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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Thanks...I'll be looking in San Diego.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    If somebody is looking for crazy deal on E63 AMG, here it is:

    Brand new 2010 E63 AMG:
    Black on Black
    Black Ash Wood Trim
    Premium 2 Package;
    Rear Side Air bags;
    Panorama sunroof;
    Driver assistance Package;

    MSRP: $97,605
    Your Special Price: $86,999
    You save: $10,606!

    Consider, that some dealers sell these models over MSRP. Can not be shipped outside United States.
    I'm not posting contact info as per forum rules. If somebody is interested, contact me through my e-mail, so I can give you the dealership and name of the manager.
    They have 3 others E63AMG with less equppment, but you can get similar saving.

    This is the best deal on the new AMG car, that I've ever seen...
  • tennisgaltennisgal Posts: 7
    I am buying the E550 sedan after owning an SUV for many years and because I did not see an available 2010 model in the exterior/interior color I wanted I will need to order one. Too bad because there are some great deals out there right now I know but I waited too long to not get what I want. My husband and I will be going to the dealer next weekend to do this. I am pretty sure I want the multi contour driver seat option because I like the seat construction/leather than better without it. Any good or bad comments to this option? Anyone have any feedback on ordering a car? BTW, we are in Southern California.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Where in Southern California?
  • tennisgaltennisgal Posts: 7
    Orange County
  • eclipse2eclipse2 Posts: 64
    I picked it up about 3 weeks ago car is great! I hooked up my Blackberry storm2 and it loaded the contacts with the bluetooth and it worked great! until I took it back for my plates they hooked up Mbrace and the salesman hit something and the music cut down like if a call was coming in, after he got out and I was driving away a call came in saying unknown caller and now everytime the bbs2 hooks up to the car the music cuts down and it says unknown caller... anybody know how I can get the car to hang up from the call it things it getting?
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Congratulations on the car! My bet is that reinstalling Mbrace will solve your problem.
  • mbdatabank,

    Would you be willing to let us know which LA dealer as I'm in the market for almost the exact same car and configuration. $48979 is a great price, I haven't been able to get any LA dealer that low yet.

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,109
    The Mbrace system is digital as opposed to the previous system in 2009 and before which was analog. There is one part of the computer that operates bluetooth and Mbrace, as they are interconnected. Rebooting Mbrace should solve the problem, however you might also lose the data that was originally picked up from your cell phone.

    The bluetooth interface does not pick up my phone logs and address book automatically (as it did in my 2008 and 2009), so I have to load the names and numbers manually.

    But I have not had any problems with Mbrace or the bluetooth malfunctioning. Your vehicle is on warranty, so the dealer is responsible for getting this figured out. Good luck with the new car.

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever!

  • eclipse2eclipse2 Posts: 64
    Thanks for the tip! I had to load my contacts in like that on my Lexus it was a pain so I was really happy at 1st to see everything hook up with no problem.. if only I didn't get that mbrace well I'm gonna take it back in on Saturday and let them fix that... Thanks again everybody for the tips.. ;)
  • mbdatabankmbdatabank Posts: 3
    edited July 2010
    I looked at two dealers. One was less than one mile away from zipcode 90012. and the other is approximately 40 miles northwest of zipcode 90012. I ended up buying from a dealer that is 40 miles away. If you have trouble finding this dealer post your email address and I will send it to you.
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,851
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    If you order your E550 now - it will take about 3 -4 months for this car to arrive from Germany to the dealership showroom. So this car will be 2011 model year, not 2010. 2011 E-Class models have been released a few days ago. They did not change much from 2010, but have a lot of improvements and updates. You can see all the new features here: 2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Changes and Updates. It also explains what "E" stands for - very interesting...

    If you place an order with the Dealership - make sure that they guarantee the selling price upfront. Because when they get this car, and this car is very unique - they can ask any price they want, because you can't really shop them around.
  • tennisgaltennisgal Posts: 7
    I ordered my car Saturday so I am all set. They said to expect 3 months but it was possible it could come before that because they have one they can finish out with my specs.
    I ordered a 2011 E550 Silver Iridium, black interior with burl, sport pkg, prem pkg and multifuntional seats. My husband and I dealt with the internet guy at the dealership and he is giving us $5K off sticker on the 2011 E550 (basically the Costco discount). He wrote the discount on the paperwork and initialed it. Now I just need to wait. :)
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    If you don't mind...which dealer? He may appreciate the plug. Thanks.
  • nkolenkole Posts: 18
    I've been waiting to see if there are any incentives on the 2010 E350 for August and sure enough I heard from a local dealer (I'm in San Jose) yesterday that MB is offering a rebate of $3K. The dealer is offering 11% off MSRP minus the $3K. On a $53.4K car this works out to about $44.5K. With the $2K fleet discount (they raised it from $1K for August) the pre tax price is about $42.5K.

    Can I do better?
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,109
    If you can do better, I'll buy another one. I paid 49110.00 on January 4th of this year for an E350 Sport with wheel package and premium 1 package. That was 2000.00 dollars below invoice on the vehicle. If you can get that same car for 7,000 dollars less, I would be amazed.

    Even with the rebate and fleet discount, you would be buying the car for 8,000+ below dead invoice. I think if you can do better, you would have to hijack the car.

    Good luck.

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever!

  • golfhardgolfhard Posts: 16
    Hey man, that is a great price!!!if you really want the 2010 E350 go to dealer and buy it now..

    love my E350
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    So, I'm helpin my mother purchase a E sedan, currently drives a clk320 cab, 2000 with 86K on her. She drove a C, before that. She wants an E nothing else. So, where are the deals? Tryin to find loaded with P2, and all drive assistance package. Not very common. I have found a 550 with the right configuration, and with the recent $3K from MB and the 2010 leftover discount, it'd be close to ordering a 2011, 350. Only major differences would be the introduction of the new diamond white(metallic), much nicer than the Arctic white(plain). Also, the driver assistance now features 'active' blind spot, and "active" lane departure. This differs from the 2010, by actually using the ESP to apply breaking to one of the rear wheels to help correct the cars drifting.

    Also, we are pretty friendly with a local dealer who would treat us well. So, here we are again on the fence between ordering the latest greatest 2011(350), wish she'd just pay up and order the 2011(550), and a deal I found in Nh for a 2010, 550, stickering at $73kish. This should sell for $65ish?? the 2011(350) would be around the same $69K sticker, probably pay $64ish?

    Any other suggestion, ideas or comments are appreciated!!
    Did I say it has to be white.
    Thanks for reading.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Very simple: if you want Diamond White - there is only one choice: 2011 E. If you want to save money - there is only one choice: 2010 E.
    Unless your mother is a car racer, I'm pretty sure she'll be fine with E350. The only major difference with E550 is the size of the engine, otherwise it's a same car.
    As for me... I'm not in a hurry to replace my 2008 E350.. I'm not sure I like new body style - it looks a little more Japanese car style, but I do like the new interior and controls...
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