs and fluid. Also changed the computer in the car. Still no fix. Please help me. Kyle
  • mcarlyslemcarlysle Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem and the computer at the dealership noted that there was a low voltage reading on an air intake sensor. The sensor was clogged with cottonwood fluff. They cleaned it up, it read normal, and the car has been fine since.
  • hydrolshydrols Posts: 2
    i have an 02 ls that ive owned for about 2 months now. i got it for a steal a buddy of mine bought it from the sale and played with it for about 2 months he had hydros put on it and couldnt finish the build so i bought it from him knowing it needed some work since i got the car i have replaced all eight coilpacks both valve cover gaskets two window regulators a fender a headlight and a o2 sensor the engine is running great but from time to time the coolant wants to start bubbling like the car is over heating but the gauge is reading normal , the ac is still blowing cold the car isnt showing any signs of it over heating and before i spend anymore money on the car looking good i want to make sure its not going to blow up on me and my tranny is also throw the code for a pressure solenoid can anyone tell me if the solenoid is on the outside or inside or out side of the trannsmission
  • Yes, after I changer transmission fluid from FIRESTONE and the car driving about 500 mileage and message pops up check transmission, at the same the run only 40 miles only and RPM go too hight lets me driver so slowly on the freeway from redmond to seattle. I bring car to Firestone and tell them know about this problem and they toll me the Gear Ration 4 (P0734), Gear Ration (P0735) and (P0795) Pointing to a Broken Spring in valve body of transmission. I say my car before Run very well not thing wrong with transmission but after replace transmission fluid jut driving only 500 miles and got this problem. Now they toll me need to pay for transmission 1,400 dollar. this it so wear. Any one have i dear for me what can i do. Thanks
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