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Dodge-Plymouth Neon Starting/Stalling



  • I am working on a 96 neon dohc. It starts hard hot or cold without slight depress of acc. pedal. After it does start it runs rough for about 15 to 20 sec. then clears up and idles fine, also smells rich. Changed intake gasket, after car was taken to advance auto(obd scan) and was told #1 cyl was running rich. Sorry about dumbness. Since then have checked voltage at tps sensor 1 volt at closed throttle& 4 volts at wot. All injectors seem to be clicking(screwdriver to ear) About the same #1 is alittle louder than the rest.Fuel press. at 50 lbs, also pulled connecters off injs. at idle and made adifference at idle, have'nt checked to see if fuel press. is dropping after shut car off yet. Wondering if 1 or more injs. are leaking after shut off causing flood like condition or another sensor could be involved. Have checked codes with key on off on off on method, getting 24 tps&27 injector driver code. Don't understand #24 tps code since voltage seems to be in specs. Any input would be greatly appreciated since my wife's nephew has the car sold if I can get it starting right.Thanks.
  • casey78casey78 Posts: 1
    hello all i have a 95 sohc neon that would sputter then stall as if it wasn't getting any fuel i spent over 800 at my local shop's and they couldn't find what was wrong with it so i had my brother inlaw look at it and the problem was so figging simple we pulled the fuel rail off and lo wen behold the injector's were clogged with dirt so we looked around and found that the gas filler neck was rotten and the dodge dealer said this is vary common on these car's from 95 to 99 and it would allow sand and water to get into the tank so before spending to much money try looking to see if you have dirt in the tank after 800 dollar's the real fix was 20 buck's at the junk yard. hope this will help some one.
  • Hello everyone, I am new here... hoping to find some answers here.

    I have a 99 neon with automatic transmission. Lately I have been having a bizarre problem. The problem started one day when the car didn't want to start- I had to pump the gas a little bit to get it to turn on. Then when I was pulling out of the parking lot, when I pressed on the break (going less than 5 mph), the car completed stalled out and turned off... luckily I was still in my parking lot. I was able to turn the car back on, and I revved the engine a bit, and then it ran fine.

    The car does stall a bit when trying to accelerate, and it seems to get stuck around 40 mph. I really have to press on the gas to get it to go- like when getting on the highway.

    The main problem is stalling when I am pressing on the brake slowing down around 5-10 mph it will shudder and stalls out and act like it is going to die. It has not turned off since that first time. It does not do this problem all the time, but lately it seems to be doing it more often.

    Any clue of what this could be? I do have an oil leak, but I had the oil changed last weekend, so that should be fine.

    Any help is appreciated... I am not a car person at all and I'm tired of getting ripped off by car shops here!
  • My suggestions would be a change of the air filter and spark plugs. If that doesn't work, you might have to try replacing your cam/crank sensors. First and formost, go to a parts sore and pick up the haynes repair manual. It will give you hints on what might be wrong and ways to fix it. It'll also give you a better chance at fixing it WITHOUT having to take it to a shop.
  • poopstainpoopstain Posts: 1
    I've been having the same problem.But I think I may know what they problems is.I don't know the terms for all car parts so forgive my ignorance. I bought a used neon and it would stall and die out on the road and I would have to let it sit for along time to get it running again. I've change fuses spark plug wires and the sparkplug coil box bolted on the top of the engine. I've been told that it can be the coilbox that go out if the engine gets to hot. They are about 100 bucks at autozone. That didn't fix the issue for me though. There is part of the wiring harness that runs along the the air filter box and across the front of the fuel rod. if you move that around it engine will stall. I had to remove the cheap plastic cover on the fuel rod.Then I had to peel off some of the insulation tape zip tie the wires when the car was idling ok. I popped out those U shaped electrical line holder on the air filter box and used the hole to zip tile the electrical line under the airfilter box so it wont move. Until I can the electrical part fix or get rid of this car it seems to help. So start up the car move the electrical wire around nect to the air box and the fuel rod it it start to chug zip tie it so it won't move when your driving otherwise you will have to hitch hike down the road. Because when the engine is moving from shifting the wiring is moving around causing the car to suddenly die out or lose power when driving. Once again I an not a car expert but I messed around with my heap until I found out that was the problem.
  • tech1helptech1help Posts: 18
    sounds like your catalyst converter is plugged up. especially if when you are driving the transmission shifts funny and you can only go around 25-30MPH.can verify with a vacuum gauge which is the more economically correct way. the other you would need a exhaust back pressure gauge which runs around $350
  • I have a 98 Dodge Neon (SOHC) that stalls right after starting (approx. runs for 5 secs.). Once stalled, it will not start for at least an Hour. Fuel pump is pushing plenty of fuel (maybe too much?).
    Engine Codes are clean (no errors found). When I removed the small Purge control hose from the top of the throttle body - the Car does not stall. As a matter of fact, I was able to drive it into the Garage up a slight incline. After sliding the hose back in place - stalling occurs again.

    My initial though was fuel pressure regulator. Any/all advice would be greatly appreciaited.


    Optional Information:
    Year: 1998
    Make: Dodge
    Model: Neon
    Engine: SOHC

    Already Tried:
    Just checked Engine Codes - no errors.
    Fuel line pumps ample fuel while turning key.
    Plugs are fouled when engine stalls (removed and checked).
  • mike2222mike2222 Posts: 1
    hi guys
    k have a 97 dodge neon 5 speed
    good battery and sparks ok..engine turns over no fuel probs but it still wont start..any help guys
  • i have a 95 plymoth neon sohc 5 speed
    a few months ago it i would be driving and it would chug and wanna stall inless i gave it gas and if no gas it would stall or sometimes i would start it and it would stall right away inless i gave it gas when i started it it did that off and on for about 2-3 months now today it drove fine got to the store came out and it started but i needed to give it gas to keep it running then it stalled and would not start at all like the fuel pump whent out well i tryed agine few hours later gave it gas will tryin to start it it fired up with no problem what could the problem within in the lat 5 months all the follwing items have been replaced plugs, wires, fuel pump, fuel filter,clutch, head gaskets, within in 2 years the computer control has been replaced no i do know my neck filler looks really rusted and i know i have a gas tank leak if i fill it over half tank it will flow out know would could the problem be? i dont wanan buy gas tank and fuel neck filler and that not be the problem i know i need it but moneys tight need to get main problem fix please help me thanks in advance

    i know its not a vaccum leak but i did also notice when the fuel pump fuse is in the computer (brain ) makes a buzzing noise i replaced the relay still same thing when i take the fuse out no bussing sound any idead thanks in advance
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    is the biggest Lemon every conceived, built, and made.
  • This might sound stupid... but, is there any way your transmission cable may have come of. (lose bolt?)
  • teekcteekc Posts: 1
    Got a neon that will stall at idle or when you take foot off the gas.
    If I start the car and bring down the rpms to say 1000 and hold it there it seems to work for a short while this car is shutting off when I.m driving as well only when I take my foot off the gas.
    no service engine light comes on.
    car only has 56k on it
    any help on this would be appreciated
  • tcb74tcb74 Posts: 7
    My 2000 neon idles a little low and rough, a soft step on the gas pedal raises the idle by a little and makes the car idle perfect. Any idea to what can cause this?
  • You seem to be okay as long as the tack holds up and you keep it at a grand. You might try advancing the timing to idle at a grand.
  • Not actually, anything someone can think up makes sense to me considering we are dealing with Neon's.
  • I drive a 2005 Dodge Neon SXT. Recently, it's been starting but dying right after. It sounds normal when I go to start it, but then when I let go of the key, it dies completely. Sometimes I can get it started by hitting the gas sometime when I turn the key. Lately, that isn't working either. I can do that and keep the RPM's up for a few seconds but when I let up on the gas pedal it dies completely again. I've changed the spark plugs and it seemed to stop the problem for a few weeks. Taken it to a dealership and they ran diagnositics and couldn't find anything wrong with it. Can you please point me in the right direction? Any help would be appreciated!
  • I am currently having the same problem with my 2005 neon. Did you find the problem? :(
  • I have a 1995 Plymouth Neon. The problem I’m having is with my alarm system. I disconnected the battery to charge it then reconnected it and now I can't start my car because the anti theft system is still activated. I have tried unlocking the driver’s side door with the key, but it doesn’t help. What can I do?
  • lb26lb26 Posts: 2
    My plymouth neon that I just bought for 650.00 just died. it ran fine on the drive home. but as soon as I started it the next day, it started stalling I had to drive it with two feet just to keep it idled. Now it just died and wont start. all the lights work, but it does not start. no clicking, no nothing could it be the altenator? or the battery also my gauges on my dash would drop down to zero and then when warmed up would rise back up to normal. what the hell is up with this car? how many people has had the same problem? and what did you do to fix this :lemon:
  • lb26lb26 Posts: 2
    my car does the same thing.but when driving my transmission will jump into 2 gear pretty hard. and my engine light is on now and now the car just died. did you get that idle problem fixed yet?
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