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Dodge-Plymouth Neon Starting/Stalling



  • Im having the same issue with my 2002. check the wiring harness back by the manifold. Good chance its hitting the manifold and has melted though and some wired are cross arcing on the manifold when you hit a bump
  • I have been having this same problem for years and took to a dodge dealer and other mechanics who could find nothing wrong. Finally took it to a local dealer in my hometown who folks recommended as really good and honest. Mine had the exact same symptoms as you describe and it was a problem with the fuel pump. A problem with fuel injectors could also be the culprit.
  • dman93dman93 Posts: 1
    With my neon I have run into two problems that a lot of other people run into and I have not seen any answers to them. I have fixed those problems and now I want to share them with you other Neon owners. First thing, There are a lot of problems involving the fuel pump, then people change it out (sometimes with the rest of the fuel system) and still have not fixed the problem. The cause on mine was the crank position sensor, which controls the fuel pump making it appear as if it the pump or something else in the fuel system. On mine I would be driving then I would lose all power to the engine, the radio would still be going, and the speedometer would drop to zero even when I was still moving. sometimes it would restart afterwards sometimes it would not. Then I took a look at the crank position sensor and found that it had leaked oil into the electrical part, and started shorting out the sensor therefore cutting off all fuel flow to the engine.

    Second, the "door" light comes on when all doors are closed, and it would leave the light on and drain the battery. When I replaced all the Door jamb switches that fixed the problem.

    My neon is a 2000, but I have seen a lot of similar problems with other years as well. And These may not fix your problems, but I hope that this will at least help.
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    Hi, I have a 1999 Dodge neon. Few weeks ago I was accelrating on highway & it lost all power then instantly died. Started right back up. i took it to mechanic they changed throttle body, throttle position sensor, fuel pump & fuel filter. Before taking it to mechanic the computer scanner did not pull up any codes. I got car back & it now had long start up & hesitation on take off & misfiring. Took it back to mechanic they adjusted throttle body. Still had same problems & had it scanned again scanner showed bad cam sensor. I replaced that & has it scanned again it still shwoing bad cam sensor & now ambient air temperature sensor. Currently car still has long start up, & loses power on accelerating too fast. could my PCM be bad? Or if anyone has any other ideas I would greatly appreciate it.
  • i have the same exact problem. my tranny just went today too, when my light comes on it says its my "idle air" so that could also be a cause.
  • I have a 2002 Dodge Neon. It will run fine for a while and then when you try to start it, it will start and die 3 times and then it will not start for a while. When this happens, the security light stays on. The computer has been replaced along with the ignition module and a new key has been programmed. Any ideas?
  • racerxxracerxx Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    So my daughter just bought the 2005 dodge neon and i was driving with her the other day i noticed the car loose power and get power back. The car didn't die but lost power. do you think by replacing crank position sensor might fix problem? she tells me today when she was making a right hand turn she had to slam on the brakes because people were crossing and the car died. dman93 when you were driving your car did it completely die or did it just stall for a second.
  • well i have a 01 dodge neon also my process of thinking about that is that your car could be over heating and your RPM's aren't staying up far enough or not shifting at the right time i push my car hard and i drift with it so its still going for me just think about every solution and look for the problem
  • gem880406gem880406 Posts: 2
    Same thing happens to me but it's while I'm driving...I've had every thing that you've had replaced as well and have had to take it back to the Dodge dealership 3 times and it's still not working...have you found out any thing??
  • gem880406gem880406 Posts: 2
    Hi, I've had the same problem with my '98. I've had basically every thing under the hood sensor, spark plugs/wires, valve cover gasket, melted wires replaced...and have had the PCM replaced...and it's still dying on me. Let me know if you ever find out what's going on and I'll do the same.

  • baretta77baretta77 Posts: 1
    hi my name is jr im having the same problems 95 dodge neon sport cou did you fine out what was the problem any help place ooo DOHC i did the same thine throttle body tps map help help....sorry about the spelling
  • floyd10floyd10 Posts: 4
    I have my fingers crossed, replacing the cam sensor I noticed there was oil leaking into it, havent addressed that problem yet, but cleaned it and replaced the cam sensor and havent had it die for a couple months now.
  • hello all! this is the 3rd different forum ive been on on this site for several different issues with my 95 plymouth neon! well ill just get to the point. my car has been in and out of the shop more than ive actually been able to drive my car in the past 3 weeks. and about a week ago i was turning into a gas station and my car lost all power and died. i have NEVER had any problems like this or any problems with the way it drove before. for the rest of the night it wouldnt start, you could tell it was trying just wouldnt turn over. so the next day i wake up and try it again and on the first try it started like a champ! so i drove it around for a few days, made sure i didnt go anywhere far just in case and ran pretty good except i did notice when i was going around 35-45mph it would stutter and jerk forward a little bit. so yesterday im on my way to work and completely dies and shuts off again! i got it towed back to the shop, they have had it for over 24 hours now and have done every possible test they could and test drove it 3 different times. and my mechanic said he couldnt find anything wrong with it, said it drove like new and all of the test results and codes came back outstanding! IDK what to do at this point, so irritated!

  • Curious, has your car been running since all the replacements. the symptoms say the key code is not being accepted by the engine computer. If it has been running ok, not sure why it would all of a sudden stop. If you have it fixed, would love to know what it took.
  • axleyaxley Posts: 1
    look next to the air intake you will see a vacuum line on the throttle body pull it off start your car and see if it run . do not plug the vacuum line .If your car run's ok .trace the vacuum line to a switch that has some wire and two vacuum line hook to it remove the switch . replace it .or just run the line back into it self hook one end of the line in one hole and the other end into the other hole. hope this helps.
  • ejm3905ejm3905 Posts: 12
    edited October 2011
    I have a neon srt4 2005. car was running it just shut off. I have lights horn works.light in dash working. checked fuses and relays they are all fine. I will not do anything. no cranking nothing. can some one help
  • ejm3905ejm3905 Posts: 12
    edited October 2011
    I hooked up scanner to the car and got an erpr that means error. could it be the pcm is bad. it will not link to the scanner. The car is a 2005 srt4 neon. It was runnung and just shut off, I have power to horn, lights, dash, car does nothing.
  • I had a 2000 Dodge Neon got 252,600 miles out of it before engine finally went. Loved it!! So I purchased a used 2003 Neon SE and it has been a nightmare this past wk. First 30 days it drove fine, made first payment and BAM! But here is crazy husband had just replaced the ignition coil on old neon so called advance store and they said it was exact same hubby put new one on 03 car and troubles started after that....then today went to advance store and purchased a new ignition coil and it had a different part number. So my question is if anyone mechanically inclined can help is this...because car ran FINE before switching coil...did those different part numbers have something to do with the coils ARE different and now my computer needs to be reset because it has caused something to screw up in the electrical system? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • Good deal, I have found a lot of parts match up of the newer neons to the older ones. I enjoy my little go cart on steriods.
    Rob. Louisiana Neon Owner and proud of it.
  • i just replaced the torque converter on my 2002 dodge neon, now it will not crank over. has power to lights, fuel pump, ect, but will not crank over. checked grounds and starter connections, all good. anyone knowq why this is happening???
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