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Chevrolet Uplander Electrical Problems



  • I bought this van used a week ago and already HATE IT WITH A PASSION. It is possessed. All the issues that is being described from the chimes to the doors is what we're experiencing today... whats next is my first thought~ Chevrolet, why isn't this being addressed with SO many website posts dedicated to the same issue????? I can't believe there isn't a class action suit regarding the Uplander. Or is there? Is there a customer service rep from GM that would like to address my issues??? It doesn't appear that having a vehicle in warranty is any better than buying used. It appears that if you buy the Uplander new or used you've inherited problems that GM is just simply going to ignore. We have a special needs child and two other children that have to ride in this vehicle. We live on one income and I can not afford to get rid of it a week later. If anyone has suggestions PLEASE contact me! :cry:
  • Mariah,

    My case number is 71-854277498. The service I've been receiving from your organization is worse the the dealership: Here is a record of it.

    8/2/10 - Eric x 21022: Eric called saying he was my District Specialist. He said that I should not take the vehicle back to the dealership until they get their technicians involved.

    8/3/10 - Eric x21022: I tried to call Eric back, but got his voicemail.

    8/4/10 - Michael x21059: Michael called me to say that Eric is on vacation and that he would be filling in. Michael took my information (again) and said that he would call the dealership and get back to me by 8/9 with next steps. He instructed me not to contact the dealer and not to take the van in at this time

    8/9/10: Kyle x 21356: Kyle called me to say that Eric left GM and that he would be my new District Specialist. Kyle said that he talked to the Dealership and that they were working to get in touch with the technician. That I should NOT take the vehicle in or contact the dealer until Kyle calls back

    8/11/10: Kyle x 21356: Kyle calls me and doesn't realize that he talked to me on 8/9. He says the exact same thing that he said on 8/9. I told Kyle that I've had it and that I want to talk to his supervisor. He said talking to his supervisor wouldn't do any good. I said I wanted to find out about GM buying my car back, because it's a lemon. He said he would contact the GM buyback program. I asked him if I should continue to NOT contact the dealer and he's says that he nor anyone at his office would have told me to hold off on contacting the dealer. I told him that I didn't think he or his office is adding any value. He said I should just work with the dealership directly.

    This has been a waste of the past 11 days. I have gone throughgh a merry-go-round of reps and received no real help and no progress.

    What do you propose I do now?
  • chevyjaxchevyjax Posts: 12
    I have also had so many problems. The biggest one is that my in-service date for my van is different by over 1 year. I bought my vehicle new off the show room floor and they are trying to tell me I purchased it 14 months before I did. I actually had to sue GM because since the in-service dates were wrong they would not do a buy back because it did not fall under lemon law, even though it should have. I still have the vehicle, but have been able to get it fixed so it no longer chimes, nor does the door open while driving. They had to take out some of the foam where the door closes and replace the contacts. I had a major run around with GM and even though they said they wanted to do everything they could to make me happy they did not even try to start helping me until I had a lawyer contact them. I still have issues with my lights flickering and the car knocking at different times, but at least the door is fixed!
  • elibomelibom Posts: 9
    There is an easy fix for the door chiming, if you have an electrical person that can solder some wires for you See #175
  • swathdiverswathdiver Posts: 27
    edited September 2010
    Howdy folks! For some time the transmission in our 2006 Pontiac Montana SV6 had been acting up. Pressing the gas at a traffic light, the motor would rev and nothing would happen then, BANG, and off it’d go. Our old dealership could never replicate the problem but we moved before I could get insistent. I diagnosed this problem as a worn input clutch piston; thank you Triple Edge Performance!

    With less then 100 miles left on the GMPP extended warranty we needed to find a new dealer and get it checked out! My wife picked one that had a rental car policy that wouldn’t cost us too much out of pocket and we brought the SV6 in to have the transmission checked and some other gripes taken care of. They replaced a number of interior parts and the catalytic converter but could not replicate the problem with the 4T65E.

    We grabbed the transmission mechanic, threw him in the front passenger seat and headed off for a demonstration drive. Turning out of the drive it went BANG, and then a few more times before he said he would take it apart. Before returning, the transmission went BANG six more times.

    A week later our Montana was ready and when I asked what the culprit inside the transmission was the mechanic said it was the input clutch piston. The SV6 Sport runs like a champ and the fuel mileage has already shown a definite improvement. Thank you Wallace Cadillac!
  • Just here to let Mariah and GM and America know that our van still isn't fixed. We lost our van for Memorial Day and Independence day and now, we have a loaner for Labor Day. We've spent the summer making endless trips to the dealer, trying to get help from GM customer service and we've made absolutely no progress. Vehicle is still under warranty and the most help ive received from GM is suggesting I take it to another GM dealer.

    Anybody out there have any suggestions on how to get GM to get motivated to fix our van.
  • I think it is time to talk to a lawyer. There is a federal law that allows you to sue the company for breech of warranty. It would not hurt to at least get some information to see what can be done to help.
  • That's what I was starting to think.
    Mariah: What's your thoughts? Does a long time, loyal GM cusomter, need to source an attorney to get GM to take some action on this?
  • First instance was driving on the Interstate at night in light rain and I lost the headlights. After investigation, I suspected the SWITCH and found that it is a well known problem that the switch and connector cannot handle the load and melt down. This is a safety issue but there is no safety recall... ? And the wiring is shared by the chevy fleet.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Hello Boilerguy1,
    While I cannot advise on whether or not you should contact a lawyer I can assure you that the agent and the dealer you're working with are doing everything in their power to get the vehicle fixed. Your agent should be contacting you tomorrow. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Fire the dealer and take it to another. Find one that needs the work. Maybe those guys aren't hungry enough. Talk directly with the mechanics.

    Did you check your receipts and see if they replaced the same part as mine? Have you tried cleaning the contacts or adjusting the rear striker?
  • Have had 2006 uplander in shop 5 times since Nov of 09. Notified GM and they had me take it back to the dealer to get fixed........two weeks later, same problems. Sliding doors not working properly and usually won't close. THEN....the drivers side sliding door opens while we are going down the road. I have seven school aged children---scary! Have been advised by legal council to try to get with other owners with this problem (I have found there are many) and file suit in behalf of all of us. May take awhile but he also said to get in touch with the media which may help. It is sad to spend this kind of money for something that won't work and they can't seem to fix. Thanks
  • If it was not for the fact that I already filed suite over similar problems with my vehicle, I would do it again. I have a 2007 that was doing the same thing. I did have it fixed a few months ago after about 18 months of taking it to the shop repeatedly. I also took video of the door coming open while driving and presented it to my lawyer for evidence. Make sure you have your documentation, it will help your case!

    If I did not owe so much on the vehicle I would trade it in for something else, but dealers do not want them, they know about the problems.
  • You can contact me at if you need more information to further your lawsuit. I too had the door open while I was driving, multiple times. And frequently when the car was parked and locked. GM's response that "it wasn't a big deal to have it open while driving as long as I have my kids seat-belted in" was the last straw. Someone is going to get hurt.

    I wish someone had stolen it when it would sit in my driveway with the door open. I probably would have gotten more from insurance than their buy-back. But apparently even car thieves know better than to boost this vehicle. :)
  • My 2005 Uplander (89,000 miles) will not start. Getting the DIC message of "service theft system" and sometimes "staring disabled" when the key is on. Tried all 3 keys and the same. Also have another issue in that the parking inidcator light on the dash will not go off even after the key is removed or in the off position. This drains the battery so I have to remove the battery cables. Seems like all the functions work, ie, radio, windows, mirrors, lights,etc. Just can't get past the no start condition. Suspect that the BCM is causing this. Appreciate if someone can anyone lend some insight before I have it towed to the dealer?
  • Spike99,
    Can you tell us what was the final solution to your draining battery problem? How was it fixed? thanks, Rod
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    Almost missed your inquire...

    To make a long story short (after 2nd dealer visit - from dead battery incident), they discovered its factory battery had 1 bad cell. And, it would also self drain itself - after sitting parked for 3+ full days. They replaced the factory battery (under warranty) and our van has been working great ever since. One -45 C (which is -45 F as well) morning, our other vehicle didn't start. But our GM van with its new battery "fired right up". Glad they changed the battery and all is now working great....


  • had the same problem on 08 uplander it was a bad chip in key
  • Same problem.They replaced the battery, one cell bad. ???? ? Who is the real supplier ?
  • klopekklopek Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    While driving my uplander i turned on the AC. I started to smell smoke so I looked for a place to pull over and I also shut off the AC. The AC did not turn off it was stuck on full speed. By the time I pulled over and came to a complete stop there was heavy smoke and light flame coming from the Dash close to the front window. I opened the doors and pulled my two kids out to safety and looked back at the dash there was only heavy smoke at this time. I called 911 and popped the hood to see if it was coming from the engine compartment, there was no fire in the engine compartment. By this time the entire dash board was on fire and it was spreading to the steering wheel and over head material. It took less than a minute for the entire interior to catch on fire. There were no warning signs prior to turning on the AC and there were no obvious mechanical problems with the car. Has anyone else had this happen to them or know of any other fires like this?
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