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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    I'm sure the dealer would appreciate a plug...and if there's reason that most posters don't mention where they got their good deals I'll never understand it.
  • Took delivery yesterday of 2010 E350 4matic. MSRP is $56,645. I paid $45,000. It is Capri blue with P1 package. It also has the sport package. Inside is almond MB-Tex with black ash wood trim. Drove the car home from the dealers and put it in the garage. It is over 90 degrees today, and so I spent the day in my swimming pool.
  • Vincent, that sounds like a great deal--curious, most of the E350s left in my area (Denver) have the MB-Tex, does the almond look like leather?
  • Yes the almond looks like leather. It does not have the leather new car smell. The almond is also on the door inserts. It is hot again today, but I did use my new car.
  • truethattruethat Posts: 123
    edited September 2010
    Hi Guys.

    The economy must be really really bad.
    Let me know what you think about the deal I made on Friday.
    Personally, I think I did okay.


    2010 E350 Sport Styling
    Black ext. / Black MB-Tex / Black Ash Wood Trim
    Premium 2 Pkg.
    Wheel Pkg.
    Panorama Sunroof
    Accessory Styling Pkg.
    (Free iPod Int. Kit)


    MSRP: $58,245 (I need to double-check this but should be correct)
    Total Price Paid: $49,001.26 + LoJack + Tax & Fees = $55,491.26

    Because they calculated taxes with LoJack included, it sounds more
    complicated than it actually was.

    This is simplfied version of the deal.
    Basic Breakdown: $21,000 Trade-in +$33,500 Cash (w/o LoJack).
    Obvious from the numbers, this breakdown includes all taxes and fees.

    The invoice price, I believe, is $54,230. As you all know, there's a
    rebate of $3,000. So I guess there was additional $2,000 or so off
    the invoice.
    The deal was almost 10K below MSRP (almost 16% off).
    Pretty sweet!


    Buying Experience:

    I walked in the most worried about the trade-in part of the deal, to be
    honest, because I had never done that before, and heard horror stories.
    I had an 2006 Audi A6 4.2 I adored with only 20,000 miles on it. I only
    considered the sale because the warranty was about to expire. I won't
    go into more details for now. The KBB showed I should get about 23K~
    26K for trade-in and I got 21K. (Not too spectacular in this dept.?) The
    manager showed me some auction papers with similar cars selling for
    $17,000 but I don't really think it was comparable because my car pretty
    much had every option possible at the time.

    But, the deal really came down to how much cash I would pay. I honestly
    didn't even know the trade-in amount until after I shook hands with the
    dealer. I paid a little bit over the budget I had in mind but not much.

    The trim was a little too much for me but obviously there aren't too many
    options this time of the year. I did not want wheel, accessary pkgs nor
    panorama sunroof but really wanted rear folding seats, for example. So
    the budget I actually had in mind was probably about a grand less than
    what I actually paid.

    Surprisingly, I really liked the dealer. He seemed very experienced
    and buttered me up nicely with chit-chats during test drive and tried
    to give me as much advice as he could come up with. He threw in iPod int.
    Kit for me, and actually treated me to a lunch while I was waiting for
    the car.

    The war began with almost 10K gap between offers (bad bad sign),
    mostly because of the trade-in value (and the fact that the dealer did
    not have Audi branch, which always hurts, I think). When we managed
    to shorten the gap to about 6~7K, the manager stepped in and things
    got a little nasty. I lost a little bit of control at the very end and
    probably could have gotten a little more but really not much.


    We all know this but I always fail here. lol.
    Dealers have to convince the often-evil managers. Your dealer is your
    good cop and the manager is your bad cop. Be good to your dealer and
    he'll try to work with you. (Of course, some dealers try to play the
    bad cop. I usually ignore these guys.)
    Hey, you know and I know the economy is bad. Dealers are desparate.
    Great deals are everywhere. If they start to not make sense, just hop
    on your car and go to the next dealership.
    Keep mentioning accessories during the deal. These things, if you try
    to buy them later, will cost you a small fortune.


    I just wanted to demonstrate bargain deal comes with options you didn't
    expect and without the ones you wanted.

    LIKE: Voice-Command is far superior to Audi's.
    LIKE: Smooth smooth transmission! 7 gears!
    LIKE: Navigation has a lot of options
    LIKE: 3-spoke steering wheel.

    DISLIKE: Annoying SIRIUS traffic report lady?
    DISLIKE: No kick (It's okay but it ain't no V8)
    DISLIKE: No back-up sensors, just camera. (PKG2 doesn't have it?)
    DISLIKE: Accessory Styling Pkg. Ugly!
    DISLIKE: No 60/40 Folding rear seats (Trunk ain't that big, either)

    In the end, I gotta tell y'all, I LOVE THIS CAR! Black on Black is the
    way to go. Thanks for reading all my babbling.

    BTW, I can get you another quote from a different dealer on a very
    similar car (Pkg 2, little less stuff), if you really want. The numbers
    were pretty damn close to my actual deal but I turned it down.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Sounds good. Enjoy your car. If you don't mind, which dealer(s) did you work with? Thanks.
  • I worked with two closest dealerships from Downtown.
    I just don't feel like naming & advertising them :P ,
    but I'm sure you can figure them out easily.
    The two dealers seemed to talk to each other, so their
    offers (total price / trade-in) were almost identical.

    I didn't expect great deals at the city center, but both
    of them have lots and lots of cars still left to sell.
    Don't let them fool you. You can get 2010s way below
  • Rebate on the 2010 E class is now $4475. You can get at least 20% off MSRP. Enjoy your new car you got a nice deal.
  • Where did you get that info.?
    I can't find that anywhere.
  • Hi Folks,
    It is my first time to buy a MB. yesterday check out this one: 2010 E350 Sport Styling Black ext. / Black MB-Tex Trim , P01 Pkg. Wheel Pkg. Panorama Sunroof

    MSRP $55245, invoice is $51440. what is my ideal target price, 44750? Should I start from 44000. Hope to hear your comments.
  • Hi Folks,
    It is my first time to buy a MB. yesterday check out this one: 2010 E350 Sport Styling Black ext. / Black MB-Tex Trim , P01 Pkg. Wheel Pkg. Panorama Sunroof

    MSRP $55245, invoice is $51440. what is my ideal target price, 44750? Should I start from 44000. Hope to hear your comments.

  • You might be able to get the car for $44,000. In the New England area you can get a discount off the MSRP of 20% or so. I have had black with black inside, a great color combination. I currently have Capri blue with almond/black inside. Good luck with your buying experience. You will love the car.
  • MSRP is $55245
    20% discount = $44,196

    The best range is to started $41,500 until you hit 44K stop.

    My best recommended is to walk out after 43,000 offer.

    There are not much selling going after July deep discount so dealer might willing to make a deal.

    Good luck!
  • If your target price is 44K (I'm not saying that is what it should be),
    I would start somewhere around 42~42.5K. I wouldn't start too low.
    But (obviously) stick to your target.

    Any car buyer looking for the outgoing model year is obviously a
    bargain hunter, so they won't expect your numbers to go up in a

    I hope you're not, but if you're trading in like I did, they will try to
    compensate by lowering trade-in value. So, if you start too low, they
    might just bring the price down on the trade-in.

    Hope you get a great deal. Let us know what happens! :)
  • mbz4mbz4 Posts: 5
    2010 E 350 RWD with 1K Miles, P02 Appearance Package, Wheel Package MSRP 58250, dealer offered 48,250 (10K discount) what price I should ask for this DEMO with just 1000 miles on it (color is silver)
  • $46,500 would be a good price if it did not have 1,000 miles on it. See if you can get it for $45,000. Good luck. Iridium silver is a nice color.
  • Looking for '10 bargains, I visited a dealer looking for a '10 C300. We saw one with base options,auto trans for $37(MSRP) and I offered him $31,5 Drive out for it, but he wouldn't budge below $32K. But he had shown me an E350 with Pano Sunroof, P2, 321 Sport Package, MSRP $56K while we were talking. He told me he could give it for $50K.

    I am thinking of going for the E350 instead of the C300, my question is how much should my first offer be? I was thinking $47,5 drive out. Any thoughts?
  • mbz4mbz4 Posts: 5
    closed deal on 2010 E 350 RWD DEMO P02, Appearance Package , Wheel Package. Silver color, MSRP 58,250 dealer agreed at 47 K

    .......... also bought 3 yrs 75 K miles Warranty for 3 K

    have I overpaid or on par with what other paying?
  • Iridium silver is a great color. Did you get the sport model? Enjoy your new car.
  • got the car, black/black, p01, panorama sunroof and wheel package, MSRP 55245. 20% off is $44200. I paid $44688 before Tax and fee, which is 80.89% of MSRP. what do you think this price. no trade-in and 3.89% finance for 66 months term.
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