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Dodge-Plymouth Neon Starting/Stalling



  • i have a 1995 neon and just replaced fuel pump it cranks but no spark i am getting ready to test cam sensor let you know how that turns out.
  • Ive recently had a a busted trans oil cooler hose that cause the reason for low idle and stalling that fixed problem somewhat i just need to flush transmission. But then not even a full month later im at a stop light and my car shuts off, it did this when i transmission leak so i put it in park and it cranks back up. thinking im low on transmission i buy more but i was fine on transmission fuel. i have full tank of gas. i turn key lights come on dashboard but no noise is heard. we hit starter and tried to crank but nothing, tried boosting but nothin! :mad: just checked fuses inside and out and all my #20 's fuses are blown! the inside are just burnt except 1, and thats the #20 fuse. i have had oil change, engine isnt locked up, there is oil in car, no leaks besides inside passenger under dash. have aprox 116,300 miles Any solutions will work.
  • neon10neon10 Posts: 1
    good after noon i am haveing the same problem with my 1995 plymouth neon have you figured out what is wrong with yours.. it takes a few crankes to start when starts it seams like it is out of gas when it has quorter tank you can emil me at thanks for your time
  • So as the title says I already said tested the starter they said the solenoid was bad so I put a new one on and tried to turn it over, all we got was a clicking noise.
    So cleaned all the connections and still nothing. Can't seem to figure this one out and running out of $$$ so if anyone has any idea what it could be I'd appreciate it :) thanks.
  • rwt1223rwt1223 Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Dodge Neon that stalled while driving (It has 370,001 miles on it, yes I like my Dodge). Anyway, turn key over NOTHING, but panel lights up, so I know battery has power. My question is, does anyone know what would cause to stall and then nothing, engine acts as if it is locked up, Check Engine Light did not come on. NOW the security light in the middle flashes when I turn key over--Could this be a computer problem? I appreciate any help.
  • I also had a 2000 Dodge Neon that was a great car. It had close to 200,000 miles on it when I got rid of it and bought a 2005 Dodge Neon with 56,000 miles on it. The 2005 ran great for over a year, approx 18,000 miles. Then it started cutting out and the service engine light would come on, but it would only do it occasionally. It did continue to get worse until one day it did it when I was on the freeway and it wouldn't let me drive over 35 MPH it was cutting out so bad and the service engine light stayed on. I drove it to an Advance Auto and they ran a diagnostic which said cam shaft sensor was bad. Part and labor was only about $85. It ran fine for a week or two, no cutting out or anything then out of the blue wouldn't crank one night when I came out of the store. It wouldn't turn over or anything. After about an hour it did crank up again. Once I got home it wouldn't crank back up. Still wouldn't turn over or anything. I tried jumping it off and it cranked right up but then would cut off and not crank again. I bought a new battery from Advance Auto (they deliver to your home and install!) and the guy also checked to see if my alternator was bad. It wasn't. After the guy installed the new battery and cranked it up and had me do that thing where you rev the engine for a certain amt of time to reset your computer, all was well. It was still running while I was out signing the paperwork but then it just cut off and wouldn't do anything when I tried to crank it again. He checked the connections, still nothing, so he took the negative battery cable off and put it back on and it cranked right up. Then before he could put his tools cut off again. Still wouldn't turn over or click or anything when I tried to crank it. He took the negative cable off and put it back and it cranked right up. He said there's something wrong with my computer. That it was not resetting itself and that was what he was doing, resetting the computer, when he would take that negative battery cable off and put it back on. He said I should try to drive it a while so the computer could reset itself. I drove it for a while around my neighborhood and it didn't cut off but as soon as I parked, it cut off and wouldn't crank again. I took it to the shop where they told me I had a different bad cam sensor. They replaced it and let it run idle in the shop for a long time but then the mechanic asked if it was okay with me if he drove it home that evening to make sure it was not going to cut off on the road with me. He did and it did. Again and again. So he cleaned the computer chips or something like that. There are approx 60-100 of them he said, and it ran good for a week then while it was running idle it cut off and did the same thing again. Wouldn't crank, wouldn't turn over, nothing. I was at the airport and security offered to jump me off. I figured it wouldn't work but it fired right up. I stopped by the store on my way home, left the car running while I grabbed a cut off again. After a few minutes it did crank up on it's on. Then a few days later my daughter drove it and it wouldn't crank when she got off work. She called AAA. This time it wouldn't jump off. He got in the car and shifted the gear to Neutral. It cranked right up. He told her that those cars have a sensor on the gears or transmission or something like that and sometimes they think the car is not in Park so it won't crank. He said to try shifting it to neutral and see if it will crank when it cuts off or won't crank. It has worked every single time since. Whenever it won't crank or it cuts off, I just shift into Neutral and it cranks right up.. You do have to have the key in the ON position to shift the gear out of Park. I'm afraid to get it fixed. Scared they will fix that sensor and another will go bad. As long as this works I'm just going to leave it like it is. It does not cut off while I'm driving down the road. Only when I'm sitting somewhere with it running idle. Which I try not to do but some stoplights are 10 minutes long. Good Luck Neon owners. I hope this works for you also.
  • jcallenjcallen Posts: 1
    I have a 98 dodge neon 5spd sohc startwr is good battery is good fuel pump is working when you turn the key fuel was low when it cut off added fuel to almost half tank still wont start can somebody help?
  • Question: I have a 2005 dodge neon sxt 2.0 liter. It runs for maybe 8 or so miles then it will pit and spudder to a stall. I can turn the key off and start it right back up and it will drive again for 8 or so miles then repeat the same process of spitting and sputtering to a stall. I have replaced the spark plugs. Plug wires. Coil pack. Cleaned the EGR valve. Checked th MAP sensor. Checked the TPS sensor. Replaced the fuel pump. Cleaned out fuel lines fuel rail and OHMed the injectors. Also cleaned the injectors. Unplugged the Coolant sensor. "Fan Counteniously runs." Checked for Vacuum leaks. Replaced cam sensor. Replaced crank sensor. and it still does the same thing. Spuddering to a stall after driving it for a bit. There are no check engine lights on. I'm pretty much stumped and dropped alot of money into this car. I also checked to make sure there was plenty of exhaust flowing through the back. So therefore i do not thing it is the cat either. Any tip's hint's ect would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. BTW i even tried the key dance and still no codes. Even though i do have a live feed data scanner. I am fairly good with cars. Any suggestions?
  • I would start by taking the quick disconnect off the fuel line at the fuel rail and make sure you are getting fuel. If so proceed to next step by making sure you are getting fire. Pull your number one spark plug you can have a arc tester or you can simply place it by metal and ground it out and have someone turn the key over to see if it is sparking. "Don't hold on to wire or be where you can be shocked"
  • dsj1979dsj1979 Posts: 2
    OK so stalling issues with neons yeah!!!! plugs wires coil pack change them dont be cheap spend the money, battery terminals take the wires off and clean the things spend the money, catalatyic converter check it and see if theres a problem with it if so spend the money get it replaced finally check your air filter people could be plugged up go to a place to pump up tires take the air box apart and clean the air filter, change the oil its called maintinace
  • Have u checked all your ground wires? Sounds like u have a n intermittent
    Ground that rattles in between two metal parts, hope this helps
  • I had an intermittent stalling Issue with My neon, it Was so frustrating it made me sick, it would run Fine but I couldn't depend on how long It would run for, It would Run. Fine for days, others
    I wouldn't get a half mile,let it sit 20 mins it would start. Fine an drive for hours!
    Eventually I Figured out that there is a ground Bolt that u cannot see up under another Part on the drivers side of the motor, this bolt grounds three different electrical components at the same Time! It sits in between two metal parts making an. Intermittent ground issue !
    So my suggestion To neon Owners is to chase all ground wires clean and tighten to. Make. Absolutely sure there right! Took me twenty mechanics an two years to figure it. Out!
    Hope this helps everyone! Alohaa
  • Check all grounds,chase them down nd. You'll fix ur problem!
  • It's a bolt that grounds out three different components, but it wiggles between two metal parts so its an intermittent ground,!
  • I seem to be having a simular problem with my 96 plymouth neon SOHC. The exception is that if I let it sit for a little over an hour i can drive roughly 18-20 miles before it starts to spit and sputter and the engine jerks so hard it feels like it is going to jump right out from under the hood. about 3 minutes later i lose everything and the car stalls. It will start right back up just fine but the moment i put it into drive and go to take off it jerks spits and sputters again.. but if i leave it in park it idols just fine and even in neutral i can rev the engine and everything just fine with no problem.. it only occurs when it is put into drive and i attempt to actually move.. Any sugestions?
  • robox32robox32 Posts: 1
    Replace the catalytic converter and if you get the code for the camshaft position sensor circuit A, change the sensor then go under the car behind the motor above the cv axle look at the wires. One of the wires are exposed and grounding out. Cover it and tape or ziptie all the wires together. That's what all I did and nomore codes and runs like a dream.
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