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Lincoln LS Transmission Problems



  • 1silverfox1silverfox Posts: 1
    don-t let shade tree mo-chanics work on ur car period. The cooling fan works with a fluid container make sure that is within the proper level. Next air bubbles in the cooling system will cause overheating their are two bleeder valves one near the coolant bottle and the other under the air intake -remove the air intake and you will see it with the car running open both vales and let the fluid drain until a steady flow this will relieve the air in the system. once accomplished close off the valves and add fluid to the proper levels. Caution use a hose and containers to drain as the fluid will damage rubber parts and hoses.
  • oldstabbyoldstabby Posts: 1
    Hello all,

    I have a 01 LS with a speed sensor issue that may be computer related. The sensor reads within spec for ohms. I checked the sensor feedback waveform with a O-scope to verify operation (VSS, ISS and TSS) All the sensors provided feedback with sinusoidal waveforms that varied with RPMs at the different spots in the trans. Still with a scanner the vehicle measures 0 MPH. The speedo in the car works fine. Still the trans is inoperative in D. No reverse or 5th. Can get other gears in manual. Can the input from the computer be dead? Any way to verify? Any help will be appreciated. I do get the proper reading from the computer for the Turbine Speed Sensor. There was no way to measure the Intermediate Speed Sensor.
  • I'm having the same problem with my lincoln ls. When my car starts with the high rmp I just pull over and turn off the car and on and its back to normal. I just had the solenoids changed and the car has gotten worse. I also believe it can b and electrical problem. If you find out what's the cause b4 I do please let me know.
  • This morning I was driving my 02 lincoln LS8 and it was doing ok, I made a stop to get gas and then started back down the road my car started acting up and wouldn't shift. I looked down and the it said "E" and in the info ctr it said ck transmission. I pulled over, shut the engine off and let it set for about 1 minute, then i dropped it manually into 1st and then shifted it up to D5, when i babied it it would go back to normal, when i got relaxed and started driving again normally it blinked back into the "E" mode. As long as I babied it I could drive it, but if I tried to drive it normally it would do the "E" mode. What is going on and how or what do I do. NOW I when I say drive normally,I am NOT driving crazy, but I do drive around 70-75 on the interstate, but I don't drive my car hard, just normal. I should mention that this morning is the coldest morning that we've had in probably 5 years, I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I need to know what to do. Thanks

  • jay556jay556 Posts: 3

    Getting the following codes on my 2004 LS. I think emission codes were there before - Ford dealer said problem with catalytic converter and suggested not bothering with. As for the others I am seeking a solution. Symptoms are waning power and also does really jerk into reverse gear. Also, "E" symbol just came up. Any ideas on what the problem might be based on the codes? Could it be just be an electrical/sensor problem or something? Thank you!

    Powertrain - Auxilliary Emission Controls - ISO/SAE Controlled P0403 - Exhaust gas re circulation "A" control circuit P0443 - Evaporative emission system purge control valve circuit P0446 - EVAP system canister vent solenoid fault conditions

    Powertrain - Transmission - ISO/SAE Controlled P0743 - Torque converter clutch circuit electrical P0755 - Shift solenoid 2 circuit conditions P0760 - Shift solenoid 3 circuit conditions P0962 - Pressure control solenoid "A" control circuit low P0966 - Pressure control solenoid "B" control circuit low P0970 - Pressure control solenoid "B" control circuit low

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