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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have others on my list, however, I'm a member of only one. Other dealers were acknowledging the fleet discount (unlike Smythe) but they wanted a direct draft (check) from the credit union for down payment.

    I also saw a 4.9% apr on 2010 E350 from other San Jose dealer.
  • baruebabarueba Posts: 2
    Seems like best deals were happening in July when the $10k factory to dealer incentive was going on...right now it's down to $8k - we got a deal in SoCal for ~$18k off including the $4k fleet discount. Other quotes were around $16-17k off. Pretty happy overall, but would have acted last month had we known the incentive would go down. Stock is definitely running low, mostly black on black left in most dealers who have 09s remaining. Perhaps at the end of the month dealers would be more motivated and discounting even more. Fleet discount is supposed to be cut in half after August though.
  • dbh518dbh518 Posts: 4
    I just purchased black/black 2009 E350 4matic Wagon with P2 package for $45,000. I was not aware of any credit union/fleet discounts. Dealer I purchased from had four 2009 and was trying to clean out before model redesign with 2011 model (there is no 2010 e350 wagon). I hope this is helpful/relevant.
  • rbrrbr Posts: 106
    thanks for the info. Do you mind saying what dealer?
  • Anyone buy one yet? I visited the dealer today. Their website said they had 2 2009 Eclass remaining. Of course, when I arrived and asked about these vehicles, they said all 2009 were long gone. Bit of a bait and switch, eh? Anyway, 3 dealers in my area list 2009s but I'm assuming I'll have the same experience. So...this leads me to the 2010. I'm a bit disappointed to see the Ash Wood over the Burl. Just not as pretty. Anyone bought one yet? What should I expect to pay? Sticker prices are about $54k in my area (pacific Northwest). Thanks!
  • I've got a co-worker who bought a 2010. He wanted that over bargain basement price of 2009s. He paid full MSRP.
  • Wow! I'm not ready to do that yet. Thanks for sharing though! I'm still looking and may also compare the lexus before taking the plunge. In checking their financials, Daimler has had a bad year financially so maybe there will be some incentives after the 2010 mania dies down. :)
  • jelmassjelmass Posts: 11
    This abosolutely not true. I got mine for 500$ below invoice.
  • I am looking into purchasing a E350 4MATIC, or ML350 4MATIC. I have visited a couple of dealerships near Boston, their price is about 4-6K below MSRP.

    Does anyone have recent experience in Boston area? would you mind to share the price? and the name of the dealer (can send me to email).

    Thank you!!!
  • HI, do you mind to share the dealer info? thank you in advance...
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    You can go to MB site and select any dealer in the United States. The site has changed after you build your vehicle you can select any dealer. The site only requires your name and E-mail address. Your phone number and address are optional entries.

    I sent E-mail to dealers in several states requesting a quote in February 2008 before the MB site was revised. The old site required your telephone number. I was out of town and I listed that in my quote. I had dealers trying to reach me by phone.

    I did pick my vehicle up at the factory in August 2008 and the vehicle arrived at a local dealer selected by the selling dealer. The dealer I order from online processed the order through MB. The only problem I had is the local deal wanted a dealer fee of $400.00 the selling dealer paid the fee after a phone call.

    Shop around you will find that you can do better than 7%
  • Did the USAA thing on a 2010 E350, PO1, and was quoted prices of 49,756 and 48,850 by two dealerships. This is about 1-2,000 under invoice. Vehix shows average price for same car of 49,232 in this area, so not much savings on what selling for anyway?
  • jts1jts1 Posts: 7
    Purchased an 2009 E350 Wagon PII with wood steering wheel for 42,820 car had 18 miles on it with cashmire interior. I'm a USAA member and that helped. There wasn't much room to negotiate any lower. Think I did OK?
  • USAA membership is Mercedes form of Cash for Clunkers. Prices are good. I wonder how long this fleet discount will last?
  • Probably as long as sales are sliding and others are doing similar offers. December is slowest sales month historically, so there may be even bigger discounts out there - or not. Lexus usually has its big sale in December. Although I have found that Toyota/Lexus sales events don't really discount the cars very much considering their already had prices.
  • jts1jts1 Posts: 7
    Oh and I live in NH so it was my out the door price $42,820. No taxes if you live in NH! FYI every dealer accepts the USAA discount with a control # not just the dealers they refer you too (you just need to show your USAA blue card or P&C insurance).
  • Can anyone say what they picked up the car for? Can you list the features you got also? Was it a coupe/4matic/pearl paint etc etc.
  • Was it a sedan or coupe and what options?
  • What should I be paying for a 2010 E350 Sedan with P01 and metallic paint? How accurate is VEHIX? They show 49,300ish as a very good deal and the median at about 50,000.
    Please let me know

  • Anyone here know what I should be paying for the above car? I want to buy this car saturday and will be going to a dealer in New York (thats where I live). I checked VEHIX and the price they say that is the median paid is under dealer invoice?

    Pls let me know!
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