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Dodge-Plymouth Neon Starting/Stalling



  • wayne61wayne61 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 neon starts and stalls all the time. Sometimes it stalls when you first starts but mostly stalls after it is warm. Replaced fuel pump but still did the same thing. So we took it to the shop. Could find nothing wrong,no codes. So they checked the fuel pressure and it was between 95 and 100 psi, way to high. The fuel pump is only 1 day old, bought it from AutoZone.So I put the old regulator on the new fuel pump and got the same reading. So AutoZone is going to replace the pump, they won't let me just trade them regulators. Just wandering if any one else has checked the fuel pressure for being high and if that fixed anybody's problem. Will be putting in new pump Friday will let you know if that fixed problem.
  • I had the same problem. i found out its the wire/connector that connects to the starter
    push it in and try that. email me for anything else. :mad:
  • polpolpolpol Posts: 1
    i don't know if you fix your neon yet but i had the same problem. i took my neon to get fix but I got it back and it still didn't work I told the mechanic that it could of been alarm system so they disconnect the wires work for a little bit but the fuses were still blowing out. my noen blew the fuses when I moved my steering column. So I told the mechanic and he told me that the problem was in the steering column. NOw my neon is working never was told what caused it but it was in the steering column.
  • floyd10floyd10 Posts: 4
    we have a 97 neon, sometimes it just quits completely, will turn over but gets no spark. sometimes you may wait 5 min and will start back up, sometimes may wait an hour. seems to do it more when its hot out. not codes show up. any suggestions what to check.
  • 08/24/10
    I have had my neon for 5 years now and I am having the EXACT same problem..taken it to 2 different garages and after $820.00 its STILL doing it... I had all new plugs wires and fuel injector cleaning....and at 2nd garage had new fuel pump put on...and its STILL not working....HELP
  • I just got done dealing with this issue. At first I thought fuel pump too. I have the exact same car. I had my car scoped at Auto Zone, it threw a code for the cam position sensor...fixes could be replacing that part, to the connections to it, to your timing being off, to a tune up. Taking the path of least resistance (and also having 47K on the car, it was time...) I got the tune up. It solved the problem for 5 days. I had it rescoped and it threw the cam sensor again. I had it fixed, so far so good.
  • floyd10floyd10 Posts: 4
    Im still working on my 97 neon, have replaced fuel pump, oxygen sensor, cam sensor, timing belt, (only code that comes up says the timing belt is one tooth off but its not), and tune up. still having the stalling problem. going to test the throttle position sensor,dont think thats it but worth a try. Im wondering about the computer. has anyone had to replace theirs.
  • Funny because I had the IT Guys from work go out and mess with it and everytime they stuck something in the throttle hole(lol no sure the exact term) my car would start.. and they did this 2 days ago and so far no problem... so now we think that the throttle sensor was just stuck or they said something about the choke being stuck... when i had my car hooked up to computers at 2 different shops no code came up so they just started replacing cords wires pumps and all that good stuff... after 800plus dollars we have it narrowed down to a $15.00 piece that needs replaced...How annoying is that!!!!
  • onepdqz28onepdqz28 Posts: 2
    edited September 2010
    When turning the ignition key, cluster lights up, hear the fuel pump hum. No start. Battery good and posts cleaned. Fuses good. Steering column does not lock.
  • Hi, Mine does the same thing I also have a 98 it is turning out to be a money pit. Did you get a solution to this annoying problem?

    Anything would be greatly appreciated. It dies out quick like it lost all power, I am wondering if it could be an electrical problem.
  • Hi!!!! I had a tune up done, fuel injector cleaning, and a New Fuel pump put on it!!! 820.00 later it was still acting up here and there and eventually it started up without trouble!!! So far it hasn't been acting up so I am not sure if it just had to finish flushing the stuff out or not. (im not to car handy) but so far so good!!!! I only have like 10 months left to pay on it so I didn't want to trade it in yet but Also didnt want to put fortune into it either!!!! Good Luck with yours!! I still get nervous when I am out and about weather its going to start or not...
  • Also I took mine to AutoZone when it was still acting up and the guy said before i replace anything else or spend money find someone who can take the Throttle Sensor out and clean it real good to see if that helps!!! Hope it works for ya! Cars are a pain in the butt for sure!
  • Im still working on the 97 neon that dies for no reason. only code that ever came up was timing belt off, I checked, it wasnt, Ive replaced the cam sensor, throttle position sensor, fuel pump, ignition, checked the coils, grounds, connections, Im at a loss.
  • Column does lock, after some wrestling. Replaced the starter. S.O.S. Swapped the A/C relay for the starters relay. Vroom. It fired right up. J.C. a fricken bad relay!
  • drenndrenn Posts: 9
    i have a 95 neon did the same now won't start at all did you find the problem
  • Hello all. I'm new to the forum. I also recently bought an o5 Neon. So far I've changed the tires, fluids, motor/ tranny mounts, both speed sensors on the tranny, cam sensor, TPS, idle control valve, MAP sensor, ignition coil, wires n plugs, air filter, PVC and last but not least the belts. Oh! And the transmission shift solenoid! After all of this I am left with water leaking into the cabin from the evaporator(?) and a rough idle that's driving me NUTS! Not too concerned about the water cause I'm not gonna be using the AC for a bit but I can't figure out the idle prob and it seems like it's pretty common. Looking for any ideas........?
  • I have tried everything and some days its fine and some its not.... I wish you the best of luck with yours.. We have had 3 neons in my family a 00 03 and 05 and we sold the 00 the 03 transmission just went out and my 05 is having problems now but this is truely the 1st problem it has had in 5 years... I Hope you find out what is wrong with yours!!! Good Luck
  • Thanx. It sucks because I really like the little car and would rather spend the time and money on some accessories instead...! In any case, last thing suggested was to check the EGR valve but all I've been able to find is a picture of the gasket. Does the 05 even have an EGR? The Chilton's manual is terrible! I gotta get me something better! I have a new crank sensor that I haven't installed yet but I doubt that's the problem...
  • with my neon it was the crank position sensor loacted above the oil filter
    not easy to take out but can be done buy a new one 85$ canadian
    good luck also check under fuze box under hood all wire are connected
  • everett1978everett1978 Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    I have a 98 plymonth neon that stalls out at a read light a couple weeks back, after 5 mins it started back up, but stalled at the next read light. I put it on the computer and it said battery temp sensor (replaced) So now check engine lights off but its still stalls at redlights or if you let it warm up to normal temp. sometimes wont start at all! I've replaced core pack, spark plugs, crank sensor, computer, tested fuel pressure, i can hear fuel pump run. any ideas???? :mad:
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