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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,640
    Actually, in Texas, I believe you pay on the car's selling price, not MSRP...

    But, yes... it is on the entire price..

    A lot of would-be leasers in Texas do a balloon note, instead..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • tookewltookewl Posts: 2
    I'm getting this quote for the base model (without Premium package).
    Sell Price 51500, down 3800 and 764 per month for 39 months lease, 15000 miles/year. Seems too much to me. Any suggestions.
  • ealazarusealazarus Posts: 23
    I do not know why anyone would make a Down Payment on a lease. A Cap Reduction does not always find its way to the bottom line.

    They amortized the Depreciation even more by going to 39 we would need to see the MSRP, the Cap cost and the Residual to see where the $3800 went.

  • Couple of my friends have got E350 with 12k miles with
    $2500 to $3000 down and one or $549/mo and other $600/mo (this car has panoromic view and button start). The dealer is American Service Center in Arlington, VA.
  • ealazarusealazarus Posts: 23
    I have been a Mercedes Benz owner since 1979 and I have reached the end of term on my current lease. I am due to drop off the car tomorrow or Friday.

    I went to the Mercedes Benz USA website and wrote to some dealers about purchasing or leasing a new GL or E-350...I mean to get one this week and with the exception of Georgetown MB, who had no cars in gray in either model, NOT ONE OTHER DEALERSHIP CALLED OR WROTE!

    I moved to Texas last year from California and I will say that this WOULD NOT HAPPEN at Fletcher Jones MB or House of Imports.....But Plano, Sugarland, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio must have more business than they need....I wish I could say that I have more business than I need...but even if I did, I would hire more people.

    I will never get a car where I must do it immediately as that can cost you more money than necessary. I don't get overly emotional when I am in a dealership as it is strictly a business decision.

    The bigger companies get the more they forget about the business they already have. Makes me think of the Mobile phone companies spending millions of $$$ to get the $49 people in while treating the $500 a month customer like dirt.

    Well, now my options are open. I called Hertz to reserve a vehicle and I don't care right now what I am going to do....but I will check out a few others...BMW, AUDI M35 and see.....

    Let's see if Mercedes Benz can do to the namesake brand what they did to Chrysler?


  • tookewltookewl Posts: 2
    I had exactly the same experience. They are not budging at all from the selling price and keep coming up with different lease options( eg more months ¿messageTitle=Re: Tried to lease a new MB but car salesmen don't chang2C more "down"). I may just go with the BMW...but everybody is out there to make money, right?
  • briannebbrianneb Posts: 4
    I am in the market for a new 2007 Mercedes E-class in Los Angeles. I've only purchased cars through private parties, so I am new at negotiating with the dealerships. The MSRP is approx 50,550 and the invoice is approx 47,000. Is it possible to pay below invoice price? If not, what should I expect to pay?

    Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  • ealazarusealazarus Posts: 23 can you possibly go into the Mercedes dealership and expect to pay under Invoice?

    I am not saying that you should not get a good deal but are they allowed to make something?

    2 weeks ago I bought an Audi A6 and the dealer had about $4800 in the car. They gave me a $3000 discount and kept a small $1800 for doing all the work.

  • df4801df4801 Posts: 10
    Even if you pay invoice on the E-class, the dealer will still make over $1500 on the car. There have been dealers willing to go slightly under invoice.
    Mine went $500 0ver invoice, but also added doc. fee and advertising fee, so price was about $900 over invoice.
  • cmc15cmc15 Posts: 6
    I am looking to lease an E350 in NJ. Dealer quoted me $749 incl. tax for 39 mon 12 K miles with about $2000 out of pocket. Base car with prem 1 pkg and metallic paint. This seems rather high to me. Can anyone offer a comparison?
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Little bit high.

    Did you check out Ray Catena.
  • cmc15cmc15 Posts: 6
    No not yet but I did think of them today. I have 3 weeks to turn in my present car...... so I have time to do research. I will probably hit Morristown and Globe also. Any experience with any of these dealers ?
  • I just test drove the E350 today and have questions. I was told the Bluetooth connection was extra and the brochure says you have to have an approved phone as well. Does anyone know what the cost and approved phones are? Should this extra charge be in the final price when I am getting quotes?

    The salesman did not tell me there were 2 modes of driving, Sport and Comfort mode. When I gave him feedback on the car (I said steering was odd) he told me I was in Sport mode and that I should test drive it again in Comfort mode later (he had an appointment). Any comments on that? BTW,dealer is in Newport Bch, CA in case you have comments about that.

    I avg 8k mi/year and am thinking of buying the car vs leasing it. Would I be better off with a pre-owned since the car will be a dinosaur before it has 100k?

    Lastly, is this a guy car? I really like the way it looks but it seems geared for a guy.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    just test drove the E350 today and have questions. I was told the Bluetooth connection was extra and the brochure says you have to have an approved phone as well. Does anyone know what the cost and approved phones are? Should this extra charge be in the final price when I am getting quotes?

    Bluetooth was about $300 extra for the adapter. I had them throw it in to my lease deal. I believe the dealer has a list of approved phones.

    For 8K miles of driving per year, consider the 27mo. or 36 mo. lease. Just my opinion.
  • djkidocdjkidoc Posts: 4
    Could anyone share a dealer in the Westchester/Connecticut Area that gave them a great deal?
    I'm looking for purchase a 350 4matic with P1 package..
    Is it really possible to buy @ invoice price? or in the ballpark of invoice? If so, how do you go about doing so?
    If anyone did so in the tri-state NJ/conn/NJ please let me know the dealer and I'll buy my 350 there.. thanks for your help..
  • briannebbrianneb Posts: 4
    I was able to purchase the E350 I wanted from Mercedes of Beverly Hills... it came with the P1 package, wood package, and an Ipod conncetion. The sticker was approx 54500, and I paid 49800, which was just slightly under invoice, with no extra charge for the wood and ipod extras... Hope this helps anyone currently looking!
  • djkidocdjkidoc Posts: 4
    how did you approach the dealer? did you just say I'll give you 49,800 for the car? did the dealer just offer that to you? I would appreciate advice on how to approach and get a great price like you did.. btw congratulations.. thanks for your advice..
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Did you get the Sports Package?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    Did you get the Sports Package?

    Keep in mind that the SP is a no charge extra on the E.
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