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Dodge-Plymouth Neon Electrical/Lighting



  • Start off small. Check the battery first. Check your plugs and wires. You could also have a sensor out.
  • Hey everyone,

    It was only the battery. WHEW!!!!!! Thanks for the advice!
  • I am not sure if you fixed this trouble yet or if it is the same cause as mine was, my 97 neon used to do some of the same and then it got worse and the car would die for no apparent reason and then would not start at times even though it would crank. I took mine to the dealer and they could not find the trouble, anyway this might be your answer. I found a wire that was shorting once in a while against a bolt head. The wire had worn off and the area was smaller than a pin head so you have to look close. Open the hood and find the power distribution center (main fuse block right behind the battery. look under the right side of the PDC (right side if you are standing in front of the car) and there are wires factory run right underneath it, right under that PDC there is a bolt head that one of those wires was rubbing on and shorting on. You will have to disconnect some connections to check this. In looking at my car it appears to me like this could fairly easy happen on other neons like mine. Let me know if this helps or even what you trouble was if it is already fixed. Good Luck.
  • thank u al so much its the wire, i went to start it and my moms bf saw it arch by the peice that connects to the battery (before i saw ur response which is weird) thank u all so much i hope the starter is ok, still a chance it can be dying huh?
  • Glad you found it, as far as the starter goes You will have to see if it acts up anymore after this fix. At times prior to me finding my short the starter seemed to have trouble, I ended up replacing my starter the day prior to finding the short because the short I had would at time cause the car to crank over without starting and this ruined my stater. My started when bad at times would just click, or crank over for a couple seconds and then just make a spinning sound, or not crank at all, then at times it seemed fine.
  • I've called round locally, and while cables are available at every Murray's (etc) for roughly $5 each...3 different shops tell me that I will need to order the battery cables from the dealership for $113!
    We bought this car used, about 3yrs ago. In recent months, connection is lost every time we hit a major crack in pavement or bump. (Go figure, we're in Detroit too.) We completely lose power, including hazards; brakes; etc.
    Looking at the wiring last night, we noticed that the previous owner must have electrical taped the cables in several areas...wire threads are rusted out, twisted, you name it.
    So...thought we'd just replace the cable and end our problems. Now I'm being told that 'special' cables are needed for our 1995 Neon.

    Can anyone back this up? Have experience with using universal cables? We don't even have the funds to get this car towed.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    bktron: We replaced the positive cable a good long time ago, we have 192,000 miles on our 1996. It seems to me we got them from NAPA. I can't remember that they were outrageous like what you said. As these Neons get older they do require more expensive R&R. We recently spent $320.00 on front end work, and $350.00 on the AC. Plus earlier ths summer both OX sensors went out at different times at $140.00. But 192,000 miles is double what some cars get.

  • Two weeks ago I repalced the alternator on my 95 neon. The other day I started smelling fumes. (rotten eggs). Then the battery fried. I replaced the battery but noticed this morning it was hot and bubbling. Someone suggested the voltage regulator. Anyone no where its located? Thanks
  • It's probably built into the alternator itself but I'm not sure. At any rate you'd best be very careful and never create any kind of spark around a "bubbling" battery. (hydrogen gas == KABOOM)
  • A friend suggested that if it is an older battery with a new alternator installed that the older battery could not handle the load? Anyway I'm going to put a new battery in and see what happens. Thanks
  • Well batteries do get tired after 3 to 5 years. That's true, you can't charge a defective battery.
  • Hello, I have a 2001 Plymouth Neon and on Friday night my right turn signal and brake light went out. The following day my left turn signal and brake light also went out. When I went to change the bulb I noticed that nothing was wrong with either one but went ahead and changed them anyway and neither worked. I then checked my fuses and once again none were broken or blown out but I changed them anyways and still no turn signals or brake lights. The dealership says it may be the Multi-Function switch. Does anyone know where this is located on my car or if that is an accurate estimate? Has anyone else had this sort of problem or does anyone know of any information that could be of use to me? I appreciate any feedback anyone has. Thank you in advance!! Matthew
  • My 1995 plymouth neon 2Lt SOHC engine wont start. I've had the battery and relay checked out and they were fine. I've tried jumping and nothing. just makes electrical noises under the hood and sometimes a clicking noise when I turn the ignition key.

    Friends say starter is bad and to change it out, but it is practically unreachable sandwiched between the radiator/ fan housing area and tucked under the intake manifold!

    I've been told I would need to remove the intake manifold , fuel rail, throttle body, air inlet duct, pretty much everything up front to change the starter!
    One other person said i could remove the front mount bolt from the front cross member bracket and the engine could be tilted down to facilitate removal of the starter/Solenoid. Boy there doesn't seam to be enough clearance for this to me.
    I'm presently strapped for cash and was hoping to do this myself. I'm mechanically inclined, but afraid I might ruin more than the current problem I have!

    HELP Any suggestions I need the car for work to support my 3 children living with me
  • 315315 Posts: 1
    i have a 1995 neon that is dieing at start, the car starts adn then dies if you turn on the lights. If i warm the car up it runs fine wiht or without the lights. Once the car dies it will npot restart and the dash lights are not on. It will start if it ileft sitting for atime.
  • My son hit manhole cover and activated his air bags, we have bought new airbags and module thru local salvage yard, but cant seem to find the sensor(activator) under the hood, I want to make sure the pin popped backou before I install the airbags, can any help me,
  • rhouse2rhouse2 Posts: 2
    My Dodge Neon had a problem that I originally thought was a bad gas issue, it started after I got gas at a station other than our regular place... the car ran fine, then started stalling - more like a hiccup, it would stop running then catch again, without a full stop... this happened several times just after I got gas. I used dry gas and the problem seemed to get a bit better but continued intermittenly. For a couple of days, I thought it would resolve with the next full tank of "good" gas. It didn't, and now, it won't run at all. The Starter engages, motor won't run, I can hear the fuel pump cycle... we have checked all the fuses and relays, we have replaced the coil, and computer module, and still get no start....
    Any suggestions on what to check next would be appreciated, I love my neon, but at this point the hubby is almost ready to give up......
    Thanks RJ :sick:
  • xneonxxneonx Posts: 1
    check the crank and cam sensor i had the same problem. i replaced the sensors and the problems stopped
  • rhouse2rhouse2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply... Yes we replaced the sensor was the next thing we tried, and nope that wasn't the problem... We were able to get it fixed finally when we traced every wire in the wiring harness to find that the original owner (idiot)had pin prick tested several of them when he self installed his security system and that several of the wires were disintegrated and needed replacing.... explaining the occasional bad gas chug when they got damp or warm... the problem has been repaired for the moment we think... thanks again for the reply... R
  • okvolokvol Posts: 2
    While driving, the CD player skips occasionally with known good CDs, never in the same place.

    Sometimes the gauges on the dash "reset" at the same time. Example: speedometer goes to max, then steps down in about 1/4 of the gauge at a time. Other gauges do weird stuff too.

    Rare but very irritating more intense effect: car dies - nothing electrical works AT ALL. Then, after a random period of time, it will start and work normally.

    Battery has been replaced.

    Methinks it's time to replace the voltage regulator, that is, a new alternator. :(
  • Hi,
    We have a 1997 plymouth neon,bought it cause the truck is hard on gas,anyway we can barley see at night cause the lights are so dulldoes anyone know how to get them clean,it looks like a dirty film? :shades:
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