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Infiniti G35 Brakes and Rotors



  • I picked up my 2003 G35 sedan with 98K on the odo and I've got 113500 on it now. Rear brakes were replaced and front rotors were turned when I got it. Now the entire front end doesn't wobble as much as it shudders when hitting the brakes at 70-80 mph (coming off a freeway exit).

    I don't brake hard either.

    The brake components are weak and not designed for a car this heavy. That's definitely one of the design flaws of this car - and brakes are sort of critical for getting from A to B safely.

    The rest of the car is OK, but the rule of thumb of never to buy the first generation of any make/model car holds true.
  • lattanzilattanzi Posts: 2
    The brakes on my 2007 G35S squeal/squeak. It only squeals at a certain part during the brake process - right before I come to a complete stop and after I've already slowed down quite a bit. Hopefully that makes sense. It squeals in the middle of braking. I don't hear it when I'm in motion or when I first start braking. I took it to the Infiniti dealership to have it checked out. They said the brakes seem to be fine, however the pads seem more worn out on the front than the back. They said they could resurface and clean the brakes/rotors to see if that eliminates the noise. They quoted me at $200 per pair for cleaning and resurfacing? That seems extremely high to me.

    Has anyone else had an issue similar to this and have any recommendations? Also, how much should I really be looking at if I were to have my brakes resurfaced and clean?

    Thank you,
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    I'm not sure how much you should be charged for re-surfacing, but if yours is a RWD model, I can tell you that my 2003 model chewed through brake pads and rotors. If they've never been replaced, you should anticipate replacing them. My rotors, for replacement, were only $99 a pair, so I probably wouldn't clean/resurface if you can get close to that.

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  • lattanzilattanzi Posts: 2
    And I heard that you would need to replace the brake pads when resurfacing the rotors anyway?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    That's how it was with mine - every time you change the pads, you needed to change the rotors, so I am guessing the inverse is true. I was never offered the re-surfacing option, possibly because it couldn't be done on 2003 models, or possibly because my service tech knew the difference in price would be nearly irrelevant.

    In any case, if they've never been replaced (either), it is probably just time - wear & tear items. You might want to wait for other opinions, or get a 2nd opinion, but that's my experience. I always got that stuff done at an independent shop in my area, not the dealer$hip.

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  • gojagsgojags Posts: 2
    edited June 2012
    "every time you change the pads, you needed to change the rotors"
    I just purchased my 07 G35x and have not changed brake pads yet but, I can say the the REQUIREMENT to change rotors when you change pads throws up a red flag. I've had several cars in my life, my wife driving an 08 RDX and I've never heard of that.

    In general, rotors can be "turned" until a specified thickness (thin-ness?) is reached which, at that point, requires replacement.

    If you MUST replace your rotors when you replace your pads, the rotors have issues (possibly a design flaw) or are exotic in nature. I would bet on the first.

    That being said, I've done considerable research on my 07 G35x and brake rotors are an issue on this year's g35's. I don't know if the 35s or 35MT have the same issue as they are larger.

    Change pads when changing rotors question: Absolutely. It would be foolish to change rotors and not replace the pads.
    when your rotors wear, they generally to not wear perfectly even (flat). Your pads will have been reshaped by your worn rotors (not perfectly flat). When you put your new rotors on (perfectly flat) your pads will not "sit" against your rotors "square" and will greatly reduce how effective your brakes are.

    Hope this helps.
  • gojagsgojags Posts: 2
    edited June 2012
    Has anyone upgraded your brakes - pads, rotors, calipers? My 07 G35x is known to have sub-par breaks and I would like to rectify this issue. StopTec and Hawk offer pads as well as complete upgrades but I have yet to hear an owner of an 07/08 G35 make any claims.

    Can I replace my rotors/pads with G35s/G356MT? Any knowledgeable advice would be appreciated.
  • This is not a reply to any specific post, just a general observation of this thread's subject. I've owned 9 street and 2 race cars so far - all 2-seater sports cars except the 2005 G35 Coupe 6MT. Some had various brake problems, all of which were solved by ignoring all warranties, STAYING AWAY FROM CAR DEALERS at any cost, dealing with small shops or doing my own work with after-market parts.

    In the G35's case, replacing all pads with Akebono ceramics and all rotors with Brembo plain ones (not cross drilled or slotted) cured the wear and warp problems. Plain rotors are stronger and easier on the pads. Unless you plan to do track days or go racing, cross-drilling and slotting is a waste.

    Main point here is I've learned long ago to never trust dealers or pay heed to their BS in order to make more money. In the long run, I did better paying my own way rather than seeking a warranty fix.
  • devozdevoz Posts: 19
    Its now 2012, 80K miles. Front rotors are warped again. Rear caliper went, just replaced rear brake pads and rotors with it (they were warped).

    Need some reccomendations on aftermarket costs, Infiniti charges TONS for rotors and break pads, and labor, I suspect I can get premium gear for that cost at some other garage (not dealer).

    Car is nice, but quite the revenue generator. If you are looking at G35x used, beware of the brakes, they will KILL YOU cost wise. Car is great, but not that great :-)

    Thanks - Joe
  • I used EBC 3GD series rotors and HAWK HPS pads for my 2004 INFI FX35, 2008 M35 and 2007 G35 and they are great. It's almost dust free and much better than original. It's a bit expensive but much less than dealership. Bought it from and had it installed by a local mechanic
  • i buy all my rotors and akebono pads online and then take them to a local shop to have them put on. my local shop only charges me 1 hr of labor to remove old set and install new rotors and pads (for the front or back set). this hsa been a a good way for me to control the products that are put on my car, while at the same time, saving a good chunk of money. I've replaced rotors and pads on my 08g35x once on the front and once on the back. Each time the cost for parts and labor (non dealer) have been about the same as what the dealer was asking for just new pads and resurfacing the rotors.

    just something to consider.

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