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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • MF .0024, 33 mo/15k., and I recall residual was .70 or .71.
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    Thanks a lot for you help. :)
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    edited May 2011
    Do you know when the 2012 E350 will start appearing at the dealer? I'd like to take a a shot at the 2011 when the prices start dropping.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,480
    From what my dealership told me, sometime in August, or a bit sooner. He said he and many other Mercedes Dealerships are not expecting delivery on 2012's until that time. They are just beginning to order them, and it takes about 3 months from time of order to time of delivery. Hope this is helpful.

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever! 2nd best car ever, my 1967 Corvette Stingray Coupe with 435 hp.

  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Thanks...that timing should work out for me if I decide to pick up a 2011. I'm also considering a CPO 2009 v 2010. I know the last year of the W211 was sorted out and from what I can tell, relatively trouble free. Not sure about the first year of the new model.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,480
    No problem, and if I get any further info, I'll pass it along. I had several of the old body style E's, and each of them was totally trouble free. I also had a 2010 E 350, which was also totally trouble free. If you are considering a new 2011, I would strongly suggest that you purchase a 2012 with the new engine. Once the new engine is out, the value of 2011's and earlier will drop more than usual. The 2012 will hold its value longer.

    I expect that Mercedes will renew its offer of 2000 loyalty rebate dollars on the new 2012 for previous owners and a special finance rate. That would bring the cost of a new vehicle very much in range.

    Good luck.

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever! 2nd best car ever, my 1967 Corvette Stingray Coupe with 435 hp.

  • wirelesswireless Posts: 47
    I also worked with Autobahn with their internet sales guy A.L. Very easy to work with and to talk with. Offered great deals and very straightforward. I would work with them and him again in a second.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    2012 E-Class will be available around September. You can read the complete specifications with color chips and packages here: 2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class changes and updates: Sedans and Wagons!.

    Actually it's a little skeptical about new E550 and new engines overall. So if you can get a good deal on 2011 - you probably should do so...
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Thanks for the link. Good info...and you're probably right about getting a 2011 over the 2012 with the new engine.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,480
    Found out from my dealership that they have not yet ordered 2012's since ordering is not yet "open" to them for sedans. As soon as he can order 2012's, he'll let me know and I'll pass it along. With the new engine and improved fuel economy, I asked him to go ahead and order me one in silver with black interior with premium 1 and tire/wheel package. With gasoline prices going up and the decreasing value of the U.S. dollar, I think that the 2012 would be a wise purchase early on before values drop much more.

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever! 2nd best car ever, my 1967 Corvette Stingray Coupe with 435 hp.

  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    I am in the market for an E class send in the Atlanta, but will go out of state if necessary.
    Does anyone know about the USAA credit union incentive with a purchase. I've been advised it is 3500. Do you know how this incentive is structured should it be off the msrp or off the actual sales price? Should I be looking for additional incentives on a cash purchase or do you think it matters? Any information would be appreciated.
    Thanks JP
  • raymmerraymmer Posts: 16
    I leased a 2011 E Class at the end of April using USAA. Basically, at that time I got the vehicle for $1850 below invoice. MSRP was 58600 and I got it for 51,xxx.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    I think if you go on and select USAA you'll see the USAA price.
  • Please check with R.A.B Motors Mercedes at San Rafael. Look for sale named Fred. He is very nice guy, I have got mine with a very good deal from him, and planning to buy the second one from him soon.
  • losang30losang30 Posts: 8

    I am set on a E350 Steel Grey p2 package, 18" AMG wheels, accessory styling package, Ac power outlet for potential lease or purchase.

    The MSRP is $58,920.00

    After going back and forth they will do the following. They will keep it available for me till tomorrow

    Lease it out at 600.00 a month for 33 months, includes 15k (excluding tax). 1400 drive off, includes TAX, license and 1st month. Tax includes, I am looking at 650 a month.

    Purchase it out.

    The purchase price of $49870.00.

    I think the purchase price is an aggressive number.

    Can anyone give me any advice. Which way to go. I like the lease, but the purchase price seems almost too good to be true.

    I dont have a current MB or a Conquest vehicle and as result there are no incentives there.
  • losang30losang30 Posts: 8
    Thanks for your response.

    Im in CA. I went to the dealer and found out why the numbers are what they are.

    Apperantly, Mercedes has a program called customre Advocacy Program, which is reserved for VIP customers, and employees and employees familites and associates of the dealership.

    Is anyone familiar with this program. It does require me to sign a document acknowleding that I am reciveing the said discount which is approximately $2600 off.

    Has anyone heard of this program Customer Advocay Program and does it affet my obligations under the lease etc.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,708
    Never heard of it.... can't imagine it will affect your lease..

    That's an aggressive selling price.... but, with tax rolled in, you'd have a nearly $1000 finance payment for 60 months... I like that 33 month lease for $650 a lot better..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • losang30losang30 Posts: 8
    Thank you.

    I appreciate it. I also think that it's a aggressive price for the lease. I will call them up tommorrow and get it done.

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,480
    The USAA incentive is now $4000.00 on an E class vehicle for puchase. June 30th is the last day it is available. I know, I just bought a new E350 Sport, got $4000.00 off "invoice" plus another $1500.00 dealer incentive. Car listed for $57,000.00 and change, paid $47,000.00. Great deal.

    You must be a member of USAA, which means you or your dad/mom had to be a veteran and one of you must currently have a policy of insurance or investment with USAA. Doesn't matter what kind of insurance, could be home, car, personal liability, or even a small policy on a piece of jewelry. Then, they issue the dealership the incentive certificate.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever! 2nd best car ever, my 1967 Corvette Stingray Coupe with 435 hp.

  • souldog1souldog1 Posts: 2
    What exactly is Mercedes Benz texture seats? Do they hold up better than genuine leather?
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