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Dodge-Plymouth Neon Starting/Stalling



  • do the lights on the dash dimm as yo try to start the car? also put it in neutral and see if it will start. If still no clicking or anything. check the fuse panel under the hood. you may have blown one of the main engine fuses,
  • external fuel filter,on plastic model fuel tanks its stainless steel about 46$ i read this in another blog on or feb 10 2008 1/ 19/ 10
    41 leich2 seams to me like it makes going to try it on myn. man there so many people with this same problem,im suprised we dont have more solutions on this blog tip at the top of a trouble shooting window.
  • I am having the same problem! Did you figure out what's wrong with it yet?

    Here is my experience:

    December 2009
    Put Neon in garage and drove Cavalier as the Neon was not handling well on ice.
    -Had almost half a tank of gas in it.

    February 23, 2010
    Tried to start Neon, turned over 3-4 times before it wouldn’t turn over at all – dead silence. We tried to jump the battery but that did not make a difference.

    February 26th
    Put a new battery in the Neon – still would not turn over, dead silence.

    February 27th
    Dad and brother came over and put a charger on the battery. Car would turn over but not start, tried this couple of times. Brother turned the car over and held the gas pedal down – car started. We drove up to the gas station to put gas in it, drove around town just fine. Went home, and drove it an hour later, it started fine. Went to start it roughly 2 hours later and it would turn over but not start. On the third try it went silent again (no clicking just silence). Put a bottle of heat in gas tank – still silent.

    It only has 48,000 miles on it too! We thought we flooded it from starting it numerous times but that's obviously not the problem. I'm lost!
  • My daughter has a 2004 dodge neon that has a strange sounding idle , like its going to stall but doesn't quite. She says on the highway when going past 80 km it feels like its cutting out at times and sort of bucking. Wondering if this may sound familiar to anyone.
  • i dont know if you have fixed the problem yet but replace all the spark plugs and battery. a low battery can cause the car to shake because it can not draw proper voltage. also make sure your fuel system is not clogged. a full tune up can help.
  • drenndrenn Posts: 9
    I got a 1995 neon 2.0 single overhead cam will idle great rev it up a couple times will stall let set for a while will start and do the same thing all overagain need help
  • Try having the Cam & Crank sensors replaced. I had the same problem and it worked after I put the new ones in.
  • drenndrenn Posts: 9
    1995 2.0 single overhead cam neon while driving shuts off but starts right back up goes for awhile than does it again any help no codes had a jeep do the same crank shaft sencor but it showed a code
  • drenndrenn Posts: 9
    1995 dodge neon runs great but will shut off while driving turn key off starts right back up go for awhile does it all over again?????????
  • fubijawfubijaw Posts: 2
    95 Plymouth Neon is VERY hard to start. Originally, it would need to be cranked for several seconds before it started, but it would start eventually. It seemed the lower the gas level, the harder it was to start. In fact, it drives fine until the gauge goes to E; however, if the car is turned off and the tank is around a quarter full or less, it will not started again, acting like it is out of gas.

    Now it has gotten even harder to start and will stall immediately after it finally starts up. Once (and if) it gets going, it drives perfectly fine. I've sprayed starting fluid in the intake, which gets it started, but it will stall immediately. If I don't spray starting fluid, it won't start at all. It has a new fuel pump and fuel filter.

    Any ideas? Please go easy on me.....I am not fluent in carspeak.
  • acesshadowacesshadow Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 dodge neon that suddenly shut off driving down the road. After checking I found that the ignition fuseable link had blown. I replaced it and it drove only a few feet but had idled some time. I replaced it again and drove about a mile, another blown fuse. After getting it home I have noticed that it fuse stays good at an idle but when you put it into gear in seconds the fuse gets VERY hot. The car has an automatic transmission. Any ideas anyone?
  • wayne61wayne61 Posts: 2
    Check the 20 amp asd fuse in the Power Distribution Center if the fuse is blown the starter will not turnover, but the headlights will still come on with no problem.The PDC is located under the hood beside the battery.
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