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Lincoln LS Transmission Problems



  • ls01_333ls01_333 Posts: 4
    Well thank you... but we replaced the colant bottle about a year ago. it was cracked and leaking. it is fine now, i check all fluids regularly in both of my cars.

    In response to the other folks who also responded- I went to autozone for the free diagnostic. they "couldnt give me the code" but told me a pressure solenoid popped up, which could be eg or transmission.
    It did start shifting a lil bit funky- and when it does that, it will start to warm up the slightest bit.
    then about a week ago, i hear beep and look at dash to see the gear im in on dashboard is "E" and "check Transmission" light is also on, and she is overheating.. i pulled over, shut off, started up (no transmission messages now) drove it home and have been driving my winter car since... time to follow the best advice and just hit up the dealership...
  • bpantsbpants Posts: 1
    My buddy has a 2002 Lincoln LS. He says after he washes it, the transmission light comes on and the car starts to shake. Anybody have any ideas? It does not have the "E" in the gear indication (like some other problems), he had just started right after power washing it, it wasn't overheating at the time, and he didn't smell anything burning. The car shook from the time he started it until he shut it off.

    Any advice would be awesome, thanks!
  • If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd forever be in your debt.

    The other day while in cruise control traveling at 70mph, my 2003 Lincoln LS would not accelerate. I received a ETC engine shutdown safe mode (something of that nature) error code. I pulled to the side of the road, turned my car off then back on and continue on my way.

    The next day I took my vehicle to the dealership (not Lincoln) explained what happened. Upon diagnosis, he pulled two error codes. P2107 and P2110 and advised that I take it to a local transmission shop. I received a phone call today from the transmission shop where as I was told by the tech they he could not figure out what the codes meant. He then advised that I take it to the Lincoln dealership. Can anyone give me an insight as to what is really going on with my vehicle???? BEFORE I take it to the Lincoln Dealership. :-)

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Find a new dealer. Those are ETC codes (electronic throttle control). They have nothing to do with the transmission.
  • Thank you so much for the information.. :-)

    Now I don't feel stupid, I explained that I thought it was something electrical because the vehicle did not hesitate but simply would not accelerate. I was told that it had to be the transmission because of the codes.

    Is this something that can be easily fixed? Expensive to fix?

    I want to have enough information to (attempt) have a decent conversation with the tech when I take my vehicle to the dealership.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    My guess would be a bad sensor or wire but that's just a guess.
  • I just had the solenoid and 4-3 Pre stroke valve replaced in my 2000 lincoln ls v8. It drove fine for a day then the next day i drove to town and when i stoped at the light it stalled. Now every time i put it in drive it stalls unless i hold the brack give it gas and put it into gear.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • Was reading your post while looking for information myself. I had the same problem several times with my 2002 LS and it was the coils on the spark plugs. They changed them at the dealership and the problem stopped. I could try to floorboard the car and it wouldn't got any faster than 30mph. I hopped my way to the dealer after they checked it and found nothing. I had left the dealership and gottne half way home when it started all over again. They told me not to stop the car when I got to the dealership, which I did. When they checked it on the computer it turned out to be the power packs on the plugs. They changed three of them, which I don't think it had that many bad personally. But none the less it works fine now.
    Good luck.
  • ls03torls03tor Posts: 5
    i recently started experiencing something i thought only hondas were famous for.
    2nd gear gives me a jerk and 3rd engages late. if the rpm is high the jerk is even stronger. does anyone knows if this is transmission/gearbox or my car needs tune up? cuz i have heard this could be related to bad coils/sparkplugs.
    i am going to take my car to mr transmission as the dealers dont know shi* about their own car (past experience) :sick:

    the only difference i noticed was that the car reaches 170kms+ in no time which wasnt like that before. just a little bit of push on the pedal and i can feel the downshift and the car flies LOL. :blush:
  • jtw72jtw72 Posts: 4
    BikerBoy44, My 2004 Lincoln LS V8 sport with 42,000 miles recently had the 'Check AdvanceTrac" warning come on. It went on and off for about a week. Then yesterday, the "ETC Engine failsafe mode" warning appeared, and it put the car into limp mode. I pulled over, shut it off, and when I turned it back on, all problems disappeared. Interestingly, after heavy rains recently is when this problem started (see: or-9646.aspx). Since the rain has stopped, no issues, Thoughts? I took it to a Ford/Lincoln dealer. Their diagnostic check said I needed a new "Throttle Body". They special ordered a part and said it would be $900 parts and labor. I'm holding off for now until I learn more. How much did your problem cost to fix? I'd like to tell them to look at the coils on the plugs first before I end up dropping thousands on them trying 5 different parts to fix a problem that may be as simple as your was to fix. I'd appreciate your input (or anyone else's) before a drop a grand at the dealer. Thanks!
  • recently my 2000 lincoln ls hasnt been able to move, reverse dont work, 5th n 4th dont work, the only way i can move the car is if i put it on 3rd gear, i tried hooking up the diagnostic tool, but didnt get any DTC
    does anybody have a similar problem, or even better a solution to this, any help will be much appreciated
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I'm no expert, but do you think it could be a transmission problem?

    Seriously - take it to the dealer or a transmission shop.
  • Hi Willy8886,
    My 2000 Lincoln LS (V6) started doing the same exact thing on 9/16/09! If you don't mind, could you tell me what the fix was? I really could use some guidance.
  • hi lsjunk,
    well bro to be honest, i havent fixed it yet, ive been trying to do some research on the tranny, but havent been able to find anything, the transmission is very complicated, atleast for me, it seems u have to have a special tool to check ur fluid temperature, n to add fluid, a mechanic told me that all i needed was to add fluid on the tranny, dont know if this is true though, other people told me i could have burned off some of the gears, which im pretty sure i did since ive never done any maintenance to the transmission
  • Hi Willy8886,
    Here is what I can tell you.... I noticed 3 years ago shortly after purchasing the car in a private sale that the transmission would occasionally slip (more so on cold days) until it would warm to operating temperature. But, I could get it to slip even after it warmed up by coming to a stop very quickly & then accelerate. It would also "buck" a little after coming to a complete stop (felt like a bump as if someone just tapped my rear bumper). I had the transmission fluid changed shortly afterward at a Ford dealership. This did not make any improvement. This went on for 3.5 years until the transmission stopped working this past week (not working R, D5, D4 ~ 3, 2 & 1 all work. Reverse started working again after the car sat for a day). What always confused me is that there are no scan codes or transmission errors. It behaved as if it was low on tranny fluid. But being that some Ford engineer thought a sealed transmission was the best thing since sticking a gerbil up one's [non-permissible content removed], there is no way to easily check it.
  • Numerous problems with the LS I purchased used less than a month ago with about 70,000 miles. First thing I found was none of the controls on the steering wheel work 100% of the time. They may work one minute and not the next. When they are not working, neither is the horn. CD player doesn't work. Air seems to have a mind of its own. No codes came up when electrical checked.

    The main problem is that when I took off this weekend for about 10 hours of driving on the road, I started having what I thought was hesitation secondary to bad gas. Put some some gas treatment in the tank and it seemed to get better for the 2 hours I drove it. Today when I headed home (4 hours of driving) the problem was still there. It really doesn't feel like it is sputtering and coughing. It feels more like something is slipping. It will do it when I am sitting in Drive at a stop light and does it some as I accelerate. As long as I am driving pretty constant, it seems to be ok. If I am going up hill, it gets worse. Does it sound like the transmission???? I sure hope not. Any suggestions on where to start when I take it to get someone to look at it. Thanks.
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 892
    Steering controls are the clockspring. A/C problems could be DCCV (dual climate control valve) which controls heat and a/c for the driver and passenger sides. TH hesitation and missing could be the COPS coil sits on the spark plugs, and failures are common. All of these problems are common on the LS.
  • Thanks a lot. Would the COPS cause the engine light to come on? It didn't come on when the problem initially started, but was on the next day. The ride is also not as smooth as it was before the problem. As far as the AC, the problem is that it may be blowing at the front windshield when it is set to blow out the passenger vents. Or it may be blowing really cold and then it seems to go to heat. (not set on auto) Would the DCCV cause that?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    They didn't purposely leave out the dipstick. If you look closely at the LS V8 engine bay - there simply isn't room for a dipstick. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one, much to the chagrin of the conspiracy theorists.

    Yes - bad COPs will cause a CEL eventually. But they can be bad before the CEL comes on.
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